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I dont get what this is trying to say

If theres more labor supply, obviously price of labor will go down and immigrants will take wages away from the citizens

Did nobody question this and just go lol hicks are racist? Am i missing something

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Wasn't the moral of the episode that we should embrace change in certain industries and make the world more stable so immigration doesn't become a problem?

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fuck drumpf and FUCK racism

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I thought it was that rednecks are worthless to society

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South Park is aimed at teens who like to make fun of people to feel like they are smart. They don't actually question the thing they are told and shown to be funny through scripting.

A lot of comedy is used to get people to dismiss certain ideas and thoughts out of hand because of how readily they are constantly dismissed and mocked in comedy without any real thought or argument to them beyond a passing fallacious joke.

If you want to defang an argument get people to laugh at it. Better yet get children to laugh at it before the understand it so as adults they will dismiss it without bothering to think about it.

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