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Would you rather die from heat exhuastion and dehydration in a desert or die frozen to death under show in a blizzard?

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Freezing. Hypothermia is a very comfy way to go.

Also a good white man death.

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frozen. Heat exhaustion takes longer i think and i can't stand being in hot places. Frozen to death sounds more of a peaceful death

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Frozen to death. There's always the added chance you'll wake up in 1000 years and be an uber-rich crypto god

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Frozen to death. You become numb literally half way, and actually start to feel like your comfy and warm. But nope you're dying

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Only a moron would choose to die of dehydration. That's one of the worst ways you could die, extreme suffering for days on end while going crazy


Freezing to death. You're cold for like 30 min, then the numbness sets in and the pain goes away. Then you just sorta fade off. It's common to find the bodies of people who have frozen to death with smiles on their face