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I fell for the premed meme and I don’t want to go to medical school. I want to start making money and start a career. Coding bootcamps sound like a way to get a job quickly if you’re not a an idiot or autistic. Has anyone done these bootcamps or is t just a scam

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Coding bootcamps are great, and you're basically guaranteed a job afterwards. Coding is not a saturated field, Google and Facebook are still snapping up any programmer they can find for muchos dolares

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Israel has no right to exist.

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Why are Jews so hated?

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Most are overpriced from what I've looked at. You can seriously teach yourself if you have just a bit of determination.

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Thanks anon, do you know anyone that has done it?

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How much time you got friend?

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But isn’t it worth the money if you get the certification and make connections? I’m in the Bay Area so it’s not like I’d have to move

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I've heard many people end up getting jobs from coding boot camps in SF so it might be worth it. Just find one with that kind of success rate. Don't trust the coding camps but reviews by people. Go to r/cscareerquestions for help.

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Thanks fren, I’ll check it out

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Market's saturated.

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>Market's saturated because some dumb fag on youtube says so

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Only do it if you can already program. Take an online course to see if you can.

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csfag here, yes the bootcamps are worth it if you choose a reputable one and are smart enough to have the shit you learn stick. bloc.io is a good one.

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Training makes sense, the resulting credentials do not.

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Coding bootcamps will look bad on your resume. Don’t be a cuck. Teach yourself. Tons of tutorials on jewtube.

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false. conpanies like those post 10 years of experience required ms in cs and then say they cant get any “qualified” applicants so they can hire h1b visa for low wages.

t. bs and ms in cs and unemployed

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You too could be part of a 2 man team.

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what school did you get your degrees from?

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seconded. i lucked out and went to a top 5 program. 4 years in industry, just got my w2 and wages were 170k

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and the good bootcamps are made by guys from top 5 programs and from top 5 companies. they know their shit, and they know how to get you a job.

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That’s some good shit. How long did it take you to find a job after you finished the program?

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I went to a 400-500 ranked school and make 120k as a dev in the mid-west

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i meant i went to a top 5 traditional university. but those graduates then turn into entrepreneurs that then start the legit bootcamps. they realize that regular school is a fucking scam, and they know the set of skills it takes to get a job. you learn a lot of other extra shit in school school that can help you apply yourself to the industry more generally, but there's no shortage of jobs hiring people with bootcamp level experience

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You just suck and probably can't program your way out of a paper bag.

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Are you a white male? If so look into getting a CNAA R/S cert

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>Coding is not a saturated field, Google and Facebook are still snapping up any programmer they can find for muchos dolares

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Like 12 hours

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