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I've been thinking about what wagyu mean by this

"You guys should be stepping back and analyzing the pattern that is occurring and deducing what it means."

"not a single person has even mentioned it"

Remember Assblaster ? Stupid question right ? Remember his first pump call ? Well, couldnt the last price movements be the same scenario as on pic related ? What if the price is just reflecting huge OTC buys to node operators and firms ? I've been thinking about that and that would make sense, its the same thing that happened exactly one year ago.

These pumps are not reddit buying our bags because every IC3 partner just announced partnership with 4chan meme - Chainlink.

This is something different and we should watch huge wallets closely, there is a huge possibility that there are firms moving from sucessfull private testing of centralized oracles with testnet tokens to public mainnet tokens because release is very close.

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There must be so much that's obvious to people who can make sense of the wallet movements. I'm too much of a brainlet to figure it our though.

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Can you dig out statistics how much the volume did increase during those pumps last year compared to these pumps

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Theres been huge volume increase from Nov27 to Dec7 - It went from 2mil to 15mil and then dropped back to 2mil.

Pump at the Jan20 went from 5mil. volume to 28mil. volume and dropped back to 5mil.

He made another call in Feb12th

Volume went from 2mil to 35mil then immediately dropped to 7mil and went back to 32mil in couple of days with the same drop to 5mil. (pic related)

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>with testnet tokens to public mainnet tokens

Who do you try to fool here? Testnet tokens on mainnet, are you for real xD
The amount of stupidity is rising

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Look at the dates on those posts you retard. They are from fucking 2017. Whatever company bought back then already sold their stack.

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>Who do you try to fool here?

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ahahaha how funny, i bet girls love being around you and your jokes all the time

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Wheres walletautism when you need him?

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>there is a huge possibility that there are firms moving from sucessfull private testing of centralized oracles with testnet tokens to public mainnet tokens because release is very close.
This might explain why price Link was rising every time a new partnership was announced eg accord, open law, town crier

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I've always wondered if his moniker isn't just personal preference. Just like ass blaster was hinting at bythe masters, is wagyu trying to say something staking that we don't know yet? I wonder if they're the same person.

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Hey anons. Sorry, I’m too busy with real life to autistically dig into top wallet movements right now. Last time I looked was here but the board is dead so not many replies:

But, I did notice that my own wallet has moved down about 25 places in the last week (I’m
Top 2000). This means that there are now 25 new wallets above which is a possible sign of whale accumulation. On the other hand, the number of link needed to be in top 100 has decreased by about 100,000 link in the last 10 months from 440,000 to 380,000. Which could mean that the top 100 have been selling, or that they’ve split funds into multiple wallets.

Anyone else noticed their position changed? Especially anyone else in top 2000?

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Perhaps a jap connection we're unaware of or beef tracking project?

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Learn to reading comprehension friend

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Wagyu = steak


Big players buying link to stake

pretty ez to figure out

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Er, by about 60000. Sorry, retarrded

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keep in mind a lot of fuckers keep most of their stack on binance, so wallet accuracy is imperfect.

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There are two huge things happening in Crypto right now.

1. Ethereum Fork Constantinople which could coincide with Chainlink mainnet. Maybe also some there is some other connection between LINK and ETH happening with this fork.

2. Estonia DX exchange starts trading tokenized stocks soon. Its possible they could be setting up nodes to handle data of tokenized stocks for price discovery.

My two best guesses.

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Come to think of it

If some of the advantages of a DXexchange/tokenized stocks is to be able to trade 24/7 then that exchange would have to set up nodes to pull data from different sources since NYSE is mon- fri 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m

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moved down 10 spots, top 1000

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Yea, i was ranked at top 500 but not im around 10-15 spots down. Now i need to buy more link to regain my status

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>Which could mean that the top 100 have been selling.

Looking at the recent pumps they could be selling to pumps or dumping after pumps to keep the price affordable

>or that they’ve split funds into multiple wallets.

Very possible that some early ico participants, whales, funds or whoever is selling and distributing

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Thanks bro good shit

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so many have the "virgin" meme posture

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I'd have to think some sell off from top wallets is normal at this point. If you bought in the ICO, you'd only have to sell about 25% of your stack to get your original investment back. For larger amounts of money this seems normal. This would lock in long term capital gains tax if they were burgers buying around the ED days to sell off in November or so. This redistribution is good at this point. New holders are jumping into this post 10k SATs range, which will help create yet another new, higher floor.

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Because its not a meme

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Wagy a shit

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>I’ve been thinking about what wagyu meant by this

Isn’t it obvious? Look at volume. No one finds Anything odd about the volume at all?
Price movement+sudden spike in volume followed by volume drop off declining is indicative of a single buyer. Look at volume during the bull run of dec and the Alt run of April. Notice the volume is steady in how high it is.
Someone with a large amount of money is accumulating this. Is it just a lone rich man or a finacial company buying them up? My bet is the latter, especially with the recent chat coming up :). Do you want to believe?

I guess thats up to us to speculate. Or is it? :)

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That is bullish as fuck
Imagine if the audience was all twitter nigs and women

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Top 160 here and I've been at the same position for probably a month or so. I've climbed up in the rankings by a few spots since about 6 months though

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>"You guys should be stepping back and analyzing the pattern that is occurring and deducing what it means."

>"not a single person has even mentioned it"

I still have no idea what he was taking about.

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rent free

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He flipped that quick? What a fucking faggot normie nigger fucking piece of shit. Go back to XRP shills on twitter you fucking knob gobbler. fuck you

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I know some dynamite shit about a partner that has only ever been accidentally mentioned on biz. I can't even discuss it in the discord because it's full of glow in the darks.

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Don’t reply to him, if you don’t reply he can’t hurt you

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>glow in the darks

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>ChainLink is so fucking stupid, I'll stick to my stuff that's already near the top so I can buy high
>Hey all it's been a year now and ChainLink is the new up and coming thing, because I saw it pump four times this quarter in a bear market.
reddit and twitter faggots really are just reactive sheep. They will never follow the connections and technology and will only follow the news.

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Very spoopy

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Spooks. Secret agents. Men in black(s). The chainlink narrative is being actively shaped by different groups. Many discord/twitter/biz memers are part of serious whale groups and I suspect are in active behind the scenes contact with the team.

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So tell us this partnership. How did you find out about it?

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delet dis, fren

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Deep diving articles and papers. All this stuff is hidden in plain sight. It's worth listening carefully to the words Sergey uses.
Even if I post the full connections they wont get it.

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>Mission accomplished

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then post it

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I remember Assblaster. And Watchbro. And "shhhhhhhhhh"

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Aren't you getting sleepy you should go to sleep

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Give us a sentence or two anon. I'm assuming you've connected something Sergey said that was repeated fairly clearly in a patent or some other academic paper...

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f that i want a full paragraph and some graphic visuals to make me understand everything i want all the details anon spill the beans

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Anyone else getting really tired too?
Think I'm getting some sleep.

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It's something he says a lot that sounds like an offhanded comment, but there is a very clean chain of documented connections if you can find it.
Boy, I am getting sleepy now.

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post it then faggot

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Faggot larper. You don't know shit

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Glows can fuck off

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>I am getting sleepy now

stop acting like the faggot glows you claim you hate so much?

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How do you follow the "technology". I've been trying to understand but it just seems like magical internet money to me still.

And not even very good at the "money" thing. Using my MasterCard is so much easier.

What am I not understanding? It just seems like "Year of the Linux desktop" all over again. A worthy dream, but not one planted in reality.

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You've gone right down the hole mate.
Right down it.

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Rent free nig

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Chainlink will usher in the era of "when x occurs, y happens, all without human interaction". Its the groundwork of an autonomous society.

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Plus the swing trading whales who keep their 100k+ stacks on Binance, we know nothing of them

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LARP alert.