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>There a financial crisis coming? Dude, who cares about the economy? That's fucking nerd shit. Plus, CNBC already told us the economy is fine
>Dude, who cares that we have an unpayable national debt. It literally doesn't matter
>Bro, have you seen whats new on Netflix?

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The national debt literally doesn't matter. I bet you're the kind of person who hears 21 trillion debt and freaks out because it's a large number rather than considering changes in the debt to GDP ratio.

the NPC meme is for NPCs

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>The national debt literally doesn't matter.
Yeah it's not like everyone would dump your bonds if you're close to default..

Ah but of course the US can always print its way out of debt, its not like will cause inflation or anything...

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>fundamentals are strong, what crash ?

>yeah we can just print more money to pay the debt, lol.

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Money is actually not real, it's just numbers on a screen

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tell that to the bond holders trying to cash out

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>national debt does not matter
>money is not real
>banks print money writing numbers on screen out of thin air

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Money can be exchanged for goods and services

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>rather than considering changes in the debt to GDP ratio.
It is precisely the debt to GDP ratio that has become problematic. It is increasing past the point of sustainability. Powell is right.

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Absolutely. It is however the fake reason for pretty much all the stupid shit we do

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>The debt does not matter
>Oh wait, it does, but only as a function of GDP
>Triggered by NPC meme
Krugman-type NPC detected

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kek I don't know if this is bait but have you seen what the debt to GDP ratio is? It is definitely at a worryingly problematic level.

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>the fact that the debt is unpayable due to interest doesn't matter

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>believing the national debt is 21 trillion

more like few thousand trillion.

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I bet you $1 000 000 that there won't be a major market crash in the coming 5 years

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>not betting $1 000 000 that there will be a major market crash in the coming 5 years to hedge your net worth against the economy
Literally never going to make it.

>economy goes to shitter
Make $1000000
>economy booms
Pay 1000000 and then increase leverage in stocks, crypto, and make it back in a week

By betting with the economy you are basically increasing your exposure to getting cucked.

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at least i can speak Chinese

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> have you seen the Bird Box?
you sound a lot like that old white guy with the gun.

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There's a different statistic that breaks the image's point:
Everyone is on average connected to everyone else over 8 people. So you don't need to talk directly with each other to have influence on each other on a quite short route.

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