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I sold @ 12400, did you sell the top? When should I buy back in, plz no call me brainlet.

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its over for you bud

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At 10700

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I sold at 12690

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When do you plan to buy back in?

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You should of already got back in

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i dont like where this is going. looks like a bearish head & shoulder in formation on hourly chart.
if the right shoulder is formed we might be in for a dump below current support at 11680

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The 2 hours chart also shows that it has been overbought for days. The FOMO is strong yeah we hit a new ATH twice today but it's not like it's going to be ATH everyday indefinitely.

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agreed .
i dont advice to enter now, feels too much like gambling at the moment. you can struck the new ATH soon or just go down in the swamp and wait for consolidation for god knows how long

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well fuck me, shit is about to approach yet a new ath.

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LINK will come down to at least 11,000 sats. I'm basing my prediction on Elliott waves.

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imbecile; it will go up to 17k sats

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consolidating over this support line at the moment.
we'll see when it'll cross 25EMA, tho RSI confirms sideways action.

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What's your target?

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It's literally dumping to 8500. That's my target.

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none at the moment. just watching the consolidation.

my bet is that before it reaches ath @13k it will reverse down to retest resistence or even plunge downward to previous resistance of ~10.9k.

considering the RSI being bearish, i wouldnt rule the argument for this reversal diamond.

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10k my man. Sold half my stack at 12800. It'll hover around 11.5 before it drops to 10. Watch

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either triple top, reverse diamond, or bearish h&s they all have the same effect, so yeah.