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Ari Juels blog post about Chainlinks acquisition of towncrier on Chainlink’s blog page.


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tell us more about his conspiracy side, anon. he does belong to a secret society, rite?

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Hello, Mr. Juels. Nice to see you contributing to Chainlink awareness. Can you keep it on the down low for longer, though?

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old news

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Lol yes the blog post written by Ari juels himself and released 5 minutes before this post is old news.

Fudders gonna fud

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>posted 14 minutes ago
>old news

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Based Ari, brainlets have absolutely no idea how big this is. I get sick to the stomach knowing that some redditors will get in on this early. Fuck

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Towncrier was acquired like months ago though.

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This is about the importance of trusted execution environments used with oracle's. Ita not strictly about the aqusition

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Chaddest guy in crypto

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The post is new, the news are old. Newfrens

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Ari Juels views on the future capabilities of the Chainlink network when utilizing towncrier, especially him giving specific examples is old news.

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you're along for the ride as much as everyone else you gatekeeping nigger. you have no right to think that way.

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fuck this boring ass thread go here >>>>12471716

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Why are you guys so dumb? Some redditors getting in early is better than no redditors getting in at all. They will sell at 10$-20$ at most.

I'd rather a bunch of redditors learn about it... get in.... and make 10-25x and then sell and see it go 1,000x and want to blow their head off with a shotgun....


Not hear about it at all and not buy and see it go 1000x but not really care because they had no way of knowing.

I'd much rather have not been in bitcoin and made zero dollars than be in bitcoin and make 10-20x and then see it fucking 3,000x or whatever it did

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fuck redditors pls fud and conceal link knowledge

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i never knew there was an official blog page. how old is it? seems like adalyn posted posts like 3 months ago, how come i never seen the blog page? it the blog page itself new?

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its new it has been officially released not so long ago there was posts on biz about it, I guess you just missed it, also by the looks of it you look like a cool guy that wants to stay updated, so I highly suggest you join this discord, Jonny and Thomas lurk here, and we have all the news instantly and we discuss stuff between linkies. it's chill af

heree >u96hphz

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This is too Pynchon for plebbit

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Is Ari lecturing this spring?

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This guy fucks!

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thank you marine. i am in.

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>Private computation: Consider a loan smart contract that needs to determine whether Alice is creditworthy according to some special formula F that’s proprietary to the contract creator. (For example, F might combine her bank account balance, the quality of her network of friends in social media, and her credit scores at the major bureaus.) There are potentially three critical types of confidentiality to be enforced in this example: (1) The credentials (e.g., passwords) Alice uses to log into websites with her data; (2) The credit-related data itself; and (3) The formula F, which the creator of the contract may wish to keep secret.

This part makes me half sick for knowing I'm going to get rich by betting on the orwellian world.

I'm not going to have kids and live like a king when I make it

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If not Juels, then some PR guy. Anyway, obvious that they visit /biz/

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It will always have a chance of a backdoor

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You are right. I didn't think the other anon was seeing it in this perspective.

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>They’ve even managed to get people to pay more for digital cats than the most expensive fur-and-blood exemplar (a handsome animal, unlike a CryptoKitty).
thats because people expected to sell them for higher price to a higher fool, both examples cannot be compared. it could have been even images of dogshit, if it was a ponzi on the rise people would buy it.

stopped reading here, obvious crypto shill post is obvious. fuck ari juels, fuck sergey, fuck rory, fuck satoshi, fuck vitalik, fuck joe lubin, fuck all of them. sage and reported

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this. cryptoniggers are the same as jews when it comes to be deceitful. hide all the truth just so they can get rich off their ponzi.
youre money is gone ponzitards. get back to the wage cage

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>I'd rather a bunch of redditors learn about it... get in.... and make 10-25x and then sell and see it go 1,000x and want to blow their head off with a shotgun....
We all wish for that...but redditors proved last year that they're greedy and they never sell or take profits and just want to 'hodl' forever... plus, once link takes off and they see all of the 1000eoy meme it'll tip them off to hodl even harder

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This thread is about Ari Juels' blog post you absolute morons.