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So i just threw in 1eth into this.
Say what you will but, I made 10eth off 1 in powm so hoping this one will take off like that or POWH.
Seems like a good time to have a new one come out. Just hope the devs cant exitscam

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annnd my id is red..

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they can't exit scam

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Suspicious amount of similarly worded threads on this. Fork knife has peaked in popularity anyway.

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The code is all there for everyone to see, they don't have special privilege.

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yeah thats what they say, still dunno if there was premine or anything.
I do think this will take off like powh, zethr and p3d but for how long is tbd
lol fork knife.. im just a guy from the Bay who is interested in ponzis

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Well, be wary of 'you missed out on x, invest in y, the new x', this one seems pretty low effort too.

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It's literally the same thing as POWH except skinned as fortnight instead of an "exchange" and there is jackpot rewards. So it's actually better.

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