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there are link tards on 4chan who actually hold through this
oh no, the price is falling, ill go circlejerk on 4chan to make me feel better about holding it
>why is chainlink dumping guys!?
>Link Marines Assemble, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!
>hurr durr hodl guys, link gang
>1k eoy!
>the singularity
holy shit, chainlink holders truly are the retards of 4chan

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I don't understand your accent, pajeet.

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i kinda agree, sold 5k linkies at 12200 looking to buy back in at 11k, whats your target?

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imagine the COPE

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you will miss out on the 3rd component of the God Protocol trifecta.

it will hurt.

i will have no sympathy.

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>goes up on high volume
>drops woth low volume
I don't give a fuck about your 1min charts and swing trades. its still extremely bullish on short-mid-longterm

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well done, what made you sell?
im a trader but i didn't hold any chainlink though the pump
i would have sold all as soon as I had seen it form a bearish divergece, plus the pump volume was lower than the last one (01/03)
the daily looks bad, id expect it to retrace more, around 10500 or maybe 10k
11100 seems to be holding on the hourly, volume is declining, id buy back if it doesn't break soon, expecting a few % but remember that higher timeframes are more important

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>caring about bitcoin pair in 2018
>caring about bitcoin pair in 2019


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I sold my entire stack at 12.4k satoshis I made multiple threads yesterday except everyone called me a retard. Just bought in for a comfy 10% gain. Ofc it could go lower but at least I made a gain.

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thank you, well this pump was just too big, it had to dump.

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just bought back in aswell, thanks for reminding me to just take proffit sometimes.

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In the end Swing Linkies will win.

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imagine being a poo

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I got shaken out of of btc on that pump earlier today. I made a few percents so I'm happy. It's hard for me to sleep when I sell my swing stack.

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same, its 4 in the morning here ffs.

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>people ITT unironically swing trade their links


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Same bro only got 3 hours of sleep last night.

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They are the same greedy as fuck type as the people would held coins after the last moon.

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post trades

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> Sold 5k Linkies.
This is the average stack of a swing trader. Lol.
>Great trade anon! Here's $200.

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You couldn't pay me to own that shitcoin BOG

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kek, im in for the money
i don't care about nigger giveaways and shit
if 2.9 holds xlm is going to moon really hard

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I cant wait to be in again I will take a bath and sleep forever man

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Lol I thought I was the only one, its almost 8:30 and I refuse to go to bed like this

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