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who here will get absolutely justed by socialism once they make it with Link?

in my country
>income tax can go up to 58% if you make too much money
>one of the most expensive countries to live in
>tax on car can go over 100% of the original price (so you might have to pay more than double the price compared to other countries). for example ferrari 488 GTB base price: ~250k ameridollars, in my country ~460k eurodollars

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Link needs to 10000x in scandi countries to make it even if you hold 100k link

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we're not going to make it, are we?

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in germany we dont have to pay taxes if we hodl for > 1 year because crypto is not considered legal tender

kek cant wait for me sweet sweet linki gains

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The pipe dream is over before it even begins.
Gonna kms this year.

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>paying taxes on crypto
LINK holders confirmed for low IQ

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I wont pay taxes on all of the gains, but I have to pay for the money which I will use to buy apartments, cars, etc.

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No we are unironicaly never going to make it. Someone needs to pay for mohammed's extended family to come here

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10% here for gainz in fiat yolo
Also 0.05%ish house tax pa yolo again

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Are capital gains applicable for the country you bought the crypto in or in the country you cashed out in, assuming residence in that country at that time?

Eg buy when you're in Ireland (40% CGT), cash out in Portugal (0% CGT).

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move to hong kong or asia, waffle/frog fren

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You have to establish fiscal residence in Portugal first.
Hard shit.

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>he thinks you can cash out
ohohoho boy, it's newfag season alright

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I believe you have to live 3 years in other country before you can stop paying taxes in the original country. you can not own anything or have any other connections to the original country. I'm basically trapped in here just because I happened to born here. But when the singularity occurs, I will hire a top tier tax lawyer who will find the best ways to pay the least amount of taxes

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>Ireland (40% CGT)
What the fuck I thought we were a tax haven. The gov is stealing my linkies now!?

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guys, you can use crypto as money legally in germany now, you know that, right?

so you send the dude whos selling a house the beetcorns, and he then does his taxes on the gainz he made from selling the flat

you bought an asset, held that asset, and exchanged that asset for another asset

in merkels germany it is legal to buy coffee with bitcoin and not pay any gainz tax on that

coffee=a house

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How many LINK to buy a german waifu for citizenship fren?

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for citizenship only i think you would be looking at about 10k
fun fact: the government does come by and check whether you guys actually live together and stuff like that
some say they make you, you know, do the deed in front of a KettenVerbindung

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link plz. i own a small buisness and will start accepting bitcoin on monday if thats true kek

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if you use as payment you pay VAT and if you hold for more than a year you dont pay tax

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