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gatsnorI naeS

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no fucking way

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Ho. Ly. Shit.

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literally who

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DNA is a blockchain get with the times gramps

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But DNA is mutable

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Hint hint: Do not take the words literally. Look for the meaning behind them.

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sean ironstag

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Is it a hint about what could be the next proptocol?

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Who are these people and why does what they say matter?

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who is this?
T.all in

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They use massive amounts of psychedelics and attend the Burning Man festival,, they are on a higher spiritual frequency than us, they have literally seen the future

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can someone tell me who this pajeet is and why his fb post is relevant

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what doe this mean? Please dont leave behind the brainlets

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same, i feel a bit out of the loop on this one. if i remember correctly the original connection went szabo -> sean ironstag -> geostar

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It's chainlink you fucking retards

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This schizo larp started with this video:
>"there's a rumor in SF that Satoshi keys ar held by a group of 27 people and between now and January 15th they will dump on the market and move into a new protocol"

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I understand he's talking about chainlink but who is this guy and why does he matter

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Yes I've seen that video and heard about the 27 ppl on jan 15th thing. Still doesn't explain who this pajeet is and how he is relevant at all

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>Mike Patel
>Guys let’s do something productive and positive with the information in hand relayed by Geo Star and hyper actively supported by Sean. I can name 50 important people who are today in Crypto and have made serious monies directly due to Sean Ironstag
Let’s be calm and observe what’s happening. Timing of Craig’s email to Roger Ver is absolutely scary!
Let’s create a list of “Real Asset Based Tokens” here.
Let’s discuss alternative options if things do go crazy. No harm in being prepared. Let’s not shill our own Crypto bags.
I have been researching and I did find Dignity DIG a great asset based token which seems highly under valued. Ronnie Moas has given very high ratings to DIG. Please share your knowledge about Asset based tokens.
Lastly a Big request to Geo and Sean, Guys please share your insights on Asset Based Tokens you believe in or you trust, it’s not shilling if we are all voluntarily asking you about it. Let’s do this right.
ॐ नमः शिवाय ||
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Literally the biggest scam in this space

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Thanks. Heres a link with the comments you're talking about. Mike Patel is in there so I guess that's what this is all about.


How do we have any idea that the new protocol is chainlink?

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>This weird shit is happening inside you trillions of times per second
Absolutely Lovecraftian.

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Just took a quick look at these "next gen (((hippies)))" and.. oh well, who'd have thought.. I mean, are you fucking kidding me? You can't shove down my throat spiritually, capitalism, technology and fucking WOMAN EMPOWERMENT all in the same fucking soup. At this point, It's not even funny anymore. Enough.
However, link will succeed anyway, but fuck this shit.

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Outlandishly based

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sick gif dude

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Wtf is going on here

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Unironically nothing but forced memes

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