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Relatively Passive Income Edition.

Little to no Investment($100-$1k), very hands-on
>Direct Response Copywriting
>Social Media Marketing
>Digital Media or Marketing
>Affiliate Marketing
>Media Buying
>Web Development
>Freelance software development
>Making Online Courses
>Self publishing Ebook (comprehensive guide: https://kindlepreneur.com/book-marketing-101/))
>Product Arbitrage

Some Investment Required($1k-10k)
>POS Systems
>P2P Lending
>Authoring or Online publishing
>Vending Machines
>Automated News sites or any kind of automated blog
>Automated online Arbitrage with the help of a buy bot

Large Investment Required, but still very passive(10k+)
>Parking Garages or lots
>Batting Cages
>Rental Properties
>Buying Royalty rights on music, media, et

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Personally, I'm trying to automate as much as I can before April (it's a lot of programming projects I have planned). I have a couple app ideas I'm going to try to push (not sure how to monetize them yet though), along with some general (mostly) algorithmic strats. I think there's wisdom in going hard on setting up passive systems for when I'm more busy down the road, so I can still rake it in while being preoccupied, and I'd like to set up more active-passive side incomes after April.

I have ideas, but no money. Once my programming projects are a bit more mature, maybe I'll bug my friends a bit. They mostly revolve around arbitrage.

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>large investments
>rental properties


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Is python a good language for automation? I’m deciding which language to learn in my spare time.

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Absolutely. I don't love Python, but I recommend it 100% for anyone looking to build practical projects quickly - unless you're already a comfortable programmer, but in that case you wouldn't ask this question or need my advice. Not to say that if you're a comfortable programmer you shouldn't use it, just that you should have the autonomy to make your own decisions at that point.

There's so many libraries and frameworks available, it's amazing how fast it can be getting a working web scraper or algotrader.

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I want to be a programmer but all the math involved with a comp sci degree is turning me off. I’m taking calc this semester and if I do well Im gonna go for it.

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I've been considering getting a bitcoin ATM. You're good for picking holes in ideas.

I've looked into regulations in my country and it will be ok as it's not connected to the actual ATM network.

What I've yet to decide on is how to get it insured and striking up a contract of sorts with the shop owner I'll be placing it with. To prevent them from selling it out from under my feet and agreeing on the commission they'll get.

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has any one here invented/built/ etc a product?

I'm looking to start building home water treatment units in the near future.

missing a few zeros there, I agree

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>What are garages, parking spaces, lockups, self storage units

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you could buy a single parking space or alternative a bit of farm land

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You really, really don't need as much math as the online communities make it sound like. I mean, yeah, it's all algorithms there's going to be an implicit and underlying math, but for anything complicated there's libraries and online help, examples, etc. Don't let the fear of math hold you back, here's an example page full of great projects you can make with, what I've found to require, a minimum of math: https://pythonprogramming.net/

How would you guys monetize something like OfferUp? My main app I'm working isn't OfferUp, but it's similar enough to run into monetization problems other than just selling data and ads..

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How would you guys monetize something like OfferUp? My main app I'm working isn't OfferUp, but it's similar enough to run into monetization problems other than just selling data and ads.. It birthed out of a personal side hustle project, so monetization was never a fundamental idea.

You really, really don't need as much math as the online communities make it sound like. I mean, yeah, it's all algorithms there's going to be an implicit and underlying math, but for anything complicated there's libraries and online help, examples, etc. Don't let the fear of math hold you back, here's an example page full of great projects you can make with, what I've found to require, a minimum of math: https://pythonprogramming.net/

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I know you don’t, but if you want to get a compsci degree you have to a ton of math that will be unnecessary for most people. The other route would be getting as much certifications as you can, but it’s much harder to get a job this way.

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is dropshipping dead and oversatured? too many hollywood looking youtube stars all over it with videos over 1million views, so I'm assuming it is.

there's also that crowd funded property buying, but it seems gay

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>go to nearest wishing fountain
>scoop out coins till you can afford a shovel
>invest in shovel to increase productivity
>scoop out more coins faster

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>not buying a magnet to save your back
never gonna make it

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Idea > use your +$200k to finance it > Business

Idea > no money > Idea

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has daytrading and/or forex worked out for anyone here? If yes, how did you do it?

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Shit mentality. Most ideas can be started with the owner doing the work manually and working their way up.

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not necassarily, esp in this digital day and age. I've got a decent sized list of "beer money" ideas I'm working toward, and they might snowball into a bigger 200k idea hopefully someday probably not killmenowplease

I hate when I see this advertised as a way to make money. It's too risky to advertise as a real income source, but people do of course make money on it. They also lose money. Trust me, I've done both. Looking to get back into it once I build more capital. God it'd be so nice to have 200k in play money and live off of 1% monthly gains.

Anyway, read Ernest Chan's Quantitve Trading How to Build Your Own Algorithmic Trading Business. It was written for retail investors.

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Thank you, anon! When it comes to this, is there anything in particular that's a terrible idea and should be avoided?

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You're going to lose money day trading. Even after reading this, you will still proceed to try it. TA is perpetuated by institutional money to convince retail that it's possible long term. They want retail to provide liquidity to fill their bags. You pay the commissions and lose money. You are basically volunteering to pay extra tax.

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>when it comes to this
This being daytrading, or algotrading? For either, don't trade with money you haven't accepted as completely lost the moment it touches the market. Don't rely on the money for income, ever. If it would improve your quality of life substantially, cash out a big chunk (you might just lose it otherwise).

For algotrading, always backtest using shitloads of historical data (at least a year, ideally 5+). Don't try to overcomplicate things, smalltime retail investors can get away with very simple and profitable systems, and simplicity is essential to knowing what parameters to adjust.

For daytrading, never trust TA or TA gurus unless you're just fucking around for fun, and be quick to cut losses, exit positions and even cash out completely. Selling takes more balls than buying, purchase at your own peril. Ultimately you will learn everything the hard way though, but try to remember you know nothing and neither does anyone else. It's just human nature, trading is a crazy psychology ride full of weird introspection.

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Also, in regards to >>12422417, try to avoid commissions and fees of course. Look into RobinHood and Alpaca Markets (RH has no official API so algotrading on it is sketchy).

Keep in mind, anon, there are way better ways to make money that also require very little effort. Traditional financial markets are way, way overhyped IMO. Look into simpler, less satured things. Just my $0.02. I still do it because I think it's fun though lol

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One last thing to consider is starting on Quantopian. You'll get paid if you algo makes money, and it's way less risky than using your own money. You can then just move your successful strategy to a live paper trading market via Alpaca Markets to make money with it there too. Also, if you're trading with small peanuts, you'll likely make more with Quantopians commissions than you would trading with your own funds alone.

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addendum: quantopian.com offers a pretty simple (python) interface for backtesting, research and co. free but i don't know if they claim your intellectual property

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I've got degrees in chemistry and pharmacy, good knowledge of computers/tech, and like $70k in the bank. What type of business could I start?

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subscription box but for chronic diseases/general health/flu

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3% down FHA loan on a duplex, $10k will get you up to a $333,000 property.

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Subscription for what exactly? Medications wouldn't really work since it's extremely regulated and profit margins are very low.

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what about OTC?

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Can you leverage anyone you know, or any industry specific knowledge you have? None of us here are chemist (I'm assuming, and you probably are too), so we can't really give you any insights deeper than your own. If you can provide some sort of pieces for the clueless amongst us (like myself), maybe we can help you assemble some pieces. I can't think of anything particular that would make use of those skills atm, except maybe some cool homebrewing idea lol

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Potential customer could just order their medicine off Amazon. Why would they want a subscription box?

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yeah make beer with meds in it, there we go

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>profit margins very low for big pharma
Medication prices are generally massively inflated for $ick markup. $5 generics for 30 days at Target is actually still profitable, and there’s no way you can undercut that. There’s no reason my anti-rejection medication needs to cost $2000 for a 30 day supply when it’s branded by Teva but when I get generic Tacrolimus it’s only $30 for 90 days.

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>$5 generics for 30 days at Target is actually still profitable
You're right. Stuff like that is profitable. But then a lot of other medications, especially the brand name ones, have extremely small or even negative profit margins. Pharmacy benefit managers (aka insurance companies) set the reimbursement terms in their favor by using their own secret calculations for how they pay us for drugs even if it's below what it cost us to order from suppliers. I guarantee you that $2000 (to you) anti-reject med probably only made the pharmacy -$200 to $50 if it went through your insurance.

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Yes I understand all of that, this is why insurances are forcing people like me into their specialty delivery-only pharmacies (which I don’t want to be part of). Cuts costs for them vs me buying at the pharmacy, but unfortunately I live in a 120 degree desert where refrigerated packaging melts.

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No. Nowadays I only invest long-term.

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Liberty, Freedom, and Mobility


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Anyone know other websites or methods that grant you a database of email addresses to popular influencers on Instagram, YouTube, or elsewhere than ninjaoutreach.com?

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Affiliate anon, are you here?

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sell your own products under false accounts

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I'm with this anon, options trading is a shit game. The shit winds always end up getting you.
or use catalyst.io, some crypto shitcoin team made it, its really DECENT
I hope he is :(

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>Some Investment Required($1k-10k)

I can turn my passion for ass to mouth into a businss?? Please tell me more

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Saturday night bump

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Take a cut of the price. Like 1-2%

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No it don't because you aren't counting closing costs nor the fact that you need a very big income to qualify for that loan.