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Hey, I never really ventured far on 4 chan however today I was hooked into a /biz convo on the front page and it got me thinking about how woefully ignorant I am on saving for the long term.

I know people say to do it early, but frankly I never felt like I had a job I could do much besides pay rent, eat meagerly, and stash away a hundred bucks every once and a while for short term large expenses.
In the next few months I am hoping to move up in the world with my pay working in a more permanent position and I am looking for some pointers for getting started.

Maybe a link to something I can read or I will take comment too, just don't want to waste your guys time, because I know it might be a lot for me to learn and look over.

TLDR: I know how to save money, just not for the long run. In particular would like to know more about 401k's etc.

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How long term we talking OP?

I’m 28 and just put a % of pay into a account I couldn’t touch unless I went into the bank and a % into investment/gambling on crypto and stocks.

If you set a goal say save 100k in the next 5 years then it will help live within your means.

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buy BSV sir

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401k is a meme, you won't get anything significant if you're just doing what everyone else is doing

All in mobius

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i heard you need a link

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salutes to this very twisty level ten silent killer chainlink fud, im kinda impressed its complex, is link fud evolving?

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If you just want to build your savings comfortably and don't want to get into financial speculation, then I recommend pic related. Solid financial advice written in a clear, accessible style, derided as boomer shit by /biz/.

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buy bitcoin

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Liberty, Freedom, and Mobility


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Thanks. Sorry about dropping out on the thread a bit. I will check it out.
Welcome to any other helpful tips. I will check out some of the stuff mentioned, but I imagine it being 4chan some of this is memes :)

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How is Monero these days? Had a buddy in my last job that was like swearing it was the next bitcoin.