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Are your ducks in a row biz?
>Docusign Payments
>It’s happening


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Oh and Keith Krach?


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Nothing left to do but pic related

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Have you forgotten about a little chainlink event happening this week? I think this document will become quite pertinent

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me likey

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>CTRL+ F chainlink
>literally nothing

nice joke OP

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mmmm very clean, saved

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I want a t-shirt.

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Oh look, it’s absolutely nothing. And from 2016.

Listen, I have invested in Chainlink too, but you bizlinkers are the most deluded people I’ve ever seen.

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Hold on Mr. Nazarov and Gonser, my ducks aren't in a row yet! I want another 3K stinkers so I can have 20K before the singularity.

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The irony

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They’ll have them in SF. I hope to snag one

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>article from 2016
You are getting desperate. This is the truth:
>The vast mayority of biz have not even break even

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Based and checked

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unless good news drops on Wed.... still going to dump afterwards.... we don't even have a descent rumor pump, what a shame

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Kek let’s see if this article is relevant in about 48 hours’ time

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You will make it either way

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>Slated for release early next year in partnership with international payment processor Stripe – and supported by Apple, Google and Authorize.net – DocuSign Payments saves time and effort by providing a fast and easy way to collect payments and signatures in just one step.

Where to buy Stripe stock?

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i fucking love this. could you make the font a little more smooth and the overall image more crisp?

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>baste & saved

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is this good or bad for req??

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Tom Gonsner isn't part of Docusign anymore.

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>Have you forgotten about a little chainlink event happening this week? I think this document will become quite pertinent
Only problem is that Gosner is literally just shooting the shit with Sergey. This is more of a hypothetical "what if?" conversation regarding blockchain based contracts, hence the whole gay "fireside chat" name. They didn't call it the "DocuSign:Chainlink Buttfuck extravaganza" because that isn't happening.
CL is priced in for this, and nothing new will be announced because the truth is that we are YEARS away from any kind of widespread smart contract use.
Although it is cool that Tom Gosner is not a stranger to this, it still doesn't mean shit other than that he is interested in the technology and the implications of its use.

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this is pretty accurate
dont get jacked up on hope kids

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>we are YEARS away
im coming to terms with this now. I could have just kept the cash in my bank acount

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an insider/ larp posted somewhere a week or two back sayng not a full partnership, not to get hyped off the fireside chat, but still link would be bullish. anyone got the post and/or interpretation?

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>Long time channer here and you guys are schizo incels

That just means that our boy has been laying the groundwork for the implementation of the 21st century IDEAA act (or whatever the fuck it's called).
Since he's a DocuSign guy he's doing what's good for DocuSign and since Gonser is a Marine, what's good for DocuSign is good for us.

I'm sure the oldfags felt like this for SIBOS, I felt like this for SXSW, and I feel like this again. The fireside chat is gonna be YUGE!

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The pump has been going on all month

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Tonight's the night bois

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Buy one for me pls

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I want to accumulate more, since I only have 4027, but I also don't want to FUD on frens. I want everybody to enjoy, but also want at least 5000. I don't know what to do. :(

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He's not a Docusign guy anymore.

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That’s right, chainlink has spread to the White House. Krach knows about it and will be involved in the upcoming IDEA Act regulations. Let that sink in.

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Everyone got wrapped up in this. Truth is, it is a great idea, and anyone running at 1/2 a Watt or more knows it and sees that these guys are legitimately developing a solution. It is just way too early for it. Even if mainnet was release tomorrow and it was a flawless victory, it wouldn't matter. Getting companies to use it will be harder than developing a working product because it will require a level of trust that absolutely has not been established in crypto. People are going to associate crypto with scams for YEARS. The good news is that it is going to take that long for this to be adopted fully.
I'm keeping my shitty little 5k stack regardless just for shits and giggles.

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If that’s all you can comfortably afford or risk without getting anxiety then more power to ya. What I’ve learned is that when you have the best hand it’s best to go all in. I know this seems reckless but it’s actually + EV

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>The fireside chat is gonna be YUGE!
i really don't think that it will be. happy to be wrong, but i just feel like we are in for a nothing burger

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everything you said has been carefully dodged by the chainlink team. have you not seen one sergey presentation? he doesnt even mention the word blockchain. The chainlink team has literally made itself immune to the immaturity of the crypto space youre talking about. sergey knew this would be one of things he had to accomplish and he did. radio silent you dumb fucking retarded faggot

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I don't want this to fail either, I'd love to see my little shit 5k stack launch into the stratosphere. But to assume a strategy to become immune to immaturity is enough to bypass global sentiment, then you are the immature one. I wish that were enough, but the people that need to be convinced to open their wallets to the idea need to be convinced that the masses will accept it. They won't. At least not any time soon. You can't change sentiment over night. It will need to be slowly established.

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thanks fren

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better save up poorfag

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Nice work I’m gonna get shirts made

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I know man! I got one final duck swimming around I haven't been able to lasso. 15,672 shooting for 17,500. 20K would be nice.

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Cost savings will drive it, someone is going to fill this space and once it kicks off it will go quickly as companies will need to jump in just to remain competitive.

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Gentlemen, I just saw a bull in the clouds. The bull run is on. Check em.

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Deluded Kink linkers STILL shitting up this board

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That's true, but it's still going to be a long haul.

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Sorry but you have zero clue what youre talking about. Nobody has to accept anything. Nobody even has to hold any link. The corporations using this technology don't even need to know what a blockchain is.
when this is up and running and is proven working people will jump at this because it's a cost-cutting opportunity, which gives insane advantage over your competitors.
>the people that need to be convinced to open their wallets to the idea need to be convinced that the masses will accept it
case in point that you have no fucking clue what youre talking about. what do "the masses" have to do with the chainlink technology? do "the masses" have to understand and accept the tcp/ip protocol when they open up facebook?

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This fren gets it

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This is the truth--somebody will figure out a way to use Chainlink to save their company a % of costs per transaction, and the dominoes will fall--everybody will adopt it afterward

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This--Chainlink could not be better positioned than it is RIGHT NOW.

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my duckies are all lined up
my oc :^)
kek stop lying, I wish they would use it tho
The font was a coca-cola mimicking font, I can't really make it smoother or make the rest smoother. It's already pretty high res

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>We're in conversations with literally hundreds of teams

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Alternate version for white tshirt

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Based and linkpilled

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Hundreds of team is different than hundreds of companies. Wouldn’t matter if it was 300 shit coin team. All we need is ONE docusign, Microsoft or Swift.

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Thanks coke anon! Will save and enjoy during singularity

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Is 75k enough?

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100k min to make it.

With 75k you are not even in the top 20 000 of all the wallets.

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Ur top 600 wallet. What do u think?

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it's good, but not crisp enough. fix it, find a bunch of GOOD QUALITY t-shirts (I suggest plain black and white plain crew neck t-shirts from Costco), print it out the logo on the shirt, and then put it on a safe site to sell on

i would send you 700 LINK for 2 black shirts, and hopefully you can use that to start making more for other link marines

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I can't be arsed lol. You can't really make the font crisper unless you made it bigger I guess.
75k is almost top 500, at position 540. Nice fud

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I’m starting to get how this will all work. CL is the back end for all this stuff and companies like docusign and rocket lawyer are making it easier for companies to use smart contracts. Of course the average normie (or even average business) isn’t going to buy LINK, buy ethereum, write contract, etc. But they will use all this stuff without even knowing
>But users of Rocket Lawyer’s new crypto product won’t even need to interact with the blockchain or use cryptocurrency, says Moore. That will all happen in the background. “We are not releasing any sort of a product that would require our users to be knowledgeable about cryptocurrency,” he says. “That’s just not the kind of user we serve.”

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Just like your average normie doesnt own oil stocks

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See >>12516462
Companies won’t even know they’re using crypto in many cases

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