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Why is that piece of shit chain link taking so long to announce mainnet? Why even have a ico if you weren't even remotely ready? I demand legal action

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it has been under dev since before ETH mainnet...

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>i cant wait a year or two to he filthy rich
jesus dude what more can you ask more are you serious? If you actually took the time to learn what things meant you would be comfortable looking at their progress dumbfag
>building a network that will change the world
>hey guya can you hurry up cuz i said so durrr im from pleddit

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Sergey actually made the erc token to exit scam, but he's stuck pretending he's making a product now because a bunch of 4chan autists follow his every move. Not really sure how long he's planning to pretend, i guess a couple of years, untill "something better" came.

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Because like 99% of crypto upgrades its dangled over head to keep investors interested. It will never actually come out.

See: Bitbay's dynamic peg, Another example

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