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Comfy crypto stake thread. What are the odds within 3 years we can actually live the ultimate neet life through our crypto passive income? Link node, omg, neo, ont, ark, coss, nex. I won’t make it too much longer in the wagie work force boys. The dragnet is slowly closing in around me, I see more code than the matrix facade that was meant to veil my eyes these days. Oh yeah, almost forgot, a fat comfy stack of galaxy digital stock.

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Oh holy fuck look at those digits, kek wills me to be a comfy passive income neet. Praise him

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Dubs and i will become a successful NEET

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Not again....

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Based quads of passive income

NEETs shall inherit the Earth

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comfy thread is blessed my kek

personally i will be staking my Chainlink stack and living comfortably

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COSS will have some nice FSA income soon

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Isn't that just rent-seeking? The thing real crypto autists are working to eradicate?

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will digits confirm a hard working fruitful life

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Just hold on anon, if need be start a side operation.

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They had their fucking chance. The crypto revolution isn’t exactly happening slowly, when it inevitably blows up and we all own a percent of the protocols and networks that power the 4th industrial revolution, we’ll have earned it. I’ve stopped trying to make people open their eyes and see what’s going on behind the scenes, they’ll find out the hard way in a few years, and yes they’re the same retards who were buying in December 2017

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Thanks brother and to all of you wonderful neets who join me in solidarity. My contempt for the Jew man and normie society should provide me with enough fuel to hold out for 5 more years. If it hasn’t happened by then, I imagine most of us will probably just kill ourselves

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I mean, how can you be so comfy in the promises of passive income for doing nothing? Won't these protocols eventually be replaced by more efficient versions that don't need to pay nodes?

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read the damn white paper bruh

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nocoiner considering investing. since you are all optimistic please answer this question. what use cases are there for chainlink/ethereum once mainnet goes live?

Also what crypto are you guys investing? if i were to invest now i might pick chainlink for shits'n'giggles, but also btc because i think its the best crypto out there

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Posting here to be comfy kek

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COSSmonauts and Linkies will make it.

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i can tell you're underage, fuck off retard

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>hurr hurr why link good

fuck off nocoiner i can tell you dont have the guts to make it

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lurk more newfag.

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If you really think that’s the way the world works then I don’t think I can help you hippie.

>if we can just all use solar and wind power why isn’t everything free and I still have to pay for gas?