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Chad met Sergey and immediately dumped after

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He is from /biz/ and might actually be you. He was waving at the camera towards the start of the stream.

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Taking a selfie with Sergey is a dead giveaway that they're somebody from /biz/. Nobody else would give a shit about being photographed with him

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About a minute in.

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the chad dump

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Pretty sure that whole group were biz linkmarines. Who else besides us would make the 6 hour trip from LA to SF?

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The literal 4 most deluded linkmarines

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In a fight between Chad and plaid, plaid wins every time.

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They didn't really have any questions either. They were just big fans who stuck around till the very end just to listen to everything Sergey had to say. Definitely biz dudes

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lol this is unironically me. Wasnt dumping tho, grinding Tinder trying to get laid tonight.

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prove it or fuck off

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more like tending grinder

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What beer you you make Sergey buy you? What did Sergey drink?

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do more neck curls, you look silly,nothing that three months of neck training can't fix

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Kek this

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I drink Titos soda only. Sergey was drinking some bullshit IPA.

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Don’t let these basedboys get in your head and convince you you’re a chad, anon. I would snap you like a fucking twig

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S o y boys ffs. Fuck you mods

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No one drove 6 hours. We flew.

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Checked. Thank you for your service, marinebros.

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Still spent 4+ hours traveling

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45min flight

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Nah. Wasn't that long, but we're having fun all day anyway. Sergey bought us food and drinks after the conference, too.

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How, by sitting on him you fat fucking lardass? Post a pic to prove it.

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Based and red pilled

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timestamp nigger and you can become apart of link meme history

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blessed. what a sweet man sergey is

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so it was a STREAM EH


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adelyn is so cute

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Why is he feeding you peasants?

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sergey has the biggest heart in all of crytpo

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U jelly?

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heart? sergey? valentines? MAINNET IS IN FEBRUARY

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Sergey needs to step the fuck back from this project and hire someone to do the speaking for him. This shit is getting ridiculous. He also needs to higher a slightly larger team and get this shit rolling already. I'm starting to think there aren't as many partnerships and shit lined up as we previously expected.

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Whats your honest opinion of the man? Sure nice guy and a walking meme. But can he run a business? His talk tonight was no doubt copy paste notes. He's got Docusign and other smart business guys backing him up. But can he continue as leader when CL becomes standard.

The Docusign guy was your class A CEO Silicon Valley douche but I could never see Sergey like him. Thoughts?

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Gymcel detected

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Sergey honestly reminds me of early days Bill Gates.

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He's a philosophy major and he's about to release what is probably the next big development in legacy finance (and of course crypto).
He's a born leader, leading the right project at the right time.

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fuck, you stole it from my brain

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Satanic trips confirms.
oops indeed you opened a portal.

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wow, we havent deapoiled this man's good will yet. thats heartwarming

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wow, we havent despoiled this man's good will yet. thats heartwarming

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Vitalik reminds me of early bill gates

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Vitalik reminds me of Bill Gates. Compare Sergey's talks to Vitalik first introducing ethereum:


At the end of the talk the guy knows he just changed the game. Watch the end and you can hear the buzz in the room when he is finishing up. I feel Chainlink should be the same way but Sergey isn't selling it.

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>Sergey isn't selling it.
Sergey swung a PoC presentation for Swift in 2016.

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You don't get to just do talks with millionaire tech founders because you want to. The man is a genius with a vision and he's tired of all the fucking weirdos harassing him and his team. Seriously, taking pictures of people and then posting them on 4chan is creepy as fuck.

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What the fuck are you talking about. Sergey is actually likeable, jolly fatty with a hipster-tier beard whose presence is not hostile

Compare that to someone like Mark Zuckerberg who does not have any human traits

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>Sergey isn't selling it.

You can't promote an unlicensed crypto token without registering for a securities excemption in the US until it's sufficiently decentralized (read: mainnet). Having a "fireside chat" with the founder of DocuSign is a legal way to send a message without running afoul of those laws.

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What the duck, we waited for you brainlets to get the duck out of the way...

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>the virgin pump
>the chad plump

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Why does sergey keep wearing the same shirt?

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He's autistic

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Steve Jobs used to wear the exact same clothes later in his years.

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How is that a chad? Looks pretty average desu

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this isn’t a Chad. looks like another yelllow fever nerd

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Imagine unironically listening to sirgay's bs for several hours and buying link the next day

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What is the guy saying?

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"I get to see all the racist comments"
You fucking deaf ass nigger.

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That gyno though

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some niggas just have puffy nipples faggot
id fuck your mother bitch

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the blackpill is that even if this technology solved oracles (which it doesn't, at least not with a lot of compromises) the big companies have no reason to use it, because the power model is all about the data itself, the api providers, not the mainnet itself. this is unlike btc/eth where the value is on the chain itself, as money, or code.

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>/biz/anon actually turns out to be chad


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I would let you rail my boi pucci. I'd even make you breakfast in the morning

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>Sergey was drinking some bullshit IPA
No wonder his weight gain is getting out of control. He has probably developed man milkers as well

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I too have a device to teleport me from my house to the airport gate.

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Sergey obviously needs some more practice in public speaking, but he's self-aware, likable, and obviously knowledgeable. Would cuckerberg invite some of random 4channers for a beer after learning they traveled 6 hours to see his presentation? Or stand and answer every single question for an hour? He cares, that much can't be disputed

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Decision fatigue, look it up.

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Why is Sergey so unnecessarily fat? He's not even a big guy, he just has the belly of a 50 year old.

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He has 50 years + of wisdom. And works all the time.

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Money belly

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He seemed genuinely interested in talking to you guys, which struck me as a surprise -- especially after he got a little snippy with the streamer. Did you guys discuss the project or just chat?

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i love her

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Checked and I agree. I think Adelyn should take over.

Things are still very early though, especially in terms of marketing. So we will see. I legit want Sergey to take a step back simply due to safety. He is a valuable man with an amazingly valuable idea that must come to fruition.

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