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Any programmers here who have insight about which crypto coins are the most legit?

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Stay away from anything else.

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would like to know too

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not a programmer or a cryptographer, but spent a lot of time reading. monero, ethereum, and bitcoin are all that really matter.

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ETH, everything else is vaporware

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You don't need to be a programmer to know that. Just look at the projects that are active and have a decent-sized community.

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it's not enough to be a programmer to understand crypto.
it's not enough to be an economist to understand crypto.
it's not enough to be a politician to understand crypto.
it's not enough to be an enterpreneur to understand crypto.
it's not enough to be a scam to understand crypto.
it is never enough. you can estimate, but you can't tell for sure longterm. you seriously need above average iq in order to judge.
good tech might not get enough community support, bad tech might get a lot of it. good tech might never find usecases, average tech might already be used.
this shit is random, zero-scam game.

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ETH sphincters are tighter than ever as
>desperation intensifies

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ETH is the only thing that is discussed seriously by devs

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>any economists here who have insight into which companies are legit?

fucking idiot

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Eth has tons of tools that make it better to develop for. Stuff like Eos and Tron have nothing in the way of that.

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Sr. developer and shitcoin holder here
- Ethereum
- Chainlink

Have the most to offer in terms of technical quality

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do economists no how to create a functioning business? no you imbecile

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Stick to Eth. Thank us later

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I guess you think EOS is legit.

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Watching ODN and ODIN currently.

Obsidian could be a good play in the short term as they finally got shit together and released their OSM (Obsidian Secure Messenger) after starting again from scratch...

Long term ODIN would be a safer bet as everything is going to move over to ODIN this year and year's ahead.

ODIN will begin to work on service nodes copying the same infrastructure their Masternode system has and adding on to it. Their service nodes will help with decentralizing the forked OSM codebase as well as other apps that will be part of their network of privacy focused consumer applications.

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All the other coins are Ponzi’s.
ETH is not a currency and Monero (and ETH too) has infinite supply.

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dunning kruger: the post

being a programmer has absolutely NOTHING to do with recognizing good projects.

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Amazon SDE reporting in.

Everything aside from BTC is shit.

What legitimizes a currency? Usage.
What market has the most need for these alternative currencies? The black market.
For proper due diligence, go check out all the silk road onion sites that are up and see what currencies they use the most.

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t. programmer

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Economists know that fucking with immigration too much ruins the productive capacity of the business called America

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>For proper due diligence, go check out all the silk road onion sites that are up and see what currencies they use the most.

Monero right?

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EOS, definitely not ETH

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Pathetic bag holder. Muh secure messenger

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Surprised nobody mentioned ZCoin. Though I do agree strongly with ETH.

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Correct. I am a big fan of privacy coins, only because I know they have a real use case by criminals.

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Liberty, Freedom, and Mobility


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It's not just about "muh secure messenger" it's about adoption.

We can make all these scam projects till the world ends but if we really want to see cryptocurrencies or conventions take form there has to be adoption.

We're starting to see big businesses spend time and money working with crypto or blockchain "DLT" but we're not seeing general adoption yet.

This is because most blockchain fundamentals are just over the head of "normies" what Obsidian wanted to originally create was consumer focused applications that utilized DLT concepts. Unfortunately there was so much drama and bad developers that the oath to that was blocked and only now is finally clearing up.

They're delivering the OSM as what was promised and carrying onward with ODIN so there is no more dead weight from the Obsidian days.

I've definitely timed and sold profits for Obsidian in the day but bought back after I started following their plan going forwards and I want to support projects that are for that consumer market.

Most cryptocurrencies right now are either a betting platform, which ones are actually making applications? Those are the ones to be watching and supporting. Not some ERCHOT token21.

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Bitcoin is a relic and the only people developing cryptocurrency technology are involved with ETH.

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>which crypto coins are the most legit?
The PoW ones

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I find XNV Nerva very interesting. Privacy coin with unique emissions and the best mining concept to bring fresh people in to the space.

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Pretty much this. Some under the radar ones are Masari, Nerva, Actinium and Mynt.

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ETH and LINK is all that's needed for adoption

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Is ethereum mismanaged shit with horrible delays? Yes.
Is everything else a joke compared to it? Yes.

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Nerva is excellent. I hear this is due a new listing soon, they certainly deserve one.

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I'm a programmer but not a blockchain guy. AWS shows me Ethereum smart contract stuff, so I guess it probably has some potential. The problem is BTC and the indirect dependency. I think the market is doomed for years. It might get even worse when people get bored of holding bags.

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if you think that torrents and blockchain have a future. It's the only project I know of that has a working application. Definitely not for everyone since some people think that nobody will ever pay for torrents.

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NGR (niggercoin)

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Aside from ETH
Above average active community. With a decentralised delegate system that incentivises and encourages involvement
Consistently builds & updates good products.

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Get on IRC and lurk

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By that I mean get to know the developers or immediate community. Deception is a long game and some try to keep up an "image". But it's usually pretty fucking obvious especially if there's a fuckton of drama, circlejerking, or overly confident mindset in the whole community.

Looking through GitHub can be useful as well even if you aren't a programmer. Seeing the admin reactions or browsing their other repos/content. Same goes for social media. The shitbags will TRY to shame nonprogrammers to pretend they're all c y b e r and it's super cringey.

Basically if someone flips out about questions or change or if there's a ringleader, some dude that's commanding a "vision" or "vibe", it's. lol

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Turtle Coin is one of the few coins that actually have anyone working on the coin.

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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink, Obitan Chain, and Holo.

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eos is also pretty cool at creating dapps but its a shame dpos is so centralised

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also dero looks good too

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software engineer here

Beam and Radix

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Unironically DCR. Their code is clean af

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Most legit programmers don't spend time looking at other people's code.
That's why open source software sucks so bad.

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AION is in a league of its own with their Java Virtual Machine implementation. Great stuff.

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>tfw you can code robots to do jobs for money
>tfw you can become top 1000 RLC holder with 1000$ right now
>tfw RLC is under ICO

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this desperate shilling is scary

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Not a single itt knows solidity. I can feel it.
Link is the only project that excites me in this space and legitimately the only project I cannot wait to build dApps from.

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DERO has the most impressive tech of all coins.

They have done more in 1 year with no ICO money then almost any other project.

51% attach ressitant
Blockchain & DAG combined tech
first to have bulletproofs
first to have working private smart contracts
The dev is anonymous but the community all suspect he is a legacy player. Him and his team.
I could go on and on but DYOR.

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it's really hilarious no one has said ADA

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>ETH is the only thing that is discussed seriously by devs

And EOS (whether you want to admit it or not)

Bancor is a good example.

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The best thing to do OP is ignore most of the retards on here shilling garbage. Search for dapps and look for coins that have a dapp you actually think is useful. Social media, games or stable coins or things of that nature are some examples.

Examine those dapps on an individual basis. That will actually answer your question. Also keep in mind that there are a lot of people extremely worried about how dapps will effect the ecosystem. Crypto social media is uncensorable which means many people are going to be determined to convince you its a scam. The reality is that due to the fact that you cant censor or ban users in crypto its going to eventually become the standard for social media whether you want it to or not. People are absolutely fucking sick of censorship these days. This fact scares the fuck out of a lot of people. Those people are absolutely fucking determined to convince you to ignore the entire space if possible. (((They))) are going to respond to this post saying that dapps are a scam and Bitcoin is the only thing to pay attention to. Which is funny because Bitcoin is a dapp. The lightning network is also a dapp. kek

Some dapps

Maker Dai - The best stablecoin on the market

Bancor - Decentralized permissionless way to trade ETH and EOS tokens

NewDex - Decentralized exchange on EOS

EOSKnights - The first proper clear cut example of the modern crypto profit model in action. (This is damn near history in the making as its the first game of its kind)

Steemit - The first real social media example on crypto.

Busy - a better version of steemit.

Novusphere - a better implementation of social media (probably the best example so far but still in its early stages.)

Memo - Social media on BCH

Leeroy - Twitter on ETH

DTube - Youtube using proper IPFS implimentation on the blockchain

The list goes on.
It appears right now that EOS, ETH TRX and Neo have the most useable dapps right now.

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Ecaf is being voted out.

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Why would a programmer know? It is all about Marketing... look at all the Copy and Paste Coins that are doing well...

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>The best thing to do OP is ignore most of the retards on here shilling garbage
>proceeds to shill a bunch of garbage

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I dont believe that a competent employed dev would be interested in holo. You're larping.

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> nervous laughter

All I did was suggest some things to look at. Man that got your panties twisted though. This is basically exactly my point OP. This space is saturated with bullshit. The best that you can hope for is to examine and research things. You wont get actual answers from anyone here outside of suggestions.

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Privacy coins are needed for honest people too. Its eventually going to be the only way content creators can cash out.

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idex and waves exist
EOS is centralized, kys
fucking piece of shit
a better version of shit, cool
>another pointless shit on eos
>pointless shit
eth is not up too speed to house social media until sharting, fuck off
>media services on blockchain
this is old as shit and everybody knows that doesn't work, kys

stop shilling useless shit, you literally have not fucking clue and only added maker because IT DID 50X OH GOD

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well btcp got some issues, but its fixing itself, some hacker disguised himself as one of the devs. produced many illegitimate coins, but the dev closed trading for now, and doing investigation, perfect to mine or invest.

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>some hacker disguised himself as one of the devs. produced many illegitimate coins
Nigger they were alk in on it. Why do you think they were so vague and weird about the coin burn? Because they knew as soon as anyone looks closely at the supply they are FUCKED

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o hai, I've been a software developer for 6 years

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Any coin written in Visual Basic or Logo is legit

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I’ve been a dev since 1996

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yeah it is

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People have been saying this since ETH has become a token.

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developers only care about bitcoin (once we see some progress on second layers outside of lightning, then it becomes more interestng) and ethereum.

nobody is interested in other payment coins for obvious reasons, there's no development there. for alt-platforms it's a similar story, because none of them have any compelling reason to get developers to leave the (relatively) huge and active community of ethereum, to go and try and get something thats either only incrementally better, or doing something that ethereum (says it) will have done sometime this year.

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its the same late adopter perspective you see everywhere, but in different forms.

the assumption is that somehow the coins before are now obsolete or meaningless, and yet the coins after won't obsolete or make meaningless the random token they care about, when the fact is its the first coin to appear at the right time that ends up winning regardless, as as been the case every time.

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Gold has an infinite supply. Land has an infinite supply. BTC will probably fail once its block reward is gone. You dumb niggers never consider that when you talk about how it has been around the longest.

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>stop shilling useless shit

hmm none of the shit you shilled does anything though. At least the stuff I mentioned is functional and useful.

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bitcoin is more legit though, but not from a software development perspective.
the best developer team by far is ETHs'

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>BTC will probably fail once its block reward is gone.

You'll be long dead before that.

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Anyone claiming EOS is centralized disqualifies themselves from actual discussion on the topic. They basically spent too much time on reddit and suffer from massive brain rot.

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>developers only care about bitcoin

Cant really do anything with it. And its second layer solutions are not useful either. LN is less than useful as its actually destructive.

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2019 is going to be fucking awesome for ODIN

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Implying <0.001btc is a real block reward

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Which irc server / channels?

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You mean cryptologists retard. No pajeet tier codemonkey has any decent education in encryption

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unironically Ethereum

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ark is a dead meme anon. have to move on from 2017 sometime

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I'm a programmer & an applied mathematician. My advice is to stay away from cryptocurrencies because they are zero sum games at their best and scams at their worst.

They aren't like stocks which actually make profits that they can eventually pump back to stockholders through dividends or buybacks. They're just a set of tokens, except that they use a horribly rube-goldbergish algorithm to implement it compared to a traditional banking system based on trust.

If you want something risky that might get you rich in a few years, I suggest Nvidia stock.

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It does tough.

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>public knowledge, non anon, non confidential, non obfuscating, non untraceable mess of a blockchain
>MVM is not beyond Turing Completeness
Methereum is done for, privacy contracts is the future. Listen to Nick Szabo

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Sure you are, Tyrone.

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i was believing the people ITT until i saw this post. fucking pathetic i fucking hate you ODN one of the biggest of the scams from 2017

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Not a single mention of XLM, what the fuck

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>Nvidia stock
>he bought the top
Just what I'd expect from an XDBTQ+ reader

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eth btc and dogecoin