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Are you committed, wagie?

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>dont take your granted 3 week vacation wagie or ill fire you for not being committed!

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America, the land of the free.

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>meanwhile his borders are secured by the American military. And all his country's technology was created by Americans.

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3 week vacation? This can’t be in America right?

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>3 week vacation

i get one week a year (unpaid) and i work in america

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That's outrageous. What the fuck?

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Reminder that Quora questions are purposefully the most retarded and controversial sounding because people literally get paid by how many views and replies they get.

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>3 week vacation
I have three times as much paid vacation (not including paid overtime) and if my boss tries to dictate when I actually want to do them, the workers' council rips him a second one.

USA, land of the free. A wonderful example that people are more than willing to cuck themselves, as long as they are afraid of something.

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I know, it's hard to believe that any employee would be this disruptive and uncommitted and still be with their company.
>get paid to concern troll
I will go sign up.

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I'm mostly a wagie but I can agree with the CEO there. This is really normal and if anyone faults him then they are retarded.

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>Corporate wagecuck job (banking)
>35 days paid vacation
>8 days paid bank holidays

Still doesn't feel like it's enough.

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How do I get in on that game?

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Look at this proud golem.

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>"I signed up to fight in the middle east, not for the mid terms"

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You have to be randomly selected in the Quora Partner Program. But I was, and I had only one post at that point. You can tell immediately when someone asking a question is on that on that program.

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Jesus christ... this for real?

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This is bait, they took the original my people leave right at 5pm and replace it with take all their vacation. Rest of the wording is exactly the same.

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>Why don't my people work for free more often?
Yeah, that not much better.

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we should get a 6 week summer holiday still

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>2 employees
>as a ceo

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Many of the most successful traders in the past started with literally just a receptionist and a junior trader to aid them. That said, it says nowhere that he has just two employees. It says he has two employees that do [the thing].

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thats a genius poem

t. wagie in IT support

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Clearly that's a female CEO.

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Shoot one of the employees to motivate the other. Simple. Simple.

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i get like 28 days PTO/year, usually just take every friday off while the weather is decent. i get too bored when i'm off for a full week.

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> Factory worker on shift
> Set spring vacation in two weeks where I would normally have 6 working days
> Add in next week
> Spend 10 vacation days for 3 weeks of vacation

I'll have a 3 week summer vacation as well, Ameritards have the most stupid culture regarding vacation

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I guess the NPC book holds all answers you may ever need.

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Shoot the obese one to preserve resources.

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I envy you.

t. 5 days vacation

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>Not doing 1:10 executions on a regular basis

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Why are you here? Go back to work and put in some more commitment you lazy bum.

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3 week holiday or year

LOL I have weekends, bank holidays and 38 paid vacation days per annum

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Lmao I have a month and a half PAID vacation a year.
Land of the free my ass.

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You're a stupid fucker, aren't you?

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>another europoor that thinks freedom = stuff
Freedom means the government doesn't get in your way, so if you're hiring 3 lawn mowers to help your landscaping business you don't have to shell out 6 weeks of pay in exchange for them making you $0 for those 6 weeks. I have a job with 1 month vacation + holidays + 4 flex days for the record. It's normal to achieve that around 30.

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> Another American that thinks stuff = freedom

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>Freedom means the government doesn't get in your way
So as long as it is your boss instead, who gets in your way via the threat of leaving you without a job (which in America also means no health care should you get sick), it's all good right?

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You're a fucking British teacher. You are worthless and completely replaceable - never forget that you worthless piece of shit.

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Should we abolish jobs?

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>>Freedom means the government doesn't get in your way
No wonder why there's so many anti-semites and communists running around. Strip away the few means left for the public to enact their will for the good of the public and you let the incumbent powers prey on lone individuals who hold very little leverage. We're going back to the days where corporations built towns for themselves, issued out labor vouchers redeemable only within the company, and held routine hygiene checks on families to ensure that they're consuming the proper ideas and living the proper lifestyle. But this is really free they say. I guess that means no more pornography or video games for you or you get fired and expelled from the city walls.

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>>Should we abolish jobs?
Abolish wage labor.

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In some companies, you get more vacation time if you've been working there more than some number of years.

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>wagie in amerilard

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I live in Switzerland and get 27 days holiday plus 10 day paid holiday per year.

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Holy crap unreal

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sry I meant that 10 days is unpaid

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>it's another "4chan falls for the reactionary clickbait" episode

I'm getting pretty sick and tired of these.

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the quora post is probably just bait, but i was an operations supervisor at a corporation that actually wanted us to give poor yearly reviews to my employees who 'abused their vacation time'. there was a fucking quota system for it too. if we didn't give poor reviews to enough people then we would get poor reviews. fucking insane.

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This is just for white collar work. Nobody cares if some uneducated slob takes a week off from pressing a button in the factory because theres twenty people you can replace him with. An accountant or managers job cannot easily be covered.

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Lol cubicle slave trying to justify the importance of their job

Many blue-collar professions require real skill and talent, mine for instance, to be fully trained in operating the whole factory proces like I do takes 4-5 years. There has been 1, ONE!, firing in the ten years I have been there because the management cut us so much slack, we can basically talk back to the boss and do our own thing as long as we produce results.

You could probably be fired or forced into "sensitivity training" for a /pol/tier joke, whereas I have heard execution as a possible solution for immigration many times.

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I have never taken a vacation in my life. Nobody ever explained to me how it works. Is there a list somewhere? Do I just ask? Idk. So I've been working for the same company for 9 years and never took a vacation.

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>its normal

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Talk to your HR department

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>We don't pay overtime or just pay a flat low amount for overtime
>if you're not 6-8 in the office you're not cimmited

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It's all about working for a European company in the US. In my case we get the same time off as the Euro offices in addition to an extra month every several years, forget the exact number. Rolling over days from the previous year, it's common for people to have 40-50 vacation days. We get that without the tax rates of Europe. But desu it's probably only a matter of time until they "restructure" the benefit system.

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I work in NDT as a "blue collar". If I take a vacation they have to bring in an out of state employee to cover my work load. I used to work in an office for a multi national, literally anyone can put numbers in a fucking excel doc and shoot off 400 useless emails. I'd also be willing to bet most white collar workers are so out of shape on average that they couldn't do a physical days work. You do know there's tons of blue collar jobs that require skill right? Could you be a master electrician tomorrow?

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That’s American capitalism at it’s finest for ya, it’s also the reason why we’re being flooded with shit skins right now too.

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gee whizz check out these lower class 105ers crawl out of the woodwork as soon as you bash their precious 'profession'
yes sorry mr blue collar you are VALUED and PROTECTED yes indeed. Now about that contract... yes and we have a new project in asia so you need to relocate... you have 3 months buddy thx for all your hard work... dave is retiring soon ill make sure ur next in line for promotion!

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You sound like a boring person and an idiot who lacks initiative

If I were your boss I'd fire you right now for not taking any holiday

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Imagine being this much of a cubicle cuck.

>muhhhhhh blue collar people aren't needed or paid!!!!!

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I'm in USA with 25 days + 8 holidays, definitely not enough

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To be fair a better employee would take more sporadic vacations, like 3 1 week ones. Being gone for 3 whole weeks is pretty disruptive.

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T. No hobbies

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Not too stupid to bait you

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Fuck you

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I have not had a whole week off in 3 years (besides Christmas)!
I am looking to make as much fiat as possible before the enviable collapse.

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The funny thing about American businesses for the average office worker are that the longer you work there the more you get paid in theory and the more time off you get. Of course in the process of doing lay offs you're also the first to go because you're generally more expensive than people that haven't been there as long.

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Lel outsourcing has already been done to the extent it is possible, it's the tech industry that is truly facing issues these days

> Precious profession

LOL without blue-collar work there would be no power, no gas, no heat, no water, trash everywhere

The world revolves around the combined efforts of white and blue collar, failure to understand and appreciate that is foolish

Also, you jelly of my 8 weeks combined vacation this year, just admit it

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That makes no sense dumbass. Thats why you'll never own a business

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bump this is too funny

what's even worse is the Americans coping ITT

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What's wrong with this? If it's what the NPC population wants or puts up with why shouldn't corporations or government do it?

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Are 3 weeks considered a lot in the US? I have 32 paid holidays and a 35h week. Germany btw.

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3 weeks is entry level, it usually goes to 5 weeks after being at a company for a set amount of years. There's also 2 weeks of public holidays.

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>3 weeks is entry level
oh shut the fuck up, not it's not. 3 weeks is good.

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>only 3 weeks of holidays per year

America is truly a shithole unless you're rich, I heard most people don't have more than 2 weeks per year and many jobs don't even have holidays

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does this include public holidays or no?

actual entry level in the US is about 1 week. 2 weeks if you're at a good company. 3 weeks after you've been there for a few years. if you've been somewhere 5-10+ years you *might* start hitting 4 weeks.

most people I saw didn't have the 24th Christmas Eve off and had to go back to work on the 26th. if you have time off around Christmas, you probably have a really good job.

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Americans love sucking off the rich because they think it will be them one day or they admire them. They seem to think if they treat the rich well, the rich will treat them well. Where look where it's gotten them - mass immigration, illegal laborers, and H1B.

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lmao cuck

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tell that to Germanistan, Swedistan, Francistan

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Yeah, I always feel like they think they are all going to be millionaires one day, so it's ok to have the worst healthcare in the western world as long as millionaires get their tax cuts...
I've never seen a middle class so fucked up and so earger to get fucked in the ass more and more.

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amerifats need to take responsibility for the niggers. They went to Africa and picked them up because white trash amerifats are lazy as fuck. Now they have to deal with the consequences.

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>tfw no vacation days and have to fight for sick pay

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my family has been in this country 1 century from Germany. I didn't have anything to do with slavery, so wtf am I supposed to do? Leave America?

only like 1% of Americans (richfags) owned slaves.

it's like trying to blame poor people 200 years from now because of Jeff Bezos. it's retarded.

niggers aside plenty of non-niggers in America still need better treatment.

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>Getting less than 52 weeks of paid leave

>> No.12430422

Try "German Business Analyst".

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>does this include public holidays or no?
There are additional 13 public holidays. Sometimes they are on Saturday/Sunday though.

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>>3 weeks is entry level, it usually goes to 5 weeks after being at a company for a set amount of years. There's also 2 weeks of public holidays.*
>*Note: Your actual vacation hours may vary. See your employer for details.

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How's life in the greatest ally today burger anon?

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This post is fiction. You are legally required to give a certain amount of vacation to employees per year, and if they don't take it you will be put under investigation by the federal government.

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Don't forget working 2 or 3 jobs.
Go back. This is motivation to quit wagecucking ASAP, and no, slaving for the commune doesn't count as an improvement leftard.

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Three weeks is pretty standard for most

>> No.12430970

>This is bait
No, it isn’t. Many jobs are like this

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i never wanted to be full of hatred.

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reminds me now, im gonna have to be reprimanded for my unchargeable time from last week. basically, dept manager didnt give me (or really the dept, 5 people) many chargeable tasks for last week, think i was like 15-20% chargeable. asked if there was shit needed to be done, told 'nope". so i spent my time with nothing to work on while reading up on regs and procedures, stuff id been meaning to get to at some point. got an official-looking email saying that was bad. now i have to ask my dept manager blatantly what the fuck he wants me to put on my time card since i apparently fuck it up by putting the truth.

what are some unchargeable time explanations you guys use?

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This. It is quite evident on /pol/ if you make a criticism of capitalism

>> No.12431119

>corporate office worker drone vs operations manager at small factory

You might as well compare yourself with a doctor.

>> No.12431133

>you can only be rich or poor

Commies only see the world in black and while. They only see factory workers and and factory owners.

>> No.12431199

He is describing the middle class and how not pushing back against the rich has led to their decline, bootlicker

>> No.12431235

the irony of your post in that you can only see in black and white (communism and capitalism). clearly thinking isn't your strong suit.

>> No.12431242

what's your job?

>> No.12431655

just some consultant. im staff level, so i dont "get work" like writing proposals or keeping in touch with clients. i only "do the job".

>> No.12431693

They just quit bro. Collect that unemployment while you find something better.

They won't deny you. Being punished for having been provided with zero work is bullshit, and 100% the employers fault.

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since 1977 here in sweden we have right by law to take 5 weeks of vacation per year, and we may take 4 of them without interruption between Jun-Aug

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thank you for protecting Iceland from the ever impending attacks from Afghanistan and the like goy

>> No.12432170

you can't "just quit" and collect unemployment in most states. even if your justification for quitting is good, you often still can't get unemployment. I think NY is one of the better states about this.

>> No.12432183

software architect here with 5 direct reports

I unironically discuss with other managers how to get my team members to show up earlier and stay later

Part of being a worker is accepting that you are a resource to be used by the company, this is your agreement in exchange for money. If you have a problem with that, it is very easy to be unemployed.

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You don't own nothing GOYIM

>> No.12432266

40 hour work week is what you are paying them for

kill yourself you scum fuck

>> No.12432426

There is no nation cucked into being a goy more than America

I say that as an American

>> No.12432428

you're either larping or a shit manager with a shit team. a good dev/engineer can find a new and better job easily and leave you stuck with pajeets and skidmarks.

>> No.12432496

I get 5 weeks + 2 extra days

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Top answer BTFO

Anyone who believed in this is a fucking moron. You people are doomed to become socialist retards because you believe the internet.

>> No.12432577

Nice try, commie shills. You guys can only regurgiate memes from Chairman Marx but can't offer any solutions.

>> No.12432637

I get 10 days time

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>tfw don't use my vacation days since I don't have anything better to do than work

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>40 hour work week is what you are paying them for
I don't pay anyone, the company pays them. I only manage company resources. If you're mad about that, start your own company and kick everyone out the door as soon as they hit 40 hours.

>you're either larping or a shit manager with a shit team. a good dev/engineer can find a new and better job easily and leave you stuck with pajeets and skidmarks.

If they want to find a better job then I'm more than happy to give them a great reference. Until then, I'm going to get the most out of them. I'm not stopping them from working elsewhere, even though I doubt they'd want to. I'm great to work for and my team enjoys their jobs.


>> No.12432779

>If you're mad about that, start your own company and kick everyone out the door as soon as they hit 40 hours.
Or we'll just make it law and then faggots like you can cry about it. Too bad, so sad.

>> No.12432803

Is this satire? I've worked for three different companies so far and every time my boss doesn't care what I do or how much time I take off, because all he cares is that I meet the deadlines and give him my deliverables

>> No.12432804

>a law preventing people from choosing to stay at work longer

Yeah good luck with that.

>> No.12432805

>get 4 weeks vacation and 11 paid holidays
>still feels like I never have time off

how the fuck do people with 2 weeks off or less not kill themselves?

>> No.12432819

based boomer

>> No.12432835

I don't really get how I'm a boomer. Would you encourage your team to perform less optimally?

Have fun going out of business.

>> No.12432871

In Australia full time employees get 4 weeks paid leave per year minimum. Your employer can decline to let you take holidays when you request, but only within reason. Me personally I'd like to see the max work week being dropped to 30 hours a week, but I'm a dirty NatSoc bastard who believes capitalism sucks cock and people should be spending a lot more time on themselves, their families and their community.

>> No.12432937

I dont run a "team". im a young guy that smashes thots on tinder

based nazi saying what needs to be said

>> No.12433186

Oh my God please kill yourself

>> No.12433192

wtf i love natsoc now

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Liberty, Freedom, and Mobility


>> No.12433319


Worked at a temp company where I would go do work at another company. Low level workers they took advantage of when those workers could've just worked somewhere else with better conditions. The low level employees got no vacation the first year, except 5 UNPAID vacation days. Bare minmum sick days too, 3. Kicker was it was a meat processing plant. They seemed to lenient on adhering to policy regarding cleaniness.

>> No.12433347

The post is an obvious bait.
I have seen plenty of companies that went tits up in the span of 2 years after managers began enacting policies that push employees to their limits.
It's actually more common among middle management to chase short term profits. Zoomers are actually based and quit in droves when managers try to pull the unpaid overtime crap.

>> No.12433350 [DELETED] 

Woah. Any European companies you know of that are located in California that I should apply to?

t. Guy with a bachelor's in business and employed for near min. wage

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> A law preventing employers from forcing employee's working past 40 hour's.
> A law subjecting employer's to heavy fine's (a portion of which is equivalent to 100% of the employee's yearly salary, given to the employee) if they harass/imply to employee's that they have to work more than 40 hour's.

Hehe nothing personnel

>> No.12433475

Cunts like this ceo need to not offer benefits if they are simply going to hold them over their employees heads. That way the employee knows the CEO is a piece of pigshit & can avoid

>> No.12433565

I don't understand the motivation here. Nobody is forcing employees to work. They can always go home at any time.

>> No.12433579

I have 15 days vacation 15 days sick time and it’s my first year working...

>> No.12433762

Have you ever had a job? Employers are scum these days, if you don't do basically most anything they ask, they'll simply fire you for something else minor that they can legally fire you for.

>> No.12433860

My company does this bullshit where you have to use your vacation/days off by the time the year is over, so you can't build them up and take a long ass vacation

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The slightest bit of me standing up for myself in the workplace and my boss tries belittling me and other stuff. I'm the hardest working underling. Might quit this week depending how things go tomorrow.

> Mandatory pay raise: If I got anything less than maximum I might quit.
> Possible title change/huge pay raise: Unofficial superior finds my pay ridiculously low compared to my hard work ethic. She intends to speak with a high level boss.
> Boss conveniently screws up lots of thing which I have to fix. I intend on confronting her as she made one's that could cause legal issues, left them for me, and she'd likely have pointed the finger at me if I didn't fix it. She changes her tune when stood up to or confronted even when she's in the wrong.

>> No.12434049 [DELETED] 

> 30 hour work weeks
> Option of 3, 4, or 5 working days per week
> 3 days/10 working hours
> 4 days/7:30 working hours
> 5 days/6 working hours

I'd definitely be happier with a 3 day work weeks. But no second lunch required of course.

>> No.12434216

fake news

>> No.12434508

Stop being a cuck and quit.
Find a better job.

>> No.12434814 [DELETED] 

Not easy. I was unemployed for almost a year before getting this.

>> No.12435025

>I have 3 weeks of vacation
>Tell boss I would rather just work and not take vacation
>Anon you can't just work blah, blah, blah work life balance bullshit
> Say fuck that just let me work.
>Anon, stfu and take your holidays. Send me an email with requested dates and I'll make sure you get those dates.
>I don't
>Boss gets super pissed and says I'm on paid holidays till the end of year (3 weeks)
>Fuck him, I went into the office anyway.

I have the option to take up to 9 weeks off a year. But I would rather work through holidays to get a bigger bonus. My bonus isn't even that substantial but fuck holidays.

>> No.12435236

do you mean too high or too low? if its some shitty job like walmart in america it seems high but for a real job its actually pretty low.

>> No.12435297

im pretty sure forcing your employees to clock out then work off the clock for free breaks a couple of current laws (anti-slavery laws come to mind)

>> No.12435414

Its disgusting when senior management doesn't understand why their stuff is less inclined to do overtime for fun, skip breaks and avoid vacations.
As a former manager even I understood why billy bob on the production line doing thankless, repetitive work and strict supervision didn't "love" his workplace as much as I did.

>> No.12435480

>An accountant or managers job cannot easily be covered.
Also lol at this. Accountants are an over-saturated field in my country by magnitudes yet we import more every year to study the degree and enter the industry to keep them wages down. Same thing happened in IT and a vast range of other "high skilled" industries in the Western world. And dont get me started on managers, 90% of them are garbage in every industry. Most are hired because of nepotism or other connections which makes it worse, a company should always have a clear chain of promotion when one leaves as well.

>> No.12435510

I dont know you or your situation, but in many cases your superiors will actually resent your behavior, especially if they feel threatened by it. You might be internalizing the idea that you are an amazing worker and loyal (Which is possibly true) but to the irrational subjective paranoia that everyone has your boss might see you as trying to outshine him, making him look bad, or believing youre trying to usurp his position. Never, ever work harder than your superior because most of the time despite logic they will not appreciate it. Match them to the 99th percent but always give them the spotlight.