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Long-time lurker here.

I've paid only casual attention to Chainlink over the past year. I've seen the horrific memes, the EOY 1000 joke, and other trivialities.

I can't help but notice this project advancing from being a silly meme coin to something with prospects of being widely adopted within the epicentres u.s. legal and financial world.

Is this reality we live in today? Did 4chan just discover the next "big thing"? In this case, I'm referring to Chainlink potentially ushering in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

This is a big mindfuck for me. How did you guys figure out it? I mean walk me through the steps please.

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how much of a newfag are you? This isnt the first time this forum has found a coin that made people rich you dumbass. And you didnt specifiy how much link you got. It was never a meme youre just dumb as fuck

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>I mean walk me through the steps please.
Yeah, sure! So first of all... How the fuck have you only paid casual attention to Chainlink for all this time? Are you fucking stupid? People clearly are extremely enthusiastic about LINK for ((some)) reason.

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You should be embarrassed at how fucking dumb you are. At no point in time was link a meme coin.
>he fell for the link is a meme meme

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You dumb cunt! KYS ..you get nothing!

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just came back to this thread again to tell you how dumb you are...youre dumb

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op you are a fucking retard

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HAHAHAHAH faggot. you are a dumb fuck. enjoy your poverty.

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The steps you should take
1 take a gun
2 point at it at your head
3 shoot

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Fucking moron

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OP you are dumb and stubid

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You shouldn't have paid attn to swingtrader fud.

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>advancing from being a silly meme coin
It was never a meme you stupid fuck.

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>been lurking for a year
>how did you figure it out?
OP is a huge niggerfaggot

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It was never a meme.

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It's an elaborate pnd don't fall for it

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Guys, this is it, the big one. Get in now before you get justed.

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4chan picked a token that slightly outperformed the market in 2018. That's it. Nothing that important or interesting happened. Trust me, when people see the emperor after the main net launches they'll know sergey has been naked and jacking off the whole time rather than actually doing work.

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Can confirm the stupidness here

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ITT: newfags That think they accomplished anything whatsoever in “discovering” Link. You all are pathetic.

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ITT: three faggots

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>with prospects of being widely adopted within the epicentres u.s. legal and financial world.


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I mean 4chan made trump a president

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Actually, who is patient zero? Which anon was the first to discover LINK?

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>I can't help but notice this project advancing from being a silly meme coin to something with prospects of being widely adopted within the epicentres u.s. legal and financial world.
it was always obvious to everyone with half a brain you retard, even in 2017 many people knew that link is the only serious project but you were to stupid to see that because it didn't moon like some shitcoins and now that it's rising it's all of a sudden "a serious project" fuck outta here you filthy late comer, go buy some nano and stay on plebbit you stupid cuck
fuck off

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the most important step is to not be fucking reddit
heavily censored echo chambers with idiotic systems like upvotes which only serve to deincentivize individuality and intelligence are pretty bad

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I've only been browsing this board for a month, but I unironically bought a stack of link as suicide insurance. How did it get popular on here?

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>This is a big mindfuck for me. How did you guys figure out it? I mean walk me through the steps please.

One day one guy called Assblaster came here saying: ''guys I want to give you a tipp, buy this coin (Chainlink) because it's supported by big corporations and Sergay is well verbunden (has good connections in this world)

While other shitcoins mooned making a x1000 and making many reddittors millionaires for buying IOTA, NANO, and other coins with big hype, the best Link made was 1,20$ or somenthing like that. Then it dropped like any other shitcoin in this realm, but thanks to the autistic's cult of 4chan people it dropped a little bit less than the other coins.
The people here use this as ''it dropped less thn other coins, so it's good''
But no one can say this. For now Chainlink has still yield nothing than memes, and meme partnerships

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This isnt the first time biz found the next big thing. Btc and eth were talked about here as well. It's why once link moon, biz is going to get flooded with normies and scrappers.

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Step 1:
Don't be a retarded sheep

That's it.

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Lol, no. A random anon came and spread the news. >>/biz/thread/S3115473
I picked up most of my stack on ethdelta

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It’s sad, but this is true. No one has gotten wealthy from ChainLink.

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Nothing will ever compare to trading on Etherdelta.

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OP is a linkshill

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You sure about that?

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it really is amazing how blind this board is. chainlink may turn out great, but so far there were so many other opportunities to actually make a literally absurd amount of money that didn't get talked about nearly as much. it's like they don't look at anything else, yet somehow focusing on link was a great choice.

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speaking to him. what do you want to know?

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>meme partnerships
>accord project
>buys own towncrier to monopolize and kill any other possible competitors.
>hundreds of teams using chainlink network upon launch.
please kill yourself.

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The best thing is if you mention any fud, all linkies will just ignore and pretend its nothing and send you back to discord lol... deluded fags

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>100% chance of making millions
>2% chance of nice gains, 98% chance of getting totally justed

geez I don't know why we've been investing in chainlink when we could have taken option #2

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it's just the stupid back patting that goes on now. link hasn't done shit yet whereas dozens of other coins already has that /biz/ has missed, yet somehow they're geniuses. if this board had gotten obsessed with neo when it was cents everyone would be millionaires. chainlink only did a bit more than a 10x at it's height. that's really fucking pathetic compared to what so many other coins did. link has a lot to prove to actually make the claim that /biz/ is smarter than your average bear, and it's just not going to happen.

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chainlink? Sounds like bullshit to me, all they say about how they implement it is that an "API provider" joins the network and can sell his data. So it basically boils down to trusting a single person. You could do exactly the same with ethereum right now, just have some corporation verify that they own a specific contract, and have that contract publish whatever data they're selling

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they solved this problem. nolinkers are morons.

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biz was obsessed with NEO when it was antshares

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so stinky in here

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>run a broken API
>request oracle to that API
>it's broken so they don't respond
>finish the great chainlink penalty heist

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Did you ever lurk pol in 2015? You would’ve seen this coming. Even beyond that, if you’ve lurked 4chan for a really long time you would’ve see this play out mqny a time

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Newfags are always the most aggressive LINK zealots because they never experienced biz before it became /r/chainlink. They have been thoroughly brainwashed by this echo chamber to the point that they immediately attack anyone who even suggests chainlink might fail. Reminds me of the VeChain cult in 2017. Worst of all they are so certain they will "make it" with their pathetic 10k poorfag stack even though the ceiling on this token is like $5.

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Guys, guys,... just stop it.
Stop even writing about chain link.
There is no reward for you to just come here and spread your uneducated opinions.
CL is possible future service. Read again - possible.
That's enough for me to think about CL and jerk off, jerk off thinking about CL is the best thing.
Next time when you come here to argue CL, keep in mind you argue with people with dicks in their hands, jerking it off so good.
Mmmm... Chain Link....

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Link was /ourcoin/ since September 2017, it outperformed the market BECAUSE of you autists

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this, there is a video from an early talk where he says "...and I'm going to make it into a meme so it becomes popular". You're all buying some philosophy major's bags and feeding his bigmac addiction

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>>meme partnerships
>>accord project
>>buys own towncrier to monopolize and kill any other possible competitors.

literaly who

''town crier''... just name town crier to a normie friend and see his face.. ''what a fuck is it?''
''Accord''.... the meme ... le meme.... ''it will substitute notaries''....

UHHUUHU ... who the fuck cares? lol...

Basically it's a way to make the things a little bit more secure but sacrifying speed, praticity of having a notary. ''It will substitute notaries''.... what an invention , lol....

''the derivate market''

Like banks couldn't write their own software without blockchain to automate their payments using 1000 computers (like an internal blockchain own by the bank)

The banks need Chainlink to automate derivate payments...

Honestly I have invested a little bit of money into Iexec RLC, cause I think that is the next big thing.

> why distribuited compunting needs blockchain...muhhhhhhhhhh

Because with blockchain you can rent your bsment dwelling PC trustless with POCO proof of contribution.
With link and oracles it's the same concept, ok.. but no one can avoid a bank to create its own blockchain of 2000 pcs (it's decentralized enough)
and use their own oracles and automated software.

''Muhhhhh I need trusted oracle to ditribuite derivates''

just go fuck yourself

Link given the supply you'll be lucky if it hits 10$

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Oh boy, you missed a lot.

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Tell me more!

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>I don't think Bitcoin will ever get to $10, 5$ at best

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There are paid shills or wanabee traders shilling LINK.

That doesn't mean Link is worthless, but they are shilling it constantly when there are other cryptos with more potential. And they never talk about those.

They probably want to make people buy loads of LINK to amplify it's increase of value in case of a next bull run. Then they'll dump their bags and make a lot of money. Like what was done for PRL end 2017.

Remind that other heavily shilled coins were a complete disaster. E.G: PRL or district0x

The shilling probably comes from one or a few guys.

Anyway DYOR.

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but what you need $2 for?

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>advancing from being a silly meme coin
It never was. 'LINK is a meme' was the meme all along and if you really knew the lore you'd know that

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>>I don't think Bitcoin will ever get to $10, 5$ at best

Bitcoin and Ethereum nd the 2017 bull run was somenthing like an outlier, now it's more difficult to pick up the right coin. LINK is one of the good choise, but the same can be sid for RLC. Maybe IOTA that on this board is hated so much, maybe with the help of the biggest companies in the world could end up creating somenthing good... we don't know the future, we can make only probabilistic assumptions.
Sergey seems a good guy. I find him pretty nice and it's just like kinda of ''my friend''. But in the end (until now) it's still a meme, there is nothing concrete yet.
And another thing to take in consideration is that the x10 are more difficult now, it's not 2017

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>hes so dumb he doesnt realize most of link will be staked in nodes
dude...the level of dumb you are..holy shit

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I found out about the pre-sale from animechan Anon if any of you remember that long ago.

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>tfw even if newfags bought in now they’d get a better price than my cost basis

T-thanks biz

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Why doesn't fakeMOOT take my banner and put it on main.
Gosh it's about time

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1000$ EOY is not fucking joke you fkin normie npc faggot. chainlink is the next big thing, even bigger than cryptocurrencies...the next step are the smart contracts and running your own node mining oracle requests you cuck

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GTFO newfag

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4chan started hyping Bitcoin
4chan started hyping Ethereum
4chan now is hyping Chainlink

Follow the trend.

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>>hes so dumb he doesnt realize most of link will be staked in nodes

Immagine guys with a stake of more than 50k and now immagine link reaching 10$. Continue to tell yourself they won't dump on you at 10$

>> No.12411729

Dyor you dumb fag

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you dont might what compelled you to think this project would explode in the way it has and the manner and which it will unfold. a lot of you people dont strike me as the type to "call a big thing" but thats what you people have done in your selection of chainlink....it seems.

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you people dont have any advanced degrees and yet i am left here scratching my head as to whats going on.

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Is this pasta?
You have to go back

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What is antshares?

>> No.12411958

wow you're literally a crypto new born

>> No.12411960

I'm asking about Chainlink only.

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he thinks assblaster was first
he clearly hasn’t been here for long

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Nothing is going on.
/biz/ is secret /bant/
Most people know things, but banter helps to play the market

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>town liar

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wow i think you dont kno who lurks here...you fkin idiot most of us are high class executives and traders you nigger.
where do you think those people go to blow off steam

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AssBlaster was the first, one of the first.
We have to see if what he said it's true, and if this project has been developed with the intentio to bring somenthing really valuable out of blockchain or is it only a meme. Shilling here costantly toght, shows only that you're a retarded

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This post goes hand in hand with pic related.

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>What is antshares?
Ugh... GTFO.

When 4chan becomes obsessed with something, that something succeeds. Why? Because of anonymity. When there is anonymity, the wisdom of the crowds works best in predicting what the next big thing is. When people debate anonymously, personal background and context cease to influence public opinion. Truth prevails (or: more accurate judgments prevail). That's why we're better at predicting the future than any other group.

>> No.12412688


>he thinks this board has a lot of new people everyday..
>he doesn't know we're always the same
>he thinks normies lurk this board

>> No.12412701

>what you really don't know is that you're the only human posting on a website filled with AI machine learning posters
>you are here by yourself, talking to yourself, with no other human in sight.

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Delete this? This is my greatest fear, that the Truman show is real and I'm just the neighbor with Asperger's.

>> No.12412752

This is right too. 4chan is very good at killing ideas and memes. If a meme survives for more than a month being posted daily, there's got to be some 'truth value' to it. 4chan is an incubator of ideas. Ideas evolve here first, then, once they're ready, they spread to the rest of society.

>> No.12412765

>he thinks all smart people waste their time getting (((degrees)))

>> No.12412781

it literally is. /biz/ missed the boat on literally every big "rags to riches" coin. BTC/ETH. Completely missed the boat.

>> No.12412786

>why is their reddit called Linktrader?
>should be called LINK (bag) hodler
Made me giggle

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the truth is that antshares was shilled just like other projects here. It's normal that someone should have to succed
To make an example:

Nowdays are shilled:
- Bitcoin (retarded maximalists anarchichs /pol tier)

It's normal that someone of this may succeed. We can say that biz is good to pick decent coins, and not total waporware scams
They don't fall for the buzzwords.
But ''predicting'' is a big word

Anyway one of the most likely to succeed may also be RLC, which is not shilled so much here because

1) People want to accumulate
2) some are retarded and they think that french team is bearish
3) asian whale suppressing the price
4) people made a x10 with intel then dropped
5) totally under the radar, more than link
6) it's one of the few coins, if the only one , to give a real purpose to blockchain: think about it is it better to have to buy a lot of servers to provide compunting power or having a network of billions of devices which gives it to you for a fraction of the AWS costs and that can't do harms thanks to proof of contribution?

RLC is Pepe Tuxedo, is a winner

>> No.12412810

LINK will be listed on Gemini before Coinbase

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You're mentally challenged, right?

>> No.12412855

Nothing from your list has been shilled to the extent of chainlink though. Also RLC is a neat project but it doesn't need a token. Even Giles said he didn't take into account the RLC token velocity...this proves the token is an afterthought.

>> No.12412876

>>what you really don't know is that you're the only human posting on a website filled with AI machine learning posters
>>you are here by yourself, talking to yourself, with no other human in sight.

I unironically think about this possibility a lot. My guess is that, right now, less than 5% of posts on /biz are from bots, BUT the number is still more than 0%. And I think it will almost DEFINITELY be growing.

People forget that the original idea of "meme" that Dawkins talked about is NOT "ha ha funny picture" but rather an idea that -- EXACTLY like a gene --replicates.

I think that is definitely happening on biz and 4chan generally. Honestly it kind of worries me because, as I'm sure I don't need to tell you, many of the memes on here are nasty and ugly and, as much as I laugh along with them, I'm concerned about what they are doing to my mental health. In the sense of putting me in a bad, frenetic, unhealthy, nasty mental state.

>> No.12412919

You are the only one shilling RLC here.
How heavy are those bags, m8?
I do have 1m FTC and it's my first time mentioning it here.
Project never died. I don't see the need to shill it here. Barely someone mentions it on /biz/, twice a year?
Shilling only helps to dump your bags, nothing more and hope for that quick "x20 millionaire"
You are just one pajeets trying to prove something here, just get out already with your long ass texts proving nothing

>> No.12412931

>He fell for the ''degree is a meme'' meme

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Of course
Now Trump pays his debt

>> No.12412949

>I'm concerned about what they are doing to my mental health. In the sense of putting me in a bad, frenetic, unhealthy, nasty mental state.
This is exactly the reason I stopped browsing pol 2 years ago.

>> No.12413017

>Also RLC is a neat project but it doesn't need a token. Even Giles said he didn't take into account the RLC token velocity...this proves the token is an afterthought.

the same could be said about chainlink. You can stake in ETH and the reward would be given in ETH

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>I'm concerned about what they are doing to my mental health
Yeah no shit
still here tho

>> No.12413119

>You are the only one shilling RLC here.
>How heavy are those bags, m8?

Since I saw that video with robots, they are not so heavy sincerley.
I guessed Monero back in the days (2015) when it was a few $, but never bought cause I was into other things, and not trading (I couldn't trade). But when I saw a project that makes really anonim a transaction I tought ''this one may be wonderful, imagine the deep web using this'' (2015)

> the deep web used Monero.

I am the guy who bought IOTA and made a x10, and also get PRL at a few cents. Not to mentions raiblock at 4$

But I don't feel ''a savy investitor'' cause in the bull market is easy to make money

If everyone is sking. no I am not rich, cause I started only with 1000$ and I have diversified

Now I see this logo, this name ''Iexec'' that reminds to some kind of Microsoft.
In the days of AI and needing of computational power, this project makes my dick erect.

I am not the only one to shill Iexec. We are in 3-4 anons, if compared to the linkies, but somenthing tell me that we are gonna x 100 from here one day in 2020/21

>> No.12413143

>next big thing
>only up x4 from ICO

>> No.12413167

>Yeah no shit
>still here tho
Yeah, me too, but I am trying to find strategies to (1) get beneficial info from biz but (2) not fall prey to some of the negativity.
Honestly not easy. As another anon said, I'm also trying to drop /pol entirely. FWIW I find that /his and /lit are interesting discussions that dont have the same kind of negativity. But of course they are not as practical either -- Ive cashed about 30K from what I've leanred on biz -- which I realize is chump change for some but it's a lot of money to me.

Honestly the most useful stuff I learn from biz is when someone points to a .pdf of a report or something. Wish I could get a filter just for the urls and shit like that biz turns up.

>> No.12413169

Same. /biz/ ain’t that bad, just a lot of retards. /pol/ is a legit fucking psyop

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Hey guys
Its me the anon who would post "link is a meme shitcoin" in every link thread ~6 months back around the time of the get.
Sorry, I was wrong.

>> No.12413266

LINK is an ERC20 token still in testnet on Ethereum. If you're looking for the next big thing, it'll be a platform with high TPS, able to scale horizontally to allow for multiple blockchains to work independently under a single cryptocurrency. Blockchain is just a database and if you're an enterprise, you don't want to share a database with other people. Then distributed applications can be developed on this platform and used locally or globally. LINK is just an application that honestly isn't as essential as something like computational power or raw data storage. A platform like this is in the works right now, but biz doesn't deserve it.

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fucking dumbass, /biz/ shilled both BTC and ETH many years ago, then ANS, then XRB and now LINK

>> No.12413508

literally newfag dumbass. btc and eth were /g/ finds.

/biz/ called it a scam.

>> No.12413620

The memes are a reflection of reality. They are nasty because the current (((world order))) is nasty. Once it falls I'm sure the frenetic mental state will resolve itself.

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Come on give me a hint, have some Milkers

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>> No.12413878

still a forum fuckwit, learn the language..

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>>nothing than memes

good memes tho

>> No.12414615

It's starting to look that way desu.

>> No.12414670

What makes you think you are

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Liberty, Freedom, and Mobility


>> No.12414725


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Am I going to make it with my pathetic 10k links?

>> No.12414732

how much LINK for a girl like that?

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Gook should kill himself for removing Sachiko from the front page

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>> No.12415476

>all board posters think alike.
you blow in from stupid town?

>> No.12415491

Yea that 1.2$ to 40c chamge over a year really is ushering in the 2nd coming of christ, fuck you linkers are embarrassing xD

>> No.12416361
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Me too thanks.

>> No.12417309
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Here is the first ever post on biz about chainlink

>> No.12417343

Literally read the whitepaper senpai

>> No.12417347

You would be surprised at the power of autism. Many successful individuals lurk and post here.

>> No.12417350

Excellent bait

>> No.12417353


Now that is some damn fine part of history right there fren

>> No.12417483

Honestly the earliest people talking about it must have been pretty damn close to the project. There wasn't even a whitepaper at that point. I remember it feeling like an endless wait for the WP to be released.