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Chainlink /General/ Fuck you fudders!

Homapage: https://www.smartcontract.com/ , https://chain.link/

Chainlink news: https://chainlink.news/

Chainlink coinmarketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/chainlink/

Whitepaper: https://link.smartcontract.com/whitepaper

Sergeyn presentations:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mh6hCl_LHQU (Sergey Nazarov @Devcon 2018)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYiEPFRHV9A (Sergey presentstion Ocean Protocol)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wzfIS6YC-I (Sergey @ Web3 Foundation)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5TQzHIFV-A (Sergey @ San Francisco Blockchain Week)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vn2D7QQRhSo (D1Conf, Sergey panel discussion)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytv8U0bejPA (Sergey present SmartContracts idea)

https://i.imgur.com/xKLXsLW.png (Smart contract google trend analysis)

https://dailyfintech.com/2018/07/28/investing-in-asset-backed-tokens/ (Which tokens have the real use in the block chain in the future, after the speculation phase)

https://nakamotoinstitute.org/the-god-protocols/ (Nick Szabo god protocol)

Pivotal Tracker (Allows you to see what the development team is working on this week and in the near future):

Node setup Videos:
Linkpoolin setup info:

Chainlink information package: https://pastebin.com/6xcsc2jR

Running list of announced Chainlink partnerships, acquisitions, and collaborations


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Holo will produce their own oracles in-house. Get reqt linkers.

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>Each of these middle-layer protocols captures the value of the staking, commission, and other protocol usage fees, in the same way that blockchain layer protocols capture value (for example, the computational power provided by Ethereum). The economy created by that incentivized, differentiated middle-layer protocol stands to be much larger than the economy created by the more commoditized, computation-driven blockchain protocol layer. In fact, I predict that a few of these protocols tied to larger application categories like commerce and social networking will create decentralized local economies that are more than $100 trillion in size, with the tokens in those few protocols capturing massive value much bigger than any blockchain layer token, including the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

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The firechat was bullish as fuck you idiots.

The fact that Sergey sat down with Tom is great. If you could pick one guy with connections it’s him.

Founded in 2013, Seven Peaks’ mission is to give entrepreneurs throughout the Pacific Northwest an “unfair advantage” in building and scaling their businesses by not only providing them with capital but access to experience, expertise and networks that can help them execute on their vision.

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>The crypto asset market has lost more than 85 percent of its market cap from its peak. But to me, a committed crypto entrepreneur, this is actually a good thing, and the future of crypto looks more promising than ever

The amount of cope in this article !

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The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) has advanced its main blockchain project to a testing phase with 15 global banks, one of the last steps before taking the tech live.
Announced today, U.K.-based Barclays is among the global banks participating in the test, while the other 14 were not named. Together they will be kicking the tires of DTCC’s distributed ledger and cloud-based platform for its credit derivatives Trade Information Warehouse (TIW).


So what we learnt from firechat?
Sergey said his personal opinion was that derivatives would be first. So did one of the dev. Derivatives, then insurance and shipping later this year on the mainnet.

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i dont see anyone else sitting down with the guy who revolutionized how contracts work. tom sees something.

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Chainlink is aiming to be the http/https protocol for the blockchain world but instead of connecting users to websites it connects smart contracts to apis.

"a few of these protocols tied to larger application categories like commerce and social networking will create decentralized local economies that are more than $100 trillion in size,"

plenty of room in the 100T market...

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You should buy link

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pic from TownCriers white paper


"The National Science Foundation (NSF) is an independent federal agency created by Congress in 1950 "to promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; to secure the national defense..." NSF is vital because we support basic research and people to create knowledge that transforms the future. This type of support:

Is a primary driver of the U.S. economy.
Enhances the nation's security.
Advances knowledge to sustain global leadership."


"Google Faculty Research Awards Program aims to recognize and support world-class, permanent faculty pursuing cutting-edge research in areas of mutual interest.

Our goal is to identify and strengthen long-term collaborative relationships with faculty working on problems that will impact how future generations use technology."

and yeah check them all...

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i can't do it bros... i have to... sell...

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thanks just bought 100k

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Can we get a list of all the whitepapers and reports (bill gates, law papers, WEF etc...) That have mentioned Chainlink.

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Here marine !

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>Testing is anticipated to be completed by the first quarter of 2019 with go-live scheduled thereafter.

So 2019 it is, only 11 months to know for sure if we are going to be a millionaires or not

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nooooo chainlink bag-chan

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There will be a lot happening this year, and luckily we're moving back to good accumulation prices. I don't foresee it lasting long though.

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I hold plenty, but holy shit this is gold

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LINK has been in a bullrun since the middle of 2018. It is the only crypto to do so.

2019 LINK will be headed in the top 5 MC. buckle up!

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Howd this go unnoticed till now? Essentially funding town crier === funding ChainLink now. Which implies that ChainLink is connected to google and congress

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Lmao shut the fuck up I don’t spend all my days sitting through discord threads you flaming faggot. Bought LINK before you understood how blockchain works

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?? you know that chainlink owns towncrier right?

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Holy shit what was your fucking SAT score man can you read?

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And I fucked your mother 9 months before you were born

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Anyways it’s fucking bullish as fuck that towncrier got funding from congress and google. That should have been bigger than the actual acquisition itself

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Ya ok bud you like fucking black women then? Ahahahhahaahaha

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reminder we'll never got another drunkanon thread

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just posted this in another thread just gonna leave this here

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and maybe this

always like to fuck fuders over

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What’s this?

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OH MY STARS AND GARTERS why didn't I see it before? Why is nobody talking about this? Mother of god I can't believe how rich I am going to get, this can't be real somebody wake me up

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you will figure out some day Fren

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:( I’ve paid my dues as a link marine do me a solid

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>he did not read the TownCrier whitepaper = Chainlink now

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>He did not read the TownCrier whitepaper

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Do you anons also think it's worth getting some holo as well? Link is a great project but holo is making serious gains and it looks like it might pull an xvg type parabolic increase.

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Lmao true. But like I said it’s on you new fags or overly zealous Old fags to do the digging. I’m an original marine that did more anonymous work than I will ever get credit for. Don’t disrespect me like this

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eh. if you got lunch money then yes. 100k usd then no you can get returns for less risk because you have more capital etc etc.

>> No.12571092

as long as you always have at least 75% in Link you can buy literally any shittoken you like.

(holo not that much of a shitoken btw neither ierc) just dont sacrifice stocking up on link for either

>> No.12571106

Why, what did I miss?

>> No.12571121

So having tons of money is as bad as having none?

>> No.12571137

apparently the team found out who he was

>> No.12571144

why arent we getting back another drunk anon thread he never showed up on the 24th, did he get caught?

maybe us marines just need to go forward ourselves now.

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In theory if you had 100k usd, would you go all in link?

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75k link 25k whatever you want

jesus christ

or go all in link

no other options

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Why can’t people read today? Fuck this thread some of you guys are actually stupid as fuck

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Why do you anons think link is dumping so hard? Because of the fireside chat?

>> No.12571176

50k USD gets you well over 100k Link, that is plenty.

>> No.12571181

I'm currently all in link (have 62k linkies), but I'm starting to feel some mighty big fomo for holochain...

>> No.12571199

because we fud all day so latefrens can still get in before the singularity

I will say it one last time as long as you have 75% in Link you can do literally whatever you want burn the rest if you like

>> No.12571200

natural market cycles

>> No.12571214

>because we fud all day so latefrens can still get in before the singularity
Does biz really have that big of an impact on prices?

>> No.12571223

What is going on with holo then? It just keeps going up, it made more gains than link in a shorter time period.

>> No.12571229


but not none

and see this

>> No.12571241

i am done now

if you want to get rich quick you will never make it you will just sell at 10$ and kill yourself 10 years later

>> No.12571266

>lose value
what did he mean by this?

>> No.12571267

You just confirmed being a black nigger, go back to India or Africa where you belong, nigger.

>> No.12571271

If link reaches 10 I would have 600k...a very comfy amount to put in index funds and collect dividends. Do you think it can reach 100 usd or more?

>> No.12571291

i think if you buy link today and hodl for 10 years or more you, your children and childrens children will never have to do anything ever again

if you want to "get rich quick" you will sell in a few years and make not a fraction of what you could have made

>> No.12571301

fuck you entitled faggot deserve nothing sit down and shut the fuck up cockroach

t. actual LINK Marines

>> No.12571308

I'm thinking the peak of the next parabolic bullrun will be in 2021...a year after btc halves again, do you think q4 of 2021 will be a good time to sell linkies.

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i hope you visit /biz/ for the next decade (i will) because you will see this very often

>> No.12571334

hope youre right anon
>1k linkies here

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Author of the venture beat article is from https://www.sesameopen.network/
Imagine being in crypto in 2019 not owning any chainlink brainlets

"The proof-of-purchase transaction record will typically use an external oracle data feed to ensure that the consumer has made payment to the vendor. We expect that oracle to take the form of an inbound data feed most likely from a payment provider that will trigger the payment from vendor to venue and to release reward token to the consumer."

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>The fact that Sergey sat down with Tom is great. If you could pick one guy with connections it’s him.
this is true and i totally agree, but you're still a fool if youre not swing trading at least 20% of your LINK stack, especially now since it has a stable coin pairing on binance.

>> No.12571363

i know that feel anon. i singlehandedly came up with a bunch of the talking points, artwork images, and real connections back in 2017 but i just can't be bothered anymore. i sold most of my link when it became clear sergey mismanaged the whole thing to hell

>> No.12571364

What do you anons think of witnet? It seems they already have finished aggregation, is it a legit competitor to link?

>> No.12571376

Ya okay faggot you can’t even begin to understand how much of my work influenced this board. Leaving this place soon because of losers like you.

t. Literal graduate student studying Carl Jung

>> No.12571386

What if they fail? We don’t know how far mainnet us away. They said they need more devs. Maybe Q2 2019. Maybe 2020, Maybe 2021...

>> No.12571399

Hundred percent no one is committed to witnet like they are with chainlink. There are contracts being signed

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swinglinking is a sing of the weak. it is a sign that you want to get rich quick. i promise you you will not make it if you swinglink for profit. if you do it for kek whatever i do that to. but I have multiple stacks (20% seems very kekish but ey)

all these weak handed marines make me sick. I will go back to kek`s temple now and make more sacrifices so we may reach 1000 eoy sooner. See you around Frens

>> No.12571499

So you helped brainwash a bunch of neets in spending their neet bucks and now link cracks are starting to show. You really did a great job

>> No.12571548

You’re poor. Don’t talk to me.

>> No.12571559


Do you actually feel capable of explaining this or are you just coping hard? This is some fucking annoying pasta.

>> No.12571567

>i study Carl Jung
> muh youre Poor
You sound like a jbp faggot

>> No.12571580

Hundreds of teams

>> No.12571582

I study things for the sake of it because I got rich and now even more rich because of LINK kek. Also do you undetand jungs relevance to LINK? Jesus you are clueless.

>> No.12571588

Go back on completing your masters degree

>> No.12571599

How does it feel to be mediocre

>> No.12571610

Good thesis statement, professor.

>> No.12571636

Kek I guess you couldn’t make it in engineering or med school, loser!

>> No.12571643

>Imagine thinking you're hotshit for studying jung

>> No.12571763
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>all arguments for link have been made lets fuck each other over

how about we all hug each other now and are happy for this opportunity kek has given us

praised be

>> No.12571777

Ya it’s easy to ace an undergrad in philosophy, which includes more reading in 4 years than you’ll ever do in 50 years, classes on logic metalogic computability etcx, all the ideas that underpin every single field that is fashionable, and then while you’re doing that manage a portfolio of the world’s most volatile assets and still get caked.

Maybe you will hold onto all your LINKs and sell at $1000, and for you I’m happy and hope you use that to help solve our western political problems, but you will never know what it’s like to swim in every system of thinking ever conceived.

Ya I’m happy I transferred from CS to better school to pursue philosophy.

>> No.12571785

I never lie.

>> No.12571796


>studying philosophy
>does not know basic stoic principles

something does not add up

>> No.12571803
File: 226 KB, 640x730, F0DDAE4A-EF7C-4F6F-8618-2EF606E0FF16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You’re a fool if you sell at $10. Next bubble will take LINK to $400+ easily

>> No.12571816

Stoicism is just fashionable right now. I’ve taken my ancient philosophy post Aristotle tho, not too big on the ideas. They’re pretty much Hindu/bhuddist and I enjoy those writers better.

Stoicism is pretty useful tho. Gotta know when to practice it because we humans have emotions for a reason.

>> No.12571836

I think Buddhism has to say pretty much the same about the argument I am making. And I dare to say so will any other philosophy/religion

>> No.12571843

How fucking useless. Have you met the retards that get a masters?

>> No.12571854

>caring about abstract ideologies

>> No.12571873

Lol people here in grad school are either entirely clueless or they are literal elite thinkers. No in between.

>> No.12571923

Um. You said I don’t understand stoic principles and I essentially told you you’re putting too much weight on a fashionable system of thought

I probably should have just replied with
>implying stoic measures are necessary at all times

>> No.12571929

no you should have replied with

> I think I need to study more

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File: 107 KB, 750x918, 31D964D0-200E-4ABF-BB3F-5B969CB762FD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sergey impersonator.

>> No.12571956

Ya ok stoicism is to philosophy what nano is to crypto. Lmao. You’re a meme

>> No.12571974
File: 88 KB, 679x516, 1545727754219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


you are continuing to prove my point

>> No.12572031
File: 109 KB, 275x275, 7244CBB5-0AB1-46A0-8DD1-85E471BC402B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Link takes 14 days to go up 50%
>holo takes 4days to 3x
>link dumps holo continues to pump
I’m starting to think link is overrated

>> No.12572047

My response to you trying to call me out for being a philosophy nerd and not knowing basic stoic principles (as if not displaying those principles implies I don’t know them), was to tell you:
-I know what they are
-they’re similar to Hindu/Buddhist ideas
-and that I don’t think you need to use stoic principles all the time

You’re either trolling or genuinely not too logical. You even agreed to my comparison between buddhism and stoicism, and still you I didn’t refute the central point of “hur dur I don’t think you know stoic principles”

Suck my dick

>> No.12572057

Do you want an answer?

>> No.12572074

Sure why don’t you express yourself clearly for once you mongoloid, you seem dense

>> No.12572086

I am implying you either know nothing about philosophy at all or are just starting to learn in this subject. All your answers in this Thread prove this point.

>> No.12572093

Literally anything I say about stoicism that is also true implies I know what it is, what don’t you understand, unless you never actually typed out your central point kek.

This is literally all I’m responding to

>> No.12572108

and all I am saying to you no religion/philosophy will tell you to be a dick

>> No.12572116

Lmao so you went from “you don’t know stoic principles and you studied philosophy” to “you didn’t study philosophy or you are new to it”.

Two entirely different things. I think I’m fine here you dunce. And before you short circuit and claim I’m just name
Calling and not refuting central point, lemme tell you that im calling you dense after refuting it

>> No.12572126

that’s a huge claim and completely shows that

>> No.12572136

Ironically you dont know much about philosophy yourself. Look at utilitarianism

>> No.12572143


My last post because you are clearly not willing to lead a civilized discussion

All I am saying is this

you claim to study philosophy

stoicism is a very basic philosophy

you do not think and act in accord with basic principles

you need to study more

>> No.12572157

And also Jesus said an eye for an eye and I’m only responding to people who were calling me cockroaches and a lose. So ya I’m allowed to be a dick

“You have heard that it was said, "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." But I say to you, Do not resist the one who is evil. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.”

>> No.12572161


>> No.12572171

Yup and actually I told you right away that not adhering to stoicism doesn’t mean I don’t know what it is. It means I don’t adhere to it. Like you can’t see? I know exactly your argument and have known the entire time

>> No.12572221

why is link dumping but rlc pumping

>> No.12572239

Because RLC makes link obsolete

>> No.12572263

>holo will
Pretty much sums up this permanent vaporware

>> No.12572267

Comfy thread

>> No.12572290

normally I would not bother to answer anymore but I have the Feeling you are a smart guy and willing to learn.

The Stoic principles are so basic they can be found throughout every major religion / philosophy. You not adhering to them means you should pick up Epictetus The Enchiridion.

http://classics[dot] mit[dot] edu/Epictetus/epicench.html

>> No.12572373

I don’t understand what you are trying to do here but I literally studied that text under an actual scholar of that time period.

Stoicism isn’t important to philosophy man, and so what I’m implying is that you sayings it’s in every philosophy is wrong. Actually that statement isn’t even coherent. that’s why I told you the consensus to real philosophers is that stoicism is nano. Cool. Neat. Not really interesting because these people are analytically minded, and don’t fucking care about such concepts. Kek. We’re here trying to figure out how the mind is structured, not live our best life through stoic principles. Argumentation over tranquility imo

>> No.12572397

You do you Fren I have nothing more to say

>> No.12572402

And I already commented on the usefulness so. I don’t really see the point of being stoic all the time. Reaction (action) is the spice of life. When my family has a major tragedy I’ll use stoicism

>> No.12572419

Ok cheers even tho I name called and this was essentially useless I had a tremendous amount of fun

>> No.12572445

I am not in the position to tell you how to live your live. For me the most important thing is my inner peace therefor you might understand the value of stoicism to me. If you are in pursuit of other things of course it will not be of any use to you.

I would have liked it more without the name calling but thats what I get for spouting on /biz/ so I am used to it. Cheers :)

>> No.12572459

Ya just wanted to say I respect the ideas and know them well that’s all. The people I know who live by the stoics pretty much all had a fucked up life at one point. Is this the same with you?

>> No.12572492

What would you call fucked up? :)

Na I would consider my self a normie with the normal ups and downs. I just got tired of the rat race years ago. Now I am financially independent (not rich) and study mostly Stoicism and Buddhism

>> No.12572703

Never have I seen Delphi derail a thread so blatantly. Slow clap mongs.

>> No.12572717

99% Larpers in this thread are Delphi discord shills. Link is doomed

>> No.12572728


>> No.12572773

Well it’s certainly a good way to ge content with what you got. Past a certain networth it’s all just greed and dick measuring anxiety. Figured that out early on, found crypto and the rest is history. Literally all my meaning in life has come from my extreme imbalanced pursuit of knowledge.

This pursuit of knowledge I’m in comes with its own anxieties and one day (when roughly I’m at the edge of we CAN know RIGHT NOW), I will get out of the rat race of knowledge pursuit and he like you.

We are similar souls I think.

How do you spend your days?

>> No.12572826
File: 466 KB, 736x673, 1545351225953.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We are alike that we value knowledge very high

we are not alike in that I do not value money at all if I have none tomorrow I could not care less.

>How do you spend your days?
shitposing on /biz/

kek. I dont know I do whatever I want Fren that is the beautiful thing about being financially independent. I walk a lot. Read a lot. Do artsi things. Meditate very much. Sports. Yoga. Do stuff with my gf. Fuck I am a normie arent I

>> No.12572879

>we are not alike in that I do not value money at all if I have none tomorrow I could not care less.
Ya I definitely care about money. Having it, rather than pointlessly spending it tho.

And, you’re not a normie. You’re just a simple man. Normies don’t even know they exist on a treadmill built by another man

>> No.12572925

Yes I am a simple man with simple needs and very glad about that. But it was not always like this I had to learn (I was "successful" once upon a time that is how I made enough to have passive income now) but one day it just dawned on me wtf am i doing here and why the fuck am i doing it. and i quit. cut my expenses to an absolute minimum. and live a very comfy simple life.

>> No.12572980

When did you meet your GF? Before or after? I want to have kids and I’m worried about the whole gold digging thing. I don’t flash my wealth but I don’t want her to ever think “whatever I’ll stay for his wealth” or it just being known to women that I’m well off
And like I know I can be present and not worry about the future but I still gotta figure this out one day

>> No.12573025

>And like I know I can be present and not worry about the future but I still gotta figure this out one day

you said it yourself Fren.

your only problem is you value money to high or you would be so fucking happy I promise you. My attitude is whatever happens happens it is up to my if I make use of it. I do not plan on making baby's any time soon tho. Neither does my gf. I have met my gf after. I did not have the time for a real relationship before that.

I "looked" for a gf that would accept my attitude towards stuff and was very verbal about them all the time. she knows what I am about. she likes it. so no gold dinging on her part I think :) no gold to ding anyway kek

>> No.12573033

>coping after BTFO

>> No.12573051

gold to ding kek. I am german btw so use auto correct a lot so I dont look like a complete idiot

>> No.12573102

Hm. Maybe thinking about it too much will cause me to draw more attention than I want.

Where did you meet her? And what’s she do with her day? Does she do her own thing as a self actualized person?

>> No.12573143

you definitely think about it to much. and if you have a lot you should care not at all about it or you are a slave to your wealth.

few years ago I dont know maybe 4-5 she is much younger then me and still in uni (med). she can do whatever she wants thats not my part maybe some day she will move on and that is fine maybe some day we will have babys. But she stays over at my place most of the time but she has a flat with roommates as well.

>> No.12573194

I’m just worried I’ll never find someone who just likes ME. And then also I’m worried about her losing attraction and then staying with me because it’s easiwr for her. I would rather her take my money and leave, swiftly.

>> No.12573222

you are worried of not finding someone who likes you. but you are think you are your wealth. you are much more. just keep it on the down low for a long time. you probably live a quite large life tho so it might be hard :) maybe start to scale down a little. focus on the important things

>> No.12573270

Like idk man I care about money only so that:
I can afford to raise kids and send them to private school and get the best tutors for them, and also be able to pay for them if they want to go to university, even if I get divorce raped. Is this the relationship to money you say I need to change?

I thought the nature of my relationship to money made complete sense. If I was robbed of the desire to have kids I wouldn’t even have tried to make money and probably would have been further along my path rn.

But idk man. I think the answer to my woes is in what you said about your GF being in med school. Perhaps a careerwoman (lol) is what I need. If my wife is making bank i wouldn’t have to explain my wealth to anyone I could just say my wife makes a lot and she also wouldn’t care to brag about me to people since she gets it. Hm

>> No.12573295

No no no. My bedroom is 10ftx10ft and I all I bought was a better camera because my hobby is photography. But you are right, I must focus on not flashing it. It’s the harder road to take for some company but it seems better for the soul long term

>> No.12573323

> Is this the relationship to money you say I need to change?
As I said I am not in the position to tell you anything about how to live your life. If you want to life a live of inner peace and calm you must change your attitude towards money no question about it.

>If I was robbed of the desire to...
I will just stop there. why would you rob yourself of anything?

>Perhaps a careerwoman (lol) is what I need.
Her character matters the most if she would have been a toilet lady she would still be my gf.

>but it seems better for the soul long term
that is all what matters in my eyes nothing else

>> No.12573365

Ehhh ya we’re in agreement. Anyways nice talking with ya anon. I gotta go and this will be archived before I’m back.

Isn’t it sad? I’m sure you would say “not at all” :+)

Good luck.

>> No.12573388
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I wish you all the best Anon

>> No.12573406
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>> No.12573413

What the fuck, this is Chainlink thread. Not ego writing argument circus.

Both of u fuck off

>> No.12573423
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it is way past bedtime for me to so i am gone aswell

>> No.12573674

It's dumping so hard, holy shit

>> No.12573773

>organic vs nonorganic pump action
Gee I wonder which will end up with a higher valuation

>> No.12573833
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cup and handle

>> No.12573840

the absolute state of linkies

>> No.12573922

the absolut state

>> No.12574201
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>Derivatives first, then insurance
>Shipping and tracking will be on the mainnet this year

>> No.12574233

drown in the ganges, swine.

>> No.12574941
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>Don't disrespect me like this, sirs

>> No.12575432
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>> No.12575468


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