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Its happening tonight

Strap in

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Its happening right now

Strap in

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Checked praise kek

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Absolutely checked.

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Was dividing up an amount of eth by link price to see how much I’d get, got this pic related.

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It’s been a while since I’ve seen one of these, trips is a nice touch

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>off by one

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Sergey nazarov lol sergey what?? Nazarov? Is there a more obviously made up name?
https://discord dot gg/fQrZ48

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The names Parser. Json Parser.

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Boom, checked!

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Feelin /comfy/ in this thread

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Haha nice picture friend! Mind if I save it?

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It's interesting and sad how passionate people are about LINK. People get so passionate about shit like that because they are living such empty lives, that's all they have. They don't really do anything, stand for anything, believe in anything. They just go to work, go to sleep. So they have to care a lot about a shitcoin or they'd put a bullet through their head if they didn't have that escape.

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$1000 EOY confirmed

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Too much real life

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Shut the fuck up nigga. Chainlink is love, Chainlink is life. I don't need to reflect on my poor decision making skills.

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hey, buzz kill Biff, some of us enjoy the price action.

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holochad 100 ramadan sats

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you're right, the economy does not scale in proportion to the amount of people entering the work force in not just the U.S. but a lot of places around the world, its caused a lot of peoples lives to be hindered, for many, when LINK moons it will be the start of a new life for them, so you bet your fucking ass we are excited about this project, if anyone tried to take my LINK i'd kill 'em.

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checked sir

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a spiritual brapper for all the brothers holding on this fine evening

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thanks for picking me up at .4720, lads. I was running late for the party.

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How many Links to sniff her brapppps?

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thats a little steep

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0.00015 Was the top. You should be selling the profit. If you hold there is substantial risk (crypto market is crazy).

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unironically. being 100% serious right now. end of 2020 it would cost 0.54 LINK to get a sniff of her brappppppppppppppper

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Next stop:

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We see you Kek. Thank you for your presence here.