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So satisfying to see Skycoin progressing while the rest of the market is shitting itself or exit scamming

>inb4 top-buying faggots shouting scam
Lets be honest, everybody who is left spreading FUD are faggots who bought the binance exchange pump and got burned holding $40 SKY. Fucking everybody knows to dump immediately on exchange listings

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I didn't dump :(

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Unless you bought literally just now or 3 years ago you are bagholding this scam coin. I find it unlikely you did either.

Also why would you make and release a hardware wallet before the consensus algorithm is finished?

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>Unless you bought literally just now or 3 years ago you are bagholding this scam coin
Does /biz/ every learn? I dumped everything on exchange listing

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Why does skycoin only give shit to youtube shills?

What about the people that gave them a $12k bitcoin?

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Skycoin is no different from any other shitcoin out there

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I don't think you're sure about that.

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>Why does skycoin only give shit to youtube shills?
Lol, do you even know how to run a business?

Skycoin is generating actual revenue selling Skyminers and now also hardware wallets. You have to financially retarded to not realise how undervalued Sky is right now

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>Skycoin is generating actual revenue selling Skyminers
yes faggot i know better than anybody, they scammed me
scamming people does not make you a profitable company

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When did you buy the miner? I'd argue the only ones with a semi legit argument of being scammed are those that got the rebate right when all that kidnapping shit went down

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very first batch. everybody got scammed. the rebate price was always higher than market price. pumping and dumping the coin doesnt make that okay either

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Definitely not equivalent to those that bought batch 2 round 1 you had Binance. On another note, can you imagine how retarded you would have to be to buy a skyminer after the kidnapping when the rebate was already locked in way above the current price?

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See >>12402814
>inb4 top-buying faggots shouting scam

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To add on that I don't have a miner yet. I will be buying one when BTC is at ~$2,000 just because I really want an official one

Learn to time the market faggot

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were they still selling miners then? i thought they stopped right before the exit scam

>>inb4 top-buying faggots shouting scam
>Learn to time the market faggot
the only way you can say this is if youre a total newfag or oldfag. everybody on this board got justed. in either case, you shouldnt be here.

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