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So i am a telemarketer for the biggest newspaper in my country.

We sell additional magazines for our current customers. I make 20 USD for each magazine I sell, the subscription pack is 1 year - but the customer can cancel at ANY time, and i will get paid.

Obviously, some of my calls get monitored, not all of them though. So i am able to make quite a bit of money if I play my cards right. The only thing that is bad for me is if the customer resigns before 14 days (right of withdrawal), which will fuck up my stats.

How should i word myself on the phone to get most people to buy?
Prices for the customer: 5 USD each month (1 magazine), so total 60 USD for a year.
I'm not here for ethics, but tips for selling more. I call people ranging from ages 25-99. Some lists targets younger people, and some 65+ people.
If you need additional information, just comment.

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You talk like one too

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>make call
>try and sell
>hangs up
>do it 100 times
>get a credit card
>use credit card and doesnt work.

your logistics is shit.

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>So i am a telemarketer

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I did a similar job just say "for as long as you want/can" and emphasize how easy it is to cancel but make sure to tell them to try it for at least a month or 2

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Lie to them in order to get their 20 dollars

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Soft sell beats hard sell every time for men, some women like to be hard sold to

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Pls sirs do the needful and be buying of many magazines

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What do you mean with this?

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First thing I recommend asking for their personal email.

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So just be calm and confident when talking to men. And just basically spam and terrorize women into buying lol?

We already got their email in our system, why do i need it? Just get them to confirm it by saying yes? <- making them more likely to buy?

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Good now that you have their email ask them to send bobs and vagene

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Yep. With men use reason, with women use emotions.

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Men: You are getting 50% off from me, don't you think 5 USD is cheap dude?

Women: You need to try this magazine, you don't wan to miss out on this offer, do you?

This sucked, what should i tell each of them?

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Does your company do a hype circle to get everyone psyched before and after sales? Also, does the boss make it a point to acknowledge best and worst performers of the day?

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>imagine being so retarded you make a purchase after a stranger called you

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We are having a short team brief/meeting every morning 5-25 minutes. We were even watching a random motivational video on YT last week, was cringe as hell. We get an updated template each day, and it says "Yesterdays best seller". The boss are hinting that the worst performers will get kicked if they continue to suck lol. Out of 25, I'm actually mostly top 3, and easily top 5 each day.

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Where do you get the phone numbers from?

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We call existing customers that already own our newspaper, countries largest. So this is warm sales.

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Use pity if they sound like they aren’t interested.

>”Sorry, I am not interested.”
>Sir/Ma’am if I don’t meet my quota I am going to loose my house. I have a wife and kids, I am trying my best here. Please if you just subscribe for a couple months and cancel I’ll be able to make my mortgage payment. If you don’t subscribe...i could loose everything...the house, my wife, the kids... I don’t know what I’d do with myself. I wouldn’t be able to go on without them...I might do something stupid like get my shotgun and....
>”Sir I’ll take as many subscriptions as I can.”
> God bless you Sir/Ma’am, I am truly thankful....my kids are truly thankful....

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oh well that should be easy then? But if they're already customers, what are you trying to sell them that they don't already get from you?

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top kek

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>. I have a wife and kids, I am trying my best here. Please if you just subscribe for a couple months and cancel I’ll be able to make my mortgage payment. If you don’t subscribe...i could loose everything...the house, my wife, the kids... I don’t know what I’d do with myself. I wouldn’t be able to go on without them...I might do something stupid like get my shotgun and.

LOL wtf, so you suggest me doing this every call? Sounds like a good way to get fired + literally get PTSD aswell.

The newspaper is either every day or weekend or only digital. The magazines are about: 1. History, economy, food and a shitty tech magazine.

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I never worked in telemarketeering but try to stir up a conversation about their hobby's? Mention an article you read in that magazine your reading about their hobby, get them interested and finish them of.

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Also, they get 50% off from me, from the store price.

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I don't know how responsive people are on the phone but a good thing in sales is trying to open conversations lightly, not talking about the thing you're trying to sell.

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Fuck all this, you will make more money charging people $6 to take them off the call list instead of selling the magazine

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What can I lie about that will not get me fired within 30 days?

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I used to sell magazines and other worthless shit when I was younger. I got to be the youngest manager in the whole company when I was only 17yo due to being great salesman and hustler.

I had the biggest cancel rate, but my supervisors didn't care since I sold more than the others (10-15 people) combined.

Listen, here comes "the secret". Don't take no for an answer. Just don't accept it, don't hear it, don't care about it. When you get ready for your next victim, don't think you are selling anything. Think of it more as of confirming their contacts etc. whatever you need from them to mark it as a sale and send the magazine + invoice them. With older people I sometimes really didn't give a fuck what they say and just got them to tell me their address and just sent them the fucking magazine even after repeated no's from them. Some of them cancel, many didn't. Was it ethical? No. Was it fun? Well not really, owning at anything is fun though. But who the fuck cares, you do what you have to to survive and find success in life.

Currently I'm owner of 2 very successful marketing related companies, keep selling those papers and some day you will find success too.

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You know 80% of the time if someone is going to buy or not within the first 60s of the call. Some people eventually literally get brainwashed into buying it though. Sometimes, it even surprises me.

Holy shit, would love to hear more from you. One in our team does this "confirm detail thing", and say they are getting a "saving", which means that they save on magazine. But he literally tells them the newspaper will get cheaper (which is straight up a lie).

I don't think my boss can see the cancel rate after 14 days for us lol. So if they cancel after 2 months, its ok for me.

I feel like the "confirm details" scam is hard on people under the age of 67. He bascially scam everyone over the age of 75 with a 85% success rate. Sometimes even goes as far as saying that "you have no choice, this is now included with the newspaper - I'm calling just to give you a message". lmaooo

Won't the boss tell you to stop when you just send the magazine to old people? <- Because they don't accept the offer.

How many sales was a lot in your job? Did you earn over 10.000 USD a month?

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how long until darwinism phases these people out

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I'm the person who would never buy over phone LOL.

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Bro, add something

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last bump before i go sleep. expect waking up to answers.

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tell them its an offline version of the web and they can also cut out the letters for arts and crafts

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I sell technology but sales is sales so here’s my .02 faggot. Pain. Find it. Makes them really feel it. Then offer help

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Walking/talking septic tanks like op need to drink bleach & find a legit respectable careers.

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Account management is the backbone of the us economy(as the revenue generators), not all salespeople are sleazes especially not the ones who regularly conduct business with clevel executives.. who had to start where op is. So kindly fuck off

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Nope, you are talentless grifters who have no natural skills. If left in the woods or the middle of a ghetto you wouldn't last 12 hours.
Stop lying to yourself & chug bleach shitbag

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>t. Bought something last time a telephone salesman called them

Tell us anon, did you get the 3 year fiber optic hdtv package for the free dvd player and regretted it?

You're lower iq than the person on the other end of the phone. Do you understand that? According to your scenario you are actually the one who would get outplayed/outsmarted by the telemarketer.

- t. Door to door snow shovel business entrpreneur

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No I keep them on the phone as long as I can stringing them along as they try to keep their shit together then come clean after an hour & tell them to put their sad talentless head in the oven.

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