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and imagine a new pirate bay, working in a completely decentralized way for selling and buying illegal stuff

read the STEAM example ari juels gave of chainlink
and think what could be done by illegal markets.

FFS at this point chainlink 1000$ is just fucking FUD....chainlink will fuel illegal market places, that will use secure private enclaves to handle their transaction

EVEN ME who is 100% all inned into LINK I wanna FUCKING FOMO MORE!!!


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bump for Sergey

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>working in a completely decentralized way for selling and buying illegal stuff
NSA backdoor into Intel SGX confirmed

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We will make it.

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NSA spying on CIA confirmed

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>Let’s take an example from the Town Crier paper meant to illustrate how a richly featured oracle can spawn new markets. Alice wants to sell a Steam game to Bob for 1 ETH. To do this fairly, i.e., to ensure she gets her money and Bob his game, the two can use a smart contract. Obviously, the smart contract can act as an intermediary in transferring the 1 ETH from Alice to Bob. But without explicit Steam support (an API), which Steam doesn’t provide, how can the contract determine whether Alice transferred the game to Bob?
The answer is that Alice can give her password to the TC oracle, which can log into her account and verify that she sent the game to Bob.
Thanks to its use of a TEE, TC can in principle safely handle passwords, including Alice’s.[1] In contrast, there’s no way to entrust a password safely to an ordinary node in a decentralized oracle. Even techniques like zero-knowledge proofs and secure multiparty computation don’t help. Whatever cryptography is used, at the end of the day, some node needs to send Alice’s password to Steam. Only by using a TEE can this node adequately protect the password.
The Steam example is just one of many in which TC can accomplish things that decentralized oracles alone cannot with reasonable security assurances. Here are a couple of others:

here is the example for the lazy faggots who dont bother reading!

imagine the fucking possibilities!!

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>FFS at this point chainlink 1000$ is just fucking FUD
The insanity of that statement, is it's accuracy.

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We're all going to be rich billionaires in the soon to come cyberpunk reality being brought about by chainlink.

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This is how bitcoin early investors felt, in 5 years from now one your life will be totally different. You will have milkers, brappers, money and everything your little mind can imagine. We are so fucking early, you guys don't get it how fortunate we are. Its like we found the thead that Satoshi made just a couple of weeks back and we invested. The difference is that you know the value, and the only thing remains is to enjoy the road to 1000 eoy. Godspeed frens.

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One thing I don't quite understand:

Why is it dumping then?

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>You will have milkers, brappers, money

All illusions. Try to find whats important in life.

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LINK is such a solid project. It's refreshing to see this thing growing up, slowly but steady, in a wasteland of empty promises and just straight scams. Crypto should be reduced to 30 projects, at most.

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target 1000 sats by end of day

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>paying for pirate bay
How about no, it defeats the purpose of it. Might as well buy legit
Dumb stinkers

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so you would sell crack for 0$?

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you must be a newfag, have you never heard of stop loss hunting?

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you would sell stolen steam accounts for 0$? you would sell stolen porn account for 0$?

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>selling drugs
>buying a stolen steam account
>paying for porn
Nigga pls
Linkies really are dumb

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im not saying thats what I do, Im just saying there is a fucking huge market for illegal stuff that could powered in a completely decentralized and anonymous way, using SGX enclaves and private keys.

the example of ari juels is particularly strong because it shows that steam doesnt have to write themselves the API. you could write some code that connects to a steam account and query their API to check what items were recently sent to trigger payment. this is a totally hacky way of doing things, and thats the kind of stuff the illegal markets need.

you need to start thinking deeply you fucking brainlet, do you wat me to make a drawing your 2 brain cells could understand?

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You just are dumb if you don't see the market here.

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knee pads, clam your tits...

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short sighted faggot youre missing the forest for the trees.

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>And, in many cases, they will need to do intensive, private computations that are only viable off chain.
>If I had to make a prediction, it would be that TC, with its TEE-backed capabilities, will play an important role in making this panoply of possibilities a reality in Chainlink.


CL is SERIOUSLY going to obviate/obsolete 99% of other crypto projects, I feel like I am fucking DREAMING I can't believe how rich I am going to be

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Something that will allow illegal activity is doomed to get banned by gubments unless they have their dicks in it
Look how fucked tpb is and it doesn't even make money It's FREE
And it won't help illegal physical item trade because trust will still be involved and requires face to face.
$0 eoy
Tyrannical governments like ours don't like privacy

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Another Newfag

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I cant be involved in anything illegal shenanigans.

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so you are saying alot of illegal stuff is happening on the internet and the governments are banning the internet?


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> A TEE hosted by a trustworthy service provider and used to secure assets in the low millions, I’d probably feel confident in. A multi-million-dollar smart contract whose security relies on no TEE anywhere in the world being broken is clearly a bad idea.

Read this? He’s literally admitting SGX is for small shit. How will we ever get billion dollar industries on Chainlink? Somebody?

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I was just thinking about that tweet while reading the article. It seems Vit was thinking of oracles more in lines of
>a service that receives a query q from a smart contract SC and returns an answer A
like Oraclize; and wasn't thinking of all the other possibilities that chainlink, now coupled with TC, makes possible.

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Those are reserved for private chains. Holy shit you linktards are stupid delusional

TEE and Town Crier encryption are good for microtransactions on some betting sites using small amounts of crypto.

Not actual bank transfers you stupid fucking linktard holy shit hahahH did you actually believe SWIFT would use
>muh chainlink public network


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How can you verify you sent the product without lying ? What about if it gets lost in delivery. ? Or delivered to the wrong address.

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low IQ folks may fall for this

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i dont get it, which TEE actually does the verification? one on your local computer? some random node? one on the oracle? i dont think they'll ever be secure enough, just like how many holes were found in SGX. hardware protection doesnt work when people have physical access to the hardware

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No one cares about newfags apart from slightly less new newfags. Blowing out someone else's candle doesn't make yours glow any brighter, newfag.

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That's why cash and cell phones and encrypted messengers are banned.

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Lol yes they ban access and shutdown websites, certain sites like tpb is banned in the Uk for example unless you use tor or a proxy.
The eu almost banned porn websites a few years ago.

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You'll sign off saying you shipped it using an e-signature (DocuSign) and the shipment will be tracked with APIs and IOT devices from FedEx, UPS etc, then the reciever will sign off using their e-signature

Shipping will improve 1000% when you don't have to solely trust the other party you're trading with

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Serious concern. SGX was supposed to be genius and solve privacy and scalability, and now we hear it’s just for small money. So now we scale down our predictions to 100 EOY?

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If you're concerned, I'll buy all your link right now

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Not selling, but not very pleased with that paragraph.

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When we move to crypto currency issued by governments, they will be monitored and under their control btw for (((tax))) purposes.
IMF shilling the idea recently, there won't be any nano or other likewise shitcoin allowed.
>implying mobiles can't be monitored
>implying fbi don't have backdoors into those chat messengers.
Russia banned telegram because it didn't have access to its encryption
WhatsApp being blocked in china

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OH ! Shit. Once you put it that way. Holy fuck. It takes out all the uncertainty from buying online and whether or not you’ll receive your product. It essentially allows people to transact in an open and trustful manner, no matter if theyre pajeets or chinks. Hot dang. Sign me up.

But then what about if you sign, and upon opening it- the product is defective. And the seller claims that it is in perfect working order. What next ?

And what about if this product was specifically manufactured for you, so selling it in the open market is out of the question. What next ?

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why no tit pic of Alice ?

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The article is written in a clear language and flows nicely.
Is it written for the Pleddit audience?

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you clearly have no idea how the current one works do you.

Its all about those Escrow payments

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it's written for anyone, did you really expect them to write blogposts in the style of 4channel posts?

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Clearly not. I buy shit from eBay and expect it to arrive.

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I'm not gonna read all that.

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>you will have milkers

why the fucks will my tits lactate in the 5 years!!!??

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>Intel has warned, and researchers have shown from the outset, that SGX is vulnerable to side-channel attacks. The SGX architecture inherently leaks some information about application execution (such as page faults, which the OS itself can induce). More recent attacks, most notably FORESHADOW, have badly broken SGX security---both its integrity and confidentiality.

>So is SGX useless? Given the architectural challenges that attacks on SGX have surfaced, are good TEEs unrealizable?

>There are no absolutes in security. It’s no good asking whether a system is secure, only whether it’s secure against a particular class of adversary or adversaries. Critical vulnerabilities are an inescapable fact in all computing infrastructure. Moreover, attacks and defenses evolve. New TEE architectures are already on the horizon.

This is actually bad news.Hes basically saying that SGX can and HAS been hacked. Then goes on to say that "there are no absolutes in security" ... makes a bunch of excuses and basically says LINK will not see million dollar contracts because the tech is not trustworthy.

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so let's use centralized oracles hosted on some shit tier servers. it's more secure and trustworthy.

how stupid is your argument.

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Or let’s just not use blockchain at all. It’s a meme, it was a fucking meme all along. OMG!

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This makes Chainlink the perfect technology to accompany SGX

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Kek. I literally had to sign a delivery confirmation for work right now. I asked the man what system does the little scanner machine run on- “I have no idea/ they just give it to us”-

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Ok that's it i'm selling my LINK i should have known better

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How? If SGX is needed for privacy then you can’t run it on normal nodes.

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n-no marine... don't leave us......

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Good for you.

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the point is that chainlink will not be big. its a first step. but other technologies will perform better than chainlink in the future. $1000 is far from reality. Honestly $1 LINK is probably right

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Ideally, yes. It's not even GREEN ffs. Shameful dispray.

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The Australian government actually is trying to ban encryption.

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what prevents a chainlink node to query the thor network? or any other anonymous network to fetch data from?

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Why does ChainLink have to be so fucking nerdy? Can’t it be used for something cool like Tinder or College Game Day? I’m tired of associating with you losers.

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Even Litecoin did stuff with the UFC. I can’t even tell what you faggots are talking about with Steamer games...but it sounds really fucking nerdy. I came here because some faggot in my class group told me this was like Bitcoin and Litecoin and told me I should buy it...I kind of feel embarrassed even reading all of this nerdy shit.

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How does it feel in your 40s and back in college, bro?

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I expect it to be written like the concept of memetics, which was originally introduced by Richard Dawkins in his book "the selfish gene". Essentially, he posited that ideas and concepts are subject to the same mechanics as genetics in the way they "reproduce" and spread throughout cultures. Memes are essentially just ideas and ideas have to go through a natural selection process that determines whether the components of the idea are fit for survival and propagation.

Consider 4chan as an environment in which ideas are naturally selected. 4chan's platform is a uniquely harsh environment where only the especially fertile ideas are able to survive - posts only last 2 hours tops, there's no upvote/downvote system or identification that is tied to an idea's introduction. An important part is to understand that just like in genetics, the things that survive are not necessarily the best "logically" but for whatever other indeterminable reason they are the ones that experienced reproductive success.

Take pepe for example I mean what is it about pepe that we can't fucking drop - consider the amount of reproductive memetic strength for pepe to get posted every day so so often. Every meme-like post on 4chan could be the next pepe but because posts disappear so fast the majority of them die. For whatever reason, the attributes of pepe make it especially powerful in terms of reproduction. That intangible quality that allows pepe to have completely enchanted those who have been exposed to it.

Now think about chainlink and how it seems to display those same qualities! Possibly even in a harsher environment (/biz/ competitive vs. /pol/ already groupthink). It's worth investing in chainlink for this memetic quality ALONE.

Couple that with the actual strong fundamentals and it's a certainty that chainlink will be successful, provided the team is able to produce the product they envision.

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Mancheese business 1000$ eoy

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I told RLC faggots it's worthless due to LINK and they always say "YOU DONT KNOW WHAT IT DOES" or "blah blah the cloud computing industry is huge guys"
Most brainlet project ever, pic related is RLC.

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>thinking illegal shit is bullish
Fuck off retards. no serious industry wants to be some hacker gamer piracy hotpot. This is the same chink garbage TRON is scamming niggers with.
If this happens it would destroy LINK, big companies will move back to centralized services then declare the whole thing illegal. Go fuck yourselves with your ancap fantasies, if this is what LINK is in the news for I will be dumping my whole stack.

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>Muh coin does everything
Linksters are so fucking retarded
You can't do what RLC does with link. Period.

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said the guy on a hentai forum.
go fuck yourself, and remember where you are right now you nigger.

dump your stack you don't deserve it. alot of illegal activity happens on the internet and big businesses still use it fkin brainlet

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Nigger, nobody worth any money wants to support or maintain a decentralized kiddie porn network. Nobody is going to pay to maintain a piracy network. Kiss your institutional money goodbye, companies will fuck off to the Ripple of smartcontracts, it'll be some centralized shit secured by a joint coalition of third parties. I didn't sign up for chinky trademark violations. And where the fuck am I? 4chan which complies with United States law, nigger. Go to a fucking deep web chan and see how many people post there. You can kiss your instutional money goodbye. Fuck off with fucking Steam account gamer deep web faggotry usecases.

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anyone have the moon mission copy pasta that was posted yesterday?

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nothing, that a problem of dishonest SOURCE, not a problem of package integrity

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You realise 3 letter agency runs drugs, yes?

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This thread is starting to sperg out of control

>> No.12474761

>And where the fuck am I? 4chan which complies with United States law
go discuss serious shit on reddit or twitter you fucking boomer, you sound just like one of those 40 year old loses who lurk anime boards and thinks he can have a rational discussion.

pornhub also complies with the united states, you fucking nigger coming here trying to act smart on a literal anime porn forum.

what a fucking nigger you have to go back to twitter

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>muh 4chan secret club of hentai and nasties
Porn is legal you fucking retard. Nothing here was ever actual deepweb hacker shit and there is no market for it. Even /b/ hates that fucking faggotry now. Get these TRON esque usecases the fuck out of here.
>the govt cant stop muh drug selling cause we decentralized and sheet
Your neetnode will not get paid, enjoy circlejerking on this forum like the Linux community for a decade while real developers are elsewhere.

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It takes time to establish trust and security processes and procedures for any new technology. Multi-million dollar contracts will come, but it will take a long time, and probably a lot of fuck ups before anyone feels confident in this.

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holy shit, you sound like a complete nigger linux is widly used in web hosting and cloud technologies you fucking nigger the fuck do you smoke? or maybe you don't smoke anything you're just a fucking brainlet.

also it's sad you don't see the irony nigger coming here talking about hating on illegal activity and whiteknighting the shit out of chainlink. literally fuck off, that's what happens when some ground breaking tech comes out, alot of side markets grow on it chainlink is not an exception just ike with the internet or the newsgroups

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I'm not expecting much until either 2020 or 2024. Sergey knows memetics.

>> No.12475332

Again, 4chan is a legal website retard. Where the fuck do you think you are? You are some vid related newfag that thinks he is cool for finding this website. Linux is used by techfags and hobbyists nigger. That's the fucking point, you think you are cool but in the real world nobody cares and everyone uses Microsoft. If the network is some TRON esque "decentralize the web" faggotry say good fucking bye to all real money it is going to private chains. Go shove illegal usecase hype up your "gamers rise up" ass.


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holyy shiiett WHAT THE FUCK IS WEB3 partnering with chainlink? HELOOOOOOOOOO?

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Riddle anon here. Thanks for the heads up Ari. For other anons: "Song is in arms reach". Sergey, 100%, I want to believe. Steve, take a quack at it

>> No.12475561

I mean this Steve. Take a quack at it. - Riddle anon

>> No.12475563

>that ID

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Every pajeet partners with Chainlink because they need an oracle service retard, they are partnered with REQ for fucks sake. No investor with a brain wants illegal content clogging this thing up. You think the internet needs to be taken back from da joos. This is 4th industrial revolution, automation of banking and legal contracts, not for you to hype about selling your steam account without getting caught. Fuck off to TRON with it's bittorrent acquisition.

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vitalik is a fucking retard pedo

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we are way too early in this. get ready for the rides of your life.

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op, you just redpilled me on illegal markets. I thought I was redpilled, but no.
>You don't make money by doing illegal things, you make money by indirectly helping people doing illegal things in a legal innocent way

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Nice try but it's literally a scam and literally dumping right now... Eth can't scale and permissioned chains will just use their own centralized oracles... Linkies btfo

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Also Vitalik is balls deep in Chainlink. He promoted smartcontract in 2016, then in 2017 realised he had to fud them so as not to blow up the project.

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He ia only angry that Sergey moved to fast imo

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>You don't make money by doing illegal things, you make money by helping people doing illegal things in a legal innocent way

fixed it for you. welcome on the other side

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Are YOUR ducks in a row, frens?

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oops save this version

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Skelly is jelly that Sergey is about to dominate and overshadow ETH with LINK token

>> No.12477266

take this cookie sir good job

>> No.12477298

Sell the news.

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>One thing I don't quite understand:
>Why is it dumping then?
It's called a retracement. Natural cyclical nature of all markets, the eb and flow. When the price is pumping tho it creates vacuums in liquidity as the price rises and naturally the gaps in the books need to catch up and the price comes back down. Rinse and repeat. This is how traders make money. Up and down up and down. Or down and up down and up.

>> No.12477491

Got any links that expand upon this concept?

>> No.12477537

Link is down from $0,56 to $0,46

That does not seem like vacuum in liquidity, that sounds like dumping in a sense you go to the toilet and take huge shit and flush it, taking in consideration if your shit was metaphorical for the price

>> No.12477975

How many stinkies do have

>> No.12478023

Quality dot my nigga

>> No.12478865

volume is going down while price stays almost stable this is bullish actually

>> No.12478988

Eat your vegetables.

>> No.12479326

hmmmmmm no

>> No.12479985

please tell me you're trolling or 16 years old and you're not actually this retarded

>> No.12480005

Mid December bought Link for .20, a little over a month later it is at .47 plus. Only a moron would bitch about that type of gain, duh.