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>$68.5 billion

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Imagine the smell

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That's how you do a partnership with amazon

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in some areas, a gun is like 50 dollars

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La Creatura

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The more I look at her the more she seems to have Bog genes.

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Amazon never was worth it anyway. The p/e was 200 or so. It's a healthy correction. You can tell from Jeff's face he's a farmer / redneck prototype who isn't made to be rich.

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>His allegedly raunchy text messages to Sanchez, who is married to Hollywood mega agent Patrick Whitesell and has three children (two with him and one from a previous relationship with an NFL star), date back to April.

>In one, he reportedly told the 49-year-old: 'I love you, alive girl. I will show you with my body, and my lips and my eyes, very soon.'

>In another, the magazine claims he said: 'I want to smell you, I want to breathe you in. I want to hold you tight.… I want to kiss your lips…. I love you. I am in love with you.'


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she has barely even started taking the bogpills too, but wtf is up with that upper lip

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How many BBBBBRAAAAAPPPSS and PPPPFFFFFTTTSS has he sniffed directly from her butthole

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What an absolute faggot

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Looks like a Bogdanoff

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His allegedly raunchy text messages to Sanchez, who is married to Hollywood mega agent Patrick Whitesell and has three children (two with him and one from a previous relationship with an NFL star), date back to April.
>NFL star = Nigger. She has a half nigger kid.
Bezos is infuckingsane - he ditched the bitch now is the time to fill the harem! No one over 30 allowed.

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A lot anon. A lot...

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>Even the richest man in the world is going to have a wife's black son

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The NFL Star was Tony Gonzalez. She's been pairing down in terms of attractiveness but up in wealth.

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>So, Jeff, I hear that you are quite the brap-trap connoisseur... how's Grichka doing?

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>So, Jeff, I hear that you are quite the brap-trap connoisseur... how's Grichka doing?

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It's absurd that ANYONE has this much wealth.

Capitalist entitlement:

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>has this much wealth
That money didn't magically appear in his bank account. He made it.

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>he made it

He didn't make it. Workers did. Watch the video.

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Too many to doubt he was even alive.

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If the workers are so smart, why did they need Bezos to start the company?

He made the company and made the decisions that lead to Amazon's wealth.

The workers are little better than mindless drones just there to earn a salary.

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Again, watch the video. It will answer literally every capitalist talking point.

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So owner of one of the tech giants gets caught because he is tech illiterate ? Are people really buying this ?

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>Not understanding market cap
That mony unironically never touched his account.

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The reason you should never marry a woman especially if you are a cheater

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It is misleading and bogus, he is talking about Bezos wealth as though it exists in liquid FIAT currency that can be merely be converted to food, even /biz understands this is not close to reality. By the time he dumped on good, honest mom and pop investors trying to protect their small parcels of wealth, the mouths fed (heavily understated only the wagecuck himself eats) vs starving mouths equation will look entirely different. He implies more utility in feeding all 3rd worlders for 4 years vs 500k families forever, retarded, how will a 4 year old be a next Bezos when he is starving again? He implies many smaller companies would exist in it's place, implying they would give all their money to starving people.

What should net worth be capped at? How would that cap be enforced? Bezos stock is redistributed to increase net worth of 3rd world?

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>He didn't make it. Workers did.
He was the mastermind that made it possible.
Workers are just low-iq retards who follow orders for miserable pay because they aren't capable of anything better.

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it does, indeed, sound like complete bullshit
but then i remembered this guy

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I wouldn’t even pay $68.5 to fuck that thing.

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Get a load of this faggot

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One day when you grow up and stop acting like a child you'll understand why you're wrong.

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wud but only with paper bag

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Plastic surgery goblina.

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He finally gets to realize his gains through the divorce. What's the problem here? He gets to turn illiquid stock into cash money

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>i am a real human, i swear it. bear witness to my human emotions of love and lust
-jeffy b

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>the world's richest woman

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Liberty, Freedom, and Mobility


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Everyone should have seen this coming after he got swole.

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looks great for 48 AND she's a year younger than the bogtrap. jeff fucked up bad.

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Anyone can look good on a daily diet of blood boys, brainlet.

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jeff doesn't

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it should say amazon basics

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maybe she is great hairdresser? Leave him anons, love is love

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nice pecs

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100% this, brainlets can't realize
there's 0 probability this man would give up that much for that woman
idk what the real reason is for it all surfacing this way, i don't think those on /biz/ who claim to know the reason actually have a grasp, but its all well planned. 100%.

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fine maybe not _well_ planned, but it is planned.

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Is it really that hard to admit that the richest man in the world is a cuck brapposter?

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That's because he's actually 93 years old. Boy blood doesn't make you live forever but it helps and he looks great for a 93 year old.

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>tfw you unintentionally just described all of /biz/

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(((She))) has a more masculine body than me.
I retract. I wouldn't fuck for $6.85.