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What will be the first thing you buy when our heroes from team Chink Nail will tackle the Ballroom Creep and we will make it!

CEO, Savagery Zoner
CTO, Lit Sleeves
Director of Marketing, Unholy Daze
Community Manager, Piraty Ron
Integration Engineer, Smoothed Shag
Technical Advisor, Sure Jail

I'm gonna buy a boat and get as far from other people I can, it will be epic.

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Taylor made suit

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Property, to rent out

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Unironically, my dad's old car back. He had to sell it because of its maintenance cost.

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Which Taylor, Swift? Or that ugly Hanson brother one?

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that's cool, good luck fren

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Nice thought fren, what car is it?

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Nothing really big, just gonna retire my dad. He doesn't fully understand link but he's excited about it.

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Ford grand marquis 1950

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That's bold fren, I haven't had guts to tell anyone about this.. guess I'm still not 100% sure this will work out as I dream, only 99,777777%.

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Therapy... to heal from being on 4chan for a year.

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Aside from paying off parents mortgages and helping close friends/relatives, does any of you have a concrete plan on what to do with the money? Is anyone here planning on continuing studying and working/starting businesses anyway despite making it?

>travelling is boring
>don't wanna buy property and prop up the ponzi
>no friends to hang out with

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My freedom.

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Told almost everyone that's somewhat close to me despite knowing how sketchy it'll make me look. So far none of them seems interested and just thinks I'm scammimg

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2 week vacation with fiancé, pay off both our cars, her student loan, pay off our CC debt, put 50% down on a modest 2300 sqft home. Sock away any leftover $

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I think in any marine’s higher calling their “hobby” becomes their “work.” A completely different approach from wagekeking since you do it on your own terms

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I was thinking of a boat as well
>Travel around the world, visiting coastal cities.
>Meet all kinds of people, offer women a chance to travel the world with me for free on my yacht.
>Build up a harem of women while on my adventures.
This could be a pretty good anime too.

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1) Buy my boomer parents a home and an RV
2) Take lessons and buy myself a solid sailboat

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something for my mom thats been able to keep me at her house for 30 years

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Land in italy with a small house on it. Eat / Shit / Fuck for the rest of my life. Will be comfy man.

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A steak dinner with my parents, brother and his family telling them that we all made it.

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nice digits.
pay off house is correct answer

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I think I will keep trading Forex for a while, just because I’m a price action junkie and enjoy turning out my broker like a cheap hooker.

But after paying off my parents home and purchasing property in the city and country, I plan on setting up a trust to payout annual dividends from investment portfolio to family and closest friends.

Also thinking of buying an apartment building and making it rent to own for my not so close fellow wagecuck comrades where they only have to pay the property taxes, utilities, and a small sum for building maintenance. I wouldn’t mind being the anti-slumlord.

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How many have you got brother. I want to do the same thing for mine

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>his family

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This and from the stress of crypto in general

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Be careful of openly giving away your gains to friends and family and paying for everything for them. There is a reason winning the lottery is something of a curse.

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Checked. I will built a navy of pirates to sink every refugee boat coming to Europe. Will fund right wing youtubers, platforms and politic parties. I will alone Make Europe Great Again.

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You're right about all of that but one thing
You won't be alone as I will be doing it by your side

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I have a small family and we all collectively own a family farm. My niece and nephew would go to any school they please on my dime and the bill on the farm would be paid in full.

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>for a year
Aw poor baby

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I have a business that I'm working on getting started. I don't think it will pay well, but it's something I would enjoy and would keep me busy and fulfilled. I don't think it's something I could really do to support myself without a safety net though, so hopefully my LINK stack will be worth enough to keep me secure while I do what I want.

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How many link have you got brother?

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>having so much money you can force Taylor Swift to make you a suit
This is our destiny, lads.

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I hopes you guys do the honorable thing and stream your suicides when it tanks.

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a gf

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I will get 4 dental implants(missing teeth from an indian dentist, can't afford to get fixed), then i will live off the interest.

i only have 612 link serious poorfag.

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>Also thinking of buying an apartment building and making it rent to own for my not so close fellow wagecuck comrades where they only have to pay the property taxes, utilities, and a small sum for building maintenance. I wouldn’t mind being the anti-slumlord.

I know someone inside the Siemens family (old lady) who does this. God speed anon you are a good guy

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I'm going to hire the Pinkertons to track down you motherfuckers who thought it was cute to FUD ChainLink the past year. They'll find you. You'll pay.

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Top kek my 16 yo little brother has more LINK than that. Are you a 3rd worlder and how did you manage to scrape together 600 linkies? I hope you'll make it fren

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>a year

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Yes. I am going to open a wine bar. I like wine and live near a wine region. I’ll get it open and running and then hire someone to manage the day to day.

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I invested 250 dollars back in early feb. from a birthday present.

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I'm from kentucky, serious apartmentfag, poor parents, poor upbringing, poor schools.

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I wish you all the best fren

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Being poor in America must be pretty tough. All I can say is try to live as cheaply as possible and hoard more LINK. Even saving up $200 will allow you to double your stack. Look for oatmeal bro for inspiration. Godspeed anon

t. Poor European student who put 2.5k government gibs into Chainlink

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Scratch and sniff tattoos. For the braps.

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i cant even get gibs :(

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How come we don’t do the military ranks anymore? Pretty sure I’m a lowly private now. Can’t be helped though.

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I would like to go back to school for landscape architecture to be honest, I think I could make a nice litttle business out of it

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You're fucking high. There's three billion mexicans already doing that.

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>if I had my original 55k stack
Light blue lambo but just for a few months then I’d sell it
>with my current 4.4k stack
Pay off my credit cards... hopefully

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A trip to space. I want to see truly how small our planet is. I know we are not even a speck of dust in the scale of the universe, but I want to experience the overview effect. After that, I will focus all funds on developing technologies to explore space. Even if my millions of dollars can not amount to anything on their own, I will find a collective of like minded individuals or join an existing one such as SpaceX. I may even continue going to college and get a job at NASA. To me, money means nothing. As long as I have enough to live a comfortable life with no worries, then I want to devote all of my time helping to develop technologies that will further mankind.

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yard work != landscape architecture

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Yes, the Mexicans are doing the design and autocad work you fucking mong

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Feel sorry for my Link bros in bad situations.

Can't imagine knowing about Link and not being able to get a decent stack.

BUT you've had enough time to get your miners license and work a year making 60-80k shoveling coal.

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Hold strong brother.

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Once the Wall is completed that won't matter.

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lol there's still time to do all that

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i will.

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I hope to God there is

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Posted in another thread but never got an answer. First time on biz in over a year. Was the whole ass blaster thing debunked?

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I told my parents we're all retiring in June even though they're not in the least bit enthused about the project. I got a couple friends in on this but most aren't jumping in head first like I am.

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take measures to secure my own long term financial security, pay off my family's debts, start self-improving full time and figure out how to court women

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What happened to your stack?

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