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This kills the scammer and shill

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Just swing trade it, it’s ez

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finally i can see some legit post.

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Almost 40 threads hidden with this, but several that evade still up (ex: chailink)

Do the right thing anons.

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But also this

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looking away doesnt stop the moon stinker

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You're going to miss quite a few BTC threads later this year with the $1000 EOY filter.

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This regularly filters out between, I'd say, 50-70 threads. In the end it helps, but the crypto cancer is still strong in what's left over. God, I hate the zoomers and their naive believes in this ludicrous bullshit get-rich-quick-schemes.

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What the fuck man, you went full boomer.

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It's called self preservation and as you can see by the scores it works. Actually do not feel to boomerish myself even though I'm 38.

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>filtering schlops
gtfo the board

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No, fuck you, leave and never come back. Fucking idiot liking those brainless spamming a once useful board.

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Let me guess you buy stocks, 401k, IRA and wage slave

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Let me reply in an exact way:

>buy stocks

Yes, but mostly I trade futures.


No, German fag here. I do take care for my retirement shit myself.


I scam the state wherever I can, my friend. If you'd know...

>wage slave

Currently neet and enjoying the fuck out of it.

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You're playing yourself.

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Just curious, how exactly would I play myself? I sense some zoomer-logic there...

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By denying yourself opportunities to make money. I'm no zoomer.

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It's like 50% of of the board... how do the government allow this to happen???

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you are deluded fren.

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Ok....enlighten me: How do I rob myself making money?

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By denying yourself the opportunity to make more. If you weren't so proud it'd be very obvious.

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zoomer-logic at its best...I'm in awe.>>12447210

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You're literally just a prideful Gerry. Enjoy the next couple of years :).

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When you're 18 and know shit, that's probably an option to see crypto as an opportunity to make quick money, yes. And, well, the scam worked out well for some few individuals. But I fail to see where there are opportunities in the future, BEFORE any of these snake-oil-merchants has proven (=/= claimed to have), any meaningful application of the blockchain. By now, with all what we know about it, it is simply a scam used by ruthless people to draw money into their snake-oil-farms. In the end, it's not the sheep that will get cashed out.

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Quick? Ahem bull runs were every 2-3 years or so.

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>no skycoin filter

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>be OP
>filter all LINK threads, browse /biz/ free of 'deluded linkies', discuss business ideas, invest in boomer stocks and bonds
>fast forward to 2020
>'let's remove these filters to see if those annoying LINKers have fucked off'
>see hundreds of threads with timestamps of enormous mansions, hypercars and beautiful models
>quickly goes to binance... checks price.... 1 LINK = $1200.00
>necks self immediately

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you typed all that shill, kek