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The greatest lie 4chan and, more specifically, biz ever pulled off was convincing the world that Chainlink was meme; and that meme became the meme deterrant designed to ward off people who don't deserve what's to unfold for us.

Chainlink was introduced to the world prior to the maniacal crypto bubble of late 2017/early '8 and remained stealth, up until recently.

This is going to take a lot to process but the joke has been on you nolinkers all along.

We've accumulated with iron hands and threw you off the scent with our understanding of FUD.

We've done this all along to you.

And guess what?

It's been designed this way all along. Anyone with an IQ would have loaded up on this token even as a mere economic thought experiment.

The fun part comes when it's realized this was one of 4chan's greatest success stories.

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you're not even from here, fruitcup. save the gay pontificating for your diary.

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Never going to buy chainlink. No matter how much you shills spam this scam, never buying it

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The funny part is when discord faggots who use reddit spacing, who have been proved over and over and over again to have no effect on the market, come to gloat about and take credit for something that oldfags found for them and spoonfed to them.

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no matter how hard they try it will always be forced and unfunny
i downloaded a plugin recently to switch out mentions of LINK for AIDS just on /biz/. it makes the forced cancer much funnier

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pic related is my filter

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I must've triggered a no-linkers concept of reality. Do you feel like I fucked your wife or something? You sound like a cuck.

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The attention isn't to affect the price brainlet and this post should have no affect in price whatsoever.

It's to let those who have ears to understand and brains to use to become aware and use their eyes to see the new reality for the world that is in front of you today.

In one year, our world and how we see it will be drastically transformed.

The invitation to enter this new world will remain open for a small time. Let those who have ears to hear the call to action take heed.

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i can tell youre a triggered larping faggot immediately because a heterosexual linkie is like a zebra with gills

i will never buy. enjoy reveling in your failed heavens gate-tier cult. 1k eoy!! right?

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>all in on an ERC20 token
whew lad

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how many linkies, o master, must i achieve? what will the price be in 1 year

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as mentioned by thomas in one of his first videos on his youtube channel, he explains how chainlink is made for enterprises, specific category being B2B(business to business). That means retail investors like you and I dont matter when it comes to chainlink being succesful or not. If you read the whitepaper, you should be able to determine that the use of chainlink network by these gaint enterprises is all thats needed to propel the tokens value. You are actually hurting the network, congesting it with retail use if you shill to the normal joe. The real people you should be shilling is to developers. They are the ones that can create applications using chainlink, not joe shmoe. Are you starting to understand why its important that we let enterprises raise the token value first and than shill later and let pleddit buy our bags at $1000? Ive never been so genuine when I say you are a complete retard if you start shilling link right now, please stop being oblivious and ignorant and really grasp the idea im throwing at you. Also just in case you are a moron that doesn't know how Link works. The whole 1k EOY thing is because once mainnet is out, the network usage itself will drive the price up because Link is required to be purchased to use it. So Link can have it's mainnet launched, and go to 1k without anyone ever knowing about it or hyping it. No need to shill.
If you do shill, you are actually shooting yourself in the foot. Best thing to do is shut up and accumulate more. 1k is fucking guaranteed by mainnet usage alone, don't need anyone else to buy for it to go up. People trying to shill this are just showing they don't know how Link really works. The more you know about Link, the less you want to shill it. this is what these fucking faggots dont understand.

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My favorite pasta.

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That’s the redditest thing I have seen this year.

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>reddit-tier hivemind accuses anyone who doesn't conform to their failed eoy 2018 cult as reddit
64 cents nyd 2018, 29 cents eoy 2018
for all time and effort you spent shoving this shit down everyone's throats, it was 29 cents eoy

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