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Can any NEETs tell me the truth about what it’s like? How do you deal with your parents? Do you have friends? Give me the general gist of ur life

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How much LINK for her?

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am a neet not y choice.

When i lived home parents where a nightmare with good intensions. they want there kid to succedd i did not. I was sick they didnt know.

Now moved out a need alot. luckily for me I am able to keep myself occupied. those neets that can not degenerate at an incredibly fast pace
and there life gets ruined.

I have 3 very good friends. sivil enginering and other one is absurdly smart. last one is also sivil enginer.

the joke about wagecucking. is funny most people on welfare/neeting is not able to find something to fill there time with and, and degenrate at a fast pace.

I highly discurage anyone of neeting. it will be the end of you. maybe not now maybe not next year. but it will slowly eat away at you. until your an empty husk

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>Can any NEETs tell me the truth about what it’s like?
Feels empty
Like you'd been walking in a rout and the years passed real fast.
And your failures just keep piling up and haunting you wherever you go.
You keep thinking that you want to re-do the past and un-do your mistakes or make things better.
But then you keep slumping back to ole' habits and comfortzone

>How do you deal with your parents?
Talk to them and take care of them.
Drive them to where they want to be, help them with chores.
It is honestly all right.
That is until one of their relatives/friends come along and ask how I'm doing and lecture me on what I'm doin' with my life.
I had an old fogey came up to me and accuse me of living like a 'vagrant nigger' and 'momma's boy'
Their disappointment is the worst part and makes you want to An Hero every damn time.

Eventually parents just gave up lecturing me and focused on living the rest of their days.

>Do you have friends?
They all moved on.
I still talked to them wherever I get to meet them (By chance)
But these incidents get fewer and fewer as you grow older.
The best you can do is to keep busy.

>Give me the general gist of ur life
On loop each day you wake up like it's groundhog day

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Keep em coming boys, these threads keep me motivated to be the exact opposite

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Imagine those milkers bouncing in your face as she bounced on your lap... Wow. Why does my gf only have tiny tiddies

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>mfw my gf fractured her back from cheerleading and got a breast reduction because the weight from her huge melons was exacerbating the injury

They're like flapjacks now, fucking kill me

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Only good when they're young. Gravity always wins in the end

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What’s ur life story?

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I've been NEETing for a while now but I was always trying to do things and getting a job now, there were some shitty times but if I wake up early and keep doing shit it's pretty fun.
In my opinion it's only hard if you have no direction at all, it's alright otherwise

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>didnt have a job til 18, collecting carriages at a grocery store
>did that 6 months, then found an IT guy job at a real estate company
>found java developer internship at 20, WFH
>computer science degree at 22
>kept WFH job, but promoted to software engineer / team lead(had 6 direct reports)
>now 25, software engineer at another company
>asked boss for promotion to senior last week

In my free time I'm trying to either git gud at quant shit and just let the algorithms make me rich, or start my own SaaS company.

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schizo here I have no choice now

god bless the bongs for housing and bennies desu senpai

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>i take care of my parents THEY need ME
such a common and transparently fraudulent rationalization thats constantly used by vagrant niggers and mommas bots when called out on their shit

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Legit neet for like 5-10 years with only part time jobs. It seemed good while in it, but only after getting out of it I realize how much I wasted my 20s. SHould have just joined the military or joined eletrician apprecentiship, serious.

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I never thought for a second that they needed me lol
I just try and be helpful.
When I am gone for a month, I am gone for the month.
No one pays for my expenses and I pay the electric bills.
I'd been in every state and nothing beats home

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The military is good if you are able to land a scholarship and not in infantry.
If you are able to secure a trade in Mil-U, then you secured your future.

I wasted my youth in college doing jackshit and wasting money.
Flunked that and didn't get anything useful.

Got to my 'dream job' and managed to make a mess of that
Turned out I hated my dream job.
Everyday felt like dyin'

Went to the military (18-to-23)
Can't relate to any of the guys there, but still became bros
But really fucking hate the infantry life.
Finished my tour of duty with (probably chronic) back problems and knee pain.

Take up contract work as an admin clerk @ a SME doing spreadsheets and macros
Got fired when company defaults

Now living one contract at a time when the employment agency keeps passing me around like a softball.
Never had problems talking to girls but always had problems relating to them.
In the end, never even got intimate.

Guess I am a monk now

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I wake up, eat something, turn the pc on, then game, watch movies, waste time on 4chan and similar.
it's horrible, every day I go to sleep I despair at my life, but I have zero idea how to change it. I tried doing something, tried stimulants, everything worked only temporarily.
I could move out, but then I would just live alone and devoid of human contact. I can't see how that would be better.
>How do you deal with your parents?
they are unemployed (dad has a part time job but pays very poorly), I pay for everything, I bought the house. I'm their only source of income. I also have a cat.
>Do you have friends?
One, sort of. Only contact is online. I'm not a very social person. I feel bad being alone but human contact tires me out. I realize how contradictory this sounds.

If not for parents and cat I would kill myself. I should have never been born.

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These r all ducking depressing jesus

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>me, late 30s
>Degreed professional from about 26-36, making cash.
>Instead of trying to impress roasties, bought real estate and BTC (early 2017)
>Been NEET for over a year now.
>Net worth around half mil, so generally still poorfag.
>Life is the best its ever been.
>Wake up, exercise, dally in a few productive hobbies, spend the rest of the day smoking weed and playing vidya.

I feel so grateful that I managed to avoid all the landmines in life that are there to stop you from doing this. Roasties, child support, jail, materialism, lawsuits, and the least of all these, just regular old failure. The second you have two nickels to rub together, someone is out to take it from you. Stay safe brothers!

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spending time with thots all of my not

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>Wake up, exercise, dally in a few productive hobbies, spend the rest of the day smoking weed and playing vidya.
Tried that, got swole after a year but the vidya dries up after a while and I go back to MP Frozen Throne and/or Gmod/Tf2/Counterstrike.
Eventually got bored of the routine and went out after a year

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I never became a neet, but I worked low skills jobs for most of my 20s, the pay was decent, and I could pick whatever hours I wanted.

Now is getting harder, all the good guys I worked left for better place, and now all the places are filled with turbo cunts or basedboys, the kind of people who dont want to work hard and just want to asskiss the boss to get their way.

When my mother died she left two houses, one for me, one for my sister, I think I will sell my house, invest everything into municipal bounds, and retire, live in the basement of my sister house or whatever, I just cant deal with people anymore.

Its not the jobs, I dealt with worse things for less pay, its the people that make any work living hell.

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thank you /biz/ i teared up laughing at this

i haven't slept for like 2 months straight i take naps for a few hours then get back to life. anyway heres my routine, so i come home, load up music, take different drugs i take weed or alcohol, sometimes mdma, i dont do hard drugs but anyway i do those then zone out to music and browse the internet for the day then i go call up my niggas we either call women and go party or go to the studio take more drugs and im eating throughout the day, im awake all the time just trying to figure out my recipe for immortality. i have plenty of friends that knew me when i was poor so i know they real they dont hate on my success cause im showing them the way i hold the keys so it takes me no effort i just tell them help me in my project and ill turn the key.
so we all living like rich niggas telling stories to each other and shit. its the best life when i find my twin flame and i knwo its soon im gonna live even better and thats when i take my break ive been working to hard lately

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dont act like fuckers wouldnt live a neet lifestlyle if u had the literal midas touch. fuck a job i dont want to go into depression again

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>its the people that make any work living hell.
This make me miss my days @ the SME so badly.
The management there and the boss were the nicest and most understanding human beings that anyone could ever ask for (Legit).
But months of missed payments by a major cliente threw the whole company off-balance into the doghouse.
Now the boss works Uber. Last I heard he rented out his entire house just to sue those asswipes

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basically you get trapped, I was a neet for a few years after college and all I could do was play video games all day or watch anime, sometimes I would go for a walk around the block. Anything else cost too much money to be able to afford, I would say it was comfy for the first 3 months, then it got boring, then it turned into a cage I couldn't escape.

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>Can any NEETs tell me the truth about what it’s like?

It sit around on different imageboards the entire day. Then sometimes I trade shitcoins a bit and I go to the gym everyday. I play games or work on different projects of mine. I often feel depressed with nothing to do.

>How do you deal with your parents?

My dad kinda hates me, my mother often buys me food and drops it off at "our" apartment as an excuse to see me guilt trips me about children and not having a job.

>Do you have friends?

Yes, 4 close friends and lots of not so close friends with whom I go out every now and again. I also have a fiance.

>Give me the general gist of ur life

My fiance pays for everything she thinks I am late bloomer and will get my shit in order eventually. I dread the day I am old and not attractive anymore because I don't see how I can keep this up. My side GF buys me games and weed. I just sit around doing nothing most of the time I really, really want to stop procrastinating but I can't. 29 BTW.

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This is neetdom

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>not starting your SaaS app at 18 like I did and living your 20s with income on autopilot
Sorry you’re now one of the failures ITT by comparison.

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i help out a lot. in big ways too. support the family. in return i get a place for me and my bf to stay and i got some computer equipment from my mom to create algorythmic trading at. my while family is saving up money to fund my trading accounts. I offer them 2 years audited trade history, which i am making now to establish my strategy in diffent parts of the cycle. soon i will habe over 40,000 euros to play with. i work 15-20 hour days fine tuning the stratagy back and forth testing. a and b optomizing and sometimes make a trade or two during the day. mostly studieng and practicing programming

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the neets that degenerate have no dicipline. the ones that have some can blossom into incredible people. the key is drive and fullfilling interests. if you recommend wageslaving over neeting you are a serious normalfaggot. dont you have anything that drives you to work on your OWN projects, everyday? you really want to do someone elses work, not your own? this post made me feel sad for you. wageslaving bettter than freedom just because you dont know what to do with yourself.

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am not talking about myself am talking about being a neet in general.

I draw everyday and read books and help out setting up servers.

I was in a neet village per say and that was the stat of the neets. midlesly waisting away.

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I was mental asylym schizoid. and I disucrage the waist majority from neeting. as they will not be able to do anything with there free time

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i havent ever felt suicidal, probably never will. jokes on you

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I wish for death daily. It wasn't supposed to be like this.

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Is this peak slampig?

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This was my life for the last year. Being a neet is absolutely awful. I recently escaped it and my life is already a lot better. You need some responsibility, anon. Commit to something, be it school or a job, that makes you get out of bed and do something useful every day.

I used to work as a researcher for 2 bucks an hour and looking back it was the best time in my life. It was a lot of work for no pay, but it game me a huge amount of responsibility and almost complete autonomy on how I completed it. My contract ended and I didn't renew after I was making bank trading crypto and that made me almost kill myself

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>Feels empty
>Like you'd been walking in a rout and the years passed real fast.
>And your failures just keep piling up and haunting you wherever you go.
>You keep thinking that you want to re-do the past and un-do your mistakes or make things better.
>But then you keep slumping back to ole' habits and comfortzone

I already felt that shit while working my last job as a software developer, what the fuck.

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i like that song :)

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Same lol. The only difference there is you have all the extra work stress on top of that. I like the NEET life way more desu but it's definitely not for everyone.

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This. I've actually wageslaved for 10 years and worked myself into NEEThood. I value my time and I'm spending my newfound freedom and time traveling, studying, working out, making healthy meals, visiting frens that I haven't seen in years, etc.
Being a NEET is freedom. Use your freedom wisely.

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>had no choice

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Bump fro interesting

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boosting this thread

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I dream of this.

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yeah at some point one's body gets overly comfortable and accepting of the cycle and habits and even though your mind is screaming to move on to something else you're also conscious of the fact that you're so underqualified compared to your peers and the doubt sets in and the longer you stay in NEEThood the scarier it gets.
everyone here please heed my advice and keep the ball rolling!

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try to 1cc some cave shmups

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It's all good and fun, besides that niggling feeling that time is catching up with you and that life's moving on.
I want to get a job but I can't get anything decent because im not qualified, seems like im stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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I NEETed for about half a year. I enjoyed it a lot. It was one of the best times of my life. I would go to the gym everyday and go get training courses for software important to my profession in the weekends. I dropped it after a few months. The problem with NEETing is that time passes while you're doing it. This means you're falling behind in your line of work. In essence, the best way to NEET is to have your own successful business. That would be paradise for me.

Also I don't understand all the people who feel "trapped" by it. Just stop NEETing? LOL

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>Can any NEETs tell me the truth about what it’s like?
Comfy, when you don't have to work, 99,99% you're set.
>How do you deal with your parents?
Divorced parents, my mom knows I have a shit load of free time so she asks me to give her a ride when she needs to go somewhere (she has no driving license)
>Do you have friends?
Honestly I lost most of my contacts after college, but I don't give a fuck honestly, I don't feel alone. I don't feel the need of friends.
It's cringy but I have some online "single serving friends", when I feel bored I interact with you retards or other online interactions.

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This. This is the life we chose.

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I can smell you

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>Can any NEETs tell me the truth about what it’s like?
I love it
>How do you deal with your parents?
Single parent, no problems with them
>Do you have friends?
I went no contact with all "friends" many years ago. They were all potheads at minimum
>Give me the general gist of ur life
I cook and exercise. I take care of my dog. I'm super comfy.

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Went out where?

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>Can any NEETs tell me the truth about what it’s like?
Started off pretty damn awesome. Had the time of my life but most people around me slowly left, including my fiance at the time. The freedom is amazing but unless you're set for life everything slowly fades and you're left alone most of the time. Depressed and lonely. The appeal of literally having nothing to do gets old after a while too.

>How do you deal with your parents? Do you have friends? Give me the general gist of ur life.

My parents bought me a house and pay every bill so I dont deal with them much, just going to visit for holidays and to help them around their house since theyre older.

>Do you have friends?
I had plenty, now I'm mostly alone. I've been working on myself and trying to get back out there to make friendships and start dating again. When my fiance left it crushed me mentally and I'm just now getting to the point I want to interact with people again.

>Gist of my daily life.
Gym 5 times a week, read 2 books a week, play violin, play Overwatch, smoke weed, manage my stocks and crypto, detailing my cars to make time pass, then on to anime, 4chan, and general degeneracy. I spend way too much time stalking my ex since her marriage is failing and I want to take advantage of that but im a pussy.

Its fun for a while, Anon, but your life quickly turns to shit. Id start over as a wage slave if I could go back.

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>What it’s like?
I like to be alone and comfy without a stressful lifestyle so it's perfect for me. I have peculiar hobbies and interests so I don't get bored. If I get bored or depressed it's not because of being a neet. I was also bored and depressed even when I wasn't one anyway

>How do you deal with your parents?
They are supportive and even offer me some money if I go out. They just worry about my future because they know they won't be here forever though. They also think it's temporary which honestly might be, depends on crypto and a bunch of other things

>Do you have friends?
Yes, only 1 irl friends who I hang out now and then (met him when I was studying) and a bunch of online friends who I haven't talked to in a long time, that's enough for me

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How do you go directly from grocery carts to IT?

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>Be a NEET for like 7 months
>End up doing all the housework because I'm always the only one home until around 7PM, usually make the house spotless
>Finally get a job, I work 6 days a week for about 9 hours a day on second shift usually until midnight or 1 AM
>Come home to a fucking disaster of a home that no one knows how to properly clean, and then get shit on for not helping enough despite being the busiest one in the family while my sister and dad have many hours and off days in the evening to pitch in at least a little bit
Anon, sometimes it's not a meme. Sometimes parents actually do need their children for things like that and literally can't comprehend how to live without them. I hope this is just temporary, because I dread the day I move out and they become fucking hoarders.

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我是 half-neet.

Finny you mentioned cleaning. For a while while NEETing, I started to maintain my parents' house. Even cleaned up after my younger brother.

fast forward to now and I left my job to focus on taking two classes. In the meanwhile, I live a NEET lifestyle. Parent help out financially, so I'm back to helping them out a bit along with helping my younger brother become more self-reliant. He's a bit a NEET himself.

Considering how to help my older sister who is a single mom. Considering bringing some of her kids to the gym with me at least once a week to help them out and be a good uncle. Her live in bf is an alcoholic NEET from a rich family who sleeps all day. Guy is depressed and often makes short term choices, but that's depression for you. I guess he provides some level of affection for my sister. Spends a lot of the day in bed sleeping or in bed watching Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.

Also, therapy is helpful. Gonna talk to my therapist about being a NEET among other things this week.

When in full blown NEETdom without any focus (no hobbies, exercise, too much weed and vidya), it becomes depressing. Hard to escape as depression can be comfortable in a weird way.

Ultimately, a purpose filled life with NEET undertones would be nice. Like an Anon above said, freedom is precious and time can easily slip away.

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Define "NEET".

There's a funny "competition" on /r9k/ of my national image board about who's really a true NEET and who's just a failed normie.

Here are the rules:

If you go to school, uni, etc., you're not a NEET
If you go to work, you're not a NEET
If you have friends, you're not a NEET
If you have a car or a driver's licence, you're not a NEET
If you go to the gym, you're not a NEET
If you participate in government sponsored social projects, you're not a NEET
If you went to the army, you're not a NEET

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Have gf and a few friends. Try to avoid parents at all costs.

>> No.12452611

My life is pretty much like Elliot's at the start of season 2 of mr robot (minus seeing someone who isn't there).

>> No.12452620

You're not a NEET if you have a GF. You're going to be dumped soon enough and will be though.

>> No.12452655

The acronym is how I define it:
Not Employed, in Education or Training.

Originally a Japanese term and not a 4chan exclusive term, so applicable to normies too.

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welcome_to_the_N.H.K. - This manga/animu well defines a typical NEET in my opinion.

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Sunday nights and Monday mornings are really a great place anon

>> No.12452823

>If you have a car or a driver's licence, you're not a NEET
>If you go to the gym, you're not a NEET
these two are retarded, I used to go to the gym while NEET (still NEET just even less motivation to do shit)

>> No.12452876

This guys right.

I have a car and licence and go to the gym, yet im sill unemployed live at home no girlfriend no life ect.

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>> No.12452931

It’s originally a UK term not Japanese.

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I guess you lost the competition then, normies.

>> No.12452977

>Its not the jobs, I dealt with worse things for less pay, its the people that make any work living hell.
This. Also the fact that most jobs can be completed in 2-4 hours yet you're stuck for 8 hours in the office. I used to work at a job which had zero people on site. Naturally I would leave earlier. Was a damn good job and didn't feel like slavery at all. People are just disgusting beings especially in the work environment.

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you're not a real NEET if you have not streamed your suicide
just bee yourself, kill yourself

>> No.12453037

My apology on that. I stand corrected.

>> No.12453104

Cry every day because I don't know what's wrong with me. I guess I'm just lazy. Wish I had the "get-up-and-go" to just do it. Also wish I was just tougher in general and not such a wimp. Wish I could just get a job, have a real life, be a grown up I guess...
I don't know why it's so hard. I just avoid life and responsibility. I feel guilty. I wish I was a better person. I can't blame anyone but myself, but I do know I was given far too much slack and not enough discipline by my parents.
Life sucks, it's my fault, but I know there's no way I'm going to amount to anything anytime soon. Not a happy place to be.

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True NEET wouldn't stream their suicide, they know that nobody is interested and besides they'd probably fuck it up somehow with all the pressure coming from the stream viewers. Hell, nobody wouldn't even notice that he's dead until his landlord comes in with an eviction note.

>> No.12453342

because LARP silly

>> No.12453366

Basically my wife when I married her except bigger tits. Wanna guess how fat she is now?

>> No.12453411

Post a pic

>> No.12453413

very much?

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please do show us

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do you still have sex? can you get your dick hard with her? do you think of someone else while you fuck her?

>> No.12453551

Post tits, are the brappers still great?

>> No.12453610

looks like she has massive tits tho

>> No.12453624

>This fucker literally
>reffered the shady anon on binance
>https :/ / ww w. binance. com/ ? ref =3 6244789

>> No.12453625

Yes and she still swallows. Eh sometimes I think of other women I guess. I think that's common. Especially when married.
No more pics

>> No.12453636

Yeah I meant my wife has/had bigger tits. She was a freak of nature.

>> No.12453655

I didnt choose the NEET life the NEET life chose me. I just want to go to bed at 5 pm and go to the gym at 4am while buying high and selling low and shitposting about link

>> No.12453677

Oh well. Atleast she knows how to please

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>tfw this would be me if I had sold exactly 1 year ago

>> No.12453895

looks like a fucking hog anon. take her for a rodeo ride

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ok real talk
>Can any NEETs tell me the truth about what it’s like?
Have to set daily goals within a budget of zero income, cooking, working out, self training, job skills, and job applications.
>How do you deal with your parents?
Realize they are people just like yourself. Keep a positive attitude and show them the progress being made every day. Repair things at the home as they break help with errands and chores so they don't feel burdened by their adult child who is unemployed.
>Do you have friends?
Yes I throw a once a month get together using clipped coupons to get pizza or foods and potluck style vidya night
>Give me the general gist of ur life.
fuck waitin for you to get it on ya own X gon deliver it to ya~ (WOO!)
I go to bed at 7pm est and wake up at 4am start doing calisthenics cook 5 eggs for bfast watch the money news station see whats up change my shorts etc. 9am-5pm self training on law education/unemployment center events. once a month meet friends at their nice gyms for guest pass. check Craigslist for oddjobs to fund online degree from university (only 9 more credits and im a big boi). File for fafsa every season. 5pm rolls around start winding down shitposting and getting ready to do my best again tomorrow.

>> No.12453980
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they really let themselves go after marriage

>> No.12454024

I'm gonna bbn have to pass on that dawg. That looks like a tiresome and dull way to live. Minus the traveling that is, that's always fun.

>> No.12454046
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For me. It depends. There are fat women with cute faces and I get diamonds about stuffing them. It’s so rare though. I would say they only make up .05% of the population.

>> No.12454060

crypto gains?

>> No.12454108

how is that fair to your sister? by that logic she should sell her house and live with you. That way she would have the money and no financial responsibility

>> No.12454135

what the fuck are you talking about? And good luck taking mdma more than 4 times a year for any extended period of time.

>> No.12454149

sounds like a divorce waiting to happen. If you cant do it for yourself do it for her you slug

>> No.12454161


>> No.12454236
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proud of you anon

>> No.12454304

We already know you're a nigger. I'm honored by your attention though desu

>> No.12454306


>> No.12454311

how bout

>> No.12454317

you lurk

>> No.12454321

a bit more

>> No.12454326

this is not fucking reddit

>> No.12454339



>> No.12454352 [DELETED] 


>> No.12454376

deluded whitey

>> No.12454393

ha howd you do that

>> No.12454398
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how the fuck is this thread a day old and no cows posted?

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>> No.12454426

I think wagies really underestimate their freedom. Like unironically without memeing, I don't think most people value what it actually means to have proper Independence from any type of outcome.
Maybe you need to get financial independence before you feel this way like myself, otherwise those who say "I was a neet for a month/year and almost killed myself" really have a lot of self issues that prevents them from taking in the freedom and living it.
There's a million projects and hobbies you can do that will occupy all your time. If you do them and still aren't happy and depressed than you may not really be enjoying that hobby on a deeper level and may need to do something else, or the problem is more personal with you and not with the neet lifestyle.
If you're honestly happy with being a wagie (I know some anons are) good for you, really; but don't put down being a self developing neet just because you can't grasp the power behind it or haven't experienced it yourself. Lazy and miserable neets are not productive and self sufficient neets. Don't project your cope mateys.

>> No.12454788

I miss krautchan

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