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Where is the bottom?

When is the bottom?

Where are the TA'ers when you need them most?

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if that pic is true why do i always get stuck and fall asleep when doing my math homework?

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>Where is the bottom?

When /biz/ no longer talks about crypto.

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TA fags have lost plenty of money as well. That's why they disappear

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When the Chicago Bears lose a wild card game and a bull rampages Colombia.

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For the 1,000th time : The bottom is when 90% of this board DOES NOT talk about crypto anymore. Period.

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All that's left is SV, LINK, XMR, AND XCASH...

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Liberty, Freedom, and Mobility


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Local bottom might be in, a test to 3200 its most likely, if we break the last low...

Dont, and i mean dont try to catch this knife this time .., the levels we have below are 2850 2500 and suddenly 1900...

The smart plays: You can try a buy in the 3200 range for a posible double bottom tho, easy stoploss.

You can buy when we break 4k4 for a confirmation of bull (this not looking like an actual posibility)

The smartest play: you can short from here up to 3900, again easy stoploss at last high, limited risk, unlimited reward (0)