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>whenever you go to a crypto related subreddit all you see is hodl and buy the dip
>you get banned and attacked if you say anything slightly negative about crypto
>you are constantly told to never sell
>mfw reddit is crueler and more sadistic than /biz/

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anon, you need to sell and never go into crypto again.

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It's the obsession over daily price. To make it now you need crypto to become useful and adopted, there will not be another speculative bubble, hodling is futile

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> thinks he is edgy by being anti crypto
> doesnt realize the majority of people everywhere are anti crypto
Let us have our subreddits and circlejerks. You can go back to whatever uninspired life normies lead.

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they are all secretly terrified and deeply insecure about their choices, and because of that any fair criticism causes those faggots to absolutely lose it. Honestly its annoying as fuck when you have a legitimate question you'd like to ask. Its like everyone on those subreddits reacts like a tumblr or twitter liberal

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reddit is not conducive to discussion, downfilter negativy, vote up positive happy thoughts. You'll never find anything worthwhile on a website build around self-sensoring.

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Hive mind, safe space etc isn’t just a meme. I used to troll them but it’s just like trolling the same guy over and over.

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>goes on plebbit

Get the fuck off of this website

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That's just how scams operate.

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Came here to say this!

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reddit bagholder threads are about as cringe as chainlink threads on biz.

all full of late adopters desperately praying that they're actually "early" hoping to get rich holding onto mostly obsolete altcoins.

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It concerns me how much they will chimp out and cause mayhem when this entire thing blows over, because it will blow over. All they're doing by "acquiring more during the dip" is they are simply putting more and more of their eggs into a single basket. I can assure you they won't sell if there's another golden bull run because they'll be too greedy.

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People on reddit are filthy normies who bought at 20k, lost 90% and super scared to lose 9% more, so their deposits become total nihil.

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I see you plebbit

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The only way people will divest of crypto is if there is another golden bull run in some other market that compels people to liquidate their holdings and move it to another asset. Otherwise, people will simply HODL and "buy the dip" thinking there will be a repeat of 2017.

Really, I think many of these normies will be too greedy to sell before it's too late when there'll be another bull run. In fact, that's probably when they'll be "acquiring some more" causing the bubble to inflate even further.