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clean up wegie

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> White people is better than niggers
Yeah right..

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Brown pilled

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why are people like this not forcefully euthanised? serious question

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God I wish that were me

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Did she just gave him the ol' sharty marty?

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It's about time

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>A Canadian woman was so incensed that a Tim Hortons employee denied her access to a restroom that she popped a squat, pooped on the floor and flung her dung at him.
To be fair, the wagies deserved it for denying a basic human right.

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Business and Finance

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Cashier: Sorry mam, restrooms are for paying customers only. That's our policy.
Lady: Please it's an emergency!
Cashier: I could lose my job!
Lady: Oh fuck off!
Cashier: You can try the KFC across the street, or maybe zales diamonds!
Lady: I barely made it in here, if I don't shit I'm going to end up in the emergency room!
Cashier: I can't help you, unless you buy some coffee or something.
Lady: I can't wait to pay you, can you just let me go then I'll buy the coffee?
Cashier: No, I can't sorry!
Lady: For fucks sake, it's too late.
*plop, plop.
Lady: You motherfucking son of a bitch! You made me shit right here over 1 dollar you god damn animal!
*thows turd

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No she still gets disappeared. It's cleanup time

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I want to produce transcendental alpha children with her. Children for whom mere mortal status oriented behavior and decorum mean nothing.

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You best believe that employee is letting every fucker use the toilet from that day.

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If that's true she did nothing wrong

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Oh, they refused to give her a key to the bathroom, didn't they?
Yeah... fuck them and fuck any business that does this. They 100% deserve this.
>It's not the wagie's fault, his manager probably told him not to give it to strangers.
He deserves it for obeying orders blindly like a basedboy bitch.

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I've wanted to do this every fucking time a business says "gotta buy something to use the restroom." Eurocucks will never understand this feel.

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kek if I was that employee I'm sure I would have just let her use the bathroom and there would have been no issue. However if I were ever working fast food and someone threw shit at me, I would literally snap and tear them apart with my bare hands until it was just a bloody mess

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I went to a mcdonalds cause I had to piss and I'm not a freeloading nigger so I ordered a mcchicken a coke. I go to the fucking bathroom and it has a code lock on it with a sign saying I have to ask the counter for the code. Fuck that shit. I left them a one star review on yelp and I did the survey on the receipt and let them know I dont spend money at places where I have to ask permission to take a piss like a kid in a classroom.

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>I'm not a freeloading nigger so I ordered something
Stop doing this shit. Nigger = black skin, not a pattern of behavior, and stop giving money to businesses just to use a bathroom, in general. Be more selfish in life for your own sake.

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>willing to purchase $2-$3 worth of goods to get permission
>somehow needing to ask for a code so that homeless people dont overdose on heroin and need to be cleaned off the floor is too much

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well let's say you run a coffee shop near a train station and if you don't regulate who is allowed to use the rest rooms you have constantly people popping in and out just shitting up your rest rooms resulting in your staff having to perfom public cleaning service for free

though I guess if it's an absolute emergency you shouldn't keep saying no but what do you expect from lowly paid wagies

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>Nigger = black skin
Not even /pol/ believes this

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Did anyone else notice the wagie's virgin posture?

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Then /pol/ is retarded. Nigger = black skin and it comes from the word negro. The word's meaning has not actually changed, despite what Chris Rock said in a comedy sketch 15 years ago or readdit has been fucking parroting ever since. If you still believe this just go back to fucking readding and stay there with the other faggots who change what words mean to suit their beliefs.

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as a neet, this shit makes me angry at wagies. Fucking hell. I better put some tea on.

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You all must not live in a city. Locked bathrooms are for your benefit too.

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No. You can have black skin and still be a positive member of society.

Fuck homeless people. Theyre not my problem. It's the establishment's responsibility to keep lowlives out.

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Seems the most likely situation other than mental problems.

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>You can have black skin and still be a positive member of society.
I agree completely. Some niggers are positive members of society. It doesn't change what the word means. This a fairly unknown way to tell who migrated from readdit and who didn't.

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Well when you come in expecting a business to provide you a free service, hope you don't have to wait for them to extract the last schizo homeless from the bathroom before you shit on the floor, nigger.

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Basic human right to use private property facilities?

Fucking mong

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Look out! We got a hot head over here.

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*knocks at your door*
let me in i gotta shit

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How about I'm just an asshole and if a business has to deal with something difficult, well, tough for them.
Do I really sound that upset? It's just the way it is. Good argument though.

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You're new.

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omg that's so fucking hot

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Huh? I cant even makes sense of what youre try ing to say here. Is english your second language? Try again. This time try using simple complete sentences.

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not until you buy something.

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K. I remember when cp was near universally accepted on /b/ and frequently requested before some weird sect of them started turning against anyone who asked for it. I'm not an oldfag but I've been around since 2007. Go ahead and measure your dick too while we're at it.
Anyway all I said is that nigger = negro = black. This isn't really a controversial fact.

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ITT proof biz has been infiltrated by communists and low information voters

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>7 posts by this id
>passionately arguing over some gay thing and trying to convince everyone he's snacks

Yeah, you're an oldfag fo'sho. Get lost homo.

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fuck you *shits on your porch*

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It's 5am here man. God help me

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she just mad because she hasn't found POEC coin yet

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m-muh wageslave career!

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Guys whatever happened to Amazon wojak?

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That guys definitely an autist but he's right. All blacks are niggers just like all jews are kikes. Fuck niggers, fuck kikes and fuck jannies

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Sadly he died in his wage cave. He was using his mechanical wagie arm to lift down a pallet of adult Superhero shirts when the shelf holding the pallet collapsed and trapped his cage under many boxes. Since he could only get out of his cage if his foreman swiped his card to let him out and since no one could here him scream, he was forgotten, trapped in the cage for three weeks, then died.

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Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, and Sleepy Ben? Nah dude... there are decent black folks out there. Shit, I'm even digging Louis Farrakhan lately.

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Let them go be based in Africa

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It's not that simple, and you know it. GLR knew it. The negroes have been here since the beginning, longer than everyone but the English and Spanish, so they have some skin in the North American game. Doesn't mean there has to be this dystopian integration mess the left daydreams is trying to force.

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