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Heavily shilled pump and dump shitcoin with no future

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you can't have my stack

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i dont know man is so comfy tho

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same im not ready to be rich

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Retarded swingtrader post.

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Link $1 eoy though

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Yep, best performing coin of 2018 was the biggest mistake biz made

Go buy any of the dozens of shitcoins shilled instead then filthy swinglinker

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Yes, many retards will be unbelievably rich.

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Pic related

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LINKchads and HOLOchads, holy fuck. By the end of this year it will be NKNchads too. The chad trifecta.

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Why do these morons post stupid shit ike the op that makes no fucking sense at all. If u are going to try to fud at least get off your ass and put some effort into it so you don't look like a dumbass, agree?

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they are pumping it to sell on you tards. LOL

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>They’ve been pumping it for 6 months

We all bought at 15-30 cents senpai. So what exactly are you tying to say?

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No. No it wont. NKN is an asian scam coin. Sorry for your bags.

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Which is why the LINK chart looks nothing like 99.999999999% of all shitcoins that follow the trend of BTC.

It’s almost as if somebody (besides a bunch of pre-pubescent autistic neets) is accumulating.

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Why do Link cultists hate swingtraders so much?

Anybody with sense swingtrades volatile coins, it's guaranteed money

Pretty sure it's Linkies desperate to maintain the pump so nobody sell.

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what site is this from?

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Exactly, and they are doing so from retards selling their stacks to make small gains. When it pops, really pops, a bunch of neets that had a huge opportunity to make it are going to either fomo up or miss their chance. Works for me as will make my stack that much more valuable as the available supply declines.

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They hope by getting their garbage message out enough they saturate the brain of their target viewers and thus take on a form of psuedo truth and act as if it was true - thus creating downward pressure by selling or not buying

Its a stupid tactic but it works - like mass spamming with shitty ads

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Uh oh, price is dropping some with rest the market, watch the weakhands sell.and the big boys start to buy and the process starts again. Biz is being manipulated. They want your stack.

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>biggest mistake
>up 100% against BTC in 6 months
>only other crypto in the top 100 thats up is HOLO

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This is probably the best way I can explain it.
Bitcoin is kind of like a tree, right? It has rings and stuff which can't be changed and you can open it up and look at the history and agree where all the rings are. And ethereum is kind of like the leaves. They're scattered around the branches off of the tree and have veins and shit on them for writing things on. But when you write on one, it copies over to all the other leaves. Which is good because if you look at 1 leaf you'll know that it is legit if it says the same things as the rest of the leaves.
So this is where Chainlink comes in. Chainlink is like a nigger jerking off on to the soil at the base of the tree. His cum is kind of like the external data which your bitcoin tree feeds to the ethereum leaves. So basically feeds the tree with stuff that it needs to give to the leaves which are asking for nutrients and stuff.
Hope this helps.

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>OP's ID is literally turd

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>counting gains in btc in 2k19

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haha rekt op

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its up a 100% in usd dummy

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