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I just bought my first Bitcoin (BTC). Which altcoin should I buy with it?

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Get some Masari my man.

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Nothing. Hold that Bitcoin for dear life anon. Save yourself the trouble. This year BTC will hit 100K. If you put that Bitcoin into a shitcoin when BTC has a bull run your 1btc now is .05btc. Alts are a scam. Hold Bitcoin.

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You already bought an altcoin.

Blockstream LN , segshit is not bitcoin.

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you can save some of that bitcoin. buy a coin with low transfer fees like DOGE if you want to practice trading or just want to explore for yourself. but don't spend all of your bitcoin bc the bull market is just starting

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this, altcoins are a dangerous game to play - you can make BTC with altcoins but holding altcoins long term is disastrous. BTC is king.

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1 BTC will always equal 1 BTC
Buy alts if you want your 1 BTC to shrink into nothing

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Most of /biz/ will try and shill you the shittiest altcoins and disastrous memecoins because they're holding heavy bags. Just save yourself some trouble and hold the BTC.

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