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Oct. 9, Microsoft announced in a blog post increased cloud capabilities for its government clients. While not directly related to JEDI, Microsoft made clear that it will be able to support top secret U.S. data in its Azure Government cloud, a requirement of JEDI. The software company noted that, last October, it announced Azure Government Secret and the expansion of its mission-critical cloud with new regions enabled for secret U.S. classified data or Defense Information Systems Agency Impact Level 6 workloads.

“We are making major progress in delivering this cloud designed to meet the regulatory and compliance requirements of the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community,” Julia White, Microsoft’s corporate vice president for Azure, said in the blog post.

“Today, we are announcing these newest regions will be available by the end of the first quarter of 2019,” she said. “In addition, to meet the growing demand and requirements of the U.S. Government, we are confirming our intent to deliver Azure Government services to meet the highest classification requirements, with capabilities for handling Top Secret U.S. classified data.”

Privacy is must for Top secret data so how Chainlink can be used in here? For sure premissioned chain is used but if data comes outside of gov scope I see the benefits of Chainlinks public chain.

So as we know TEEs and ZKPs (zero knowledge proofs) will make the distinction between private and public blockchains obsolete, meaning your LINK tokens will in fact be used by enterprises and in turn make you rich.

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"An abstract way of using ZKPs with Chainlink is that a requester can verify that the Chainlink node performed some computation requested of them without the need for the node operator to reveal details of how they performed it by simply responding with a proof. This allows the proof (which is sent back on-chain by the Chainlink nodes) to be kept a manageable size, regardless of the computation performed.

Going further and introducing ZKPs + TEEs in the same request, you could have the Chainlink node perform the computation itself within the TEE, and provide the ZKP itself as a response back on-chain. The benefit here is that instead of a plaintext answer being returned to the smart contract from the enclave, a proof is returned instead, and the node operator (or someone watching nodes' responses) has no information that would reveal the original query."


The intelligent edge is the continually expanding set of connected systems and devices that gather and analyze information close to the physical world where data resides, to deliver real-time insights and immersive experiences that are highly responsive and contextually aware. These connected systems and devices will help government agencies across a huge array of mission goals, such as tracking water quality, improving emergency management, speeding maintenance of vital equipment, and bringing insight into complex real-world logistics problems.

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My Analysis of Cryptlets

From reading this white-paper over a few times, I've got to applaud what Microsoft is developing here. To put it simply, it seems Microsoft has wrote an SDK which leverages the Chainlink platform.

What they've developed is to allow developers to write "Cryptles" in any common language like Java, C++, Python. These cryplets are essentially the smart-terms as described here, but allowed to be written and deployed in this SDK. This means developers will be able to leverage the Chainlink platform without going through a UI, using an SDK to do it. If this is indeed using Chainlink, this is a massive step in the right direction.

Microsoft Bletchley Paper: https://github.com/Azure/azure-blockchain-projects/blob/master/bletchley/CryptletsDeepDive.md

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I know these are old stuff.

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Blockchain for Azure Government

We view blockchain as a major technological advancement with the potential for significant impact in many industries, including the public sector, through its ability to enable verifiable and immutable cross-party computation. At its core, a blockchain is a data structure that’s used to create a digital transaction ledger that, instead of resting with a single provider, is shared among a distributed network of computers. Blockchain technologies deployed on Azure are applicable to many complex problems facing government today, including distribution of funds after natural disasters, registration of property ownership, and other issues involving tracking ownership of funds or assets through multiple transactions. Today we’re launching Blockchain for Azure Government, which will support a wide array of our Azure blockchain and distributed ledger marketplace solutions. These solutions automate the deployment and configuration of blockchain infrastructure across multiple organizations, allowing our customers to focus on government transformation and application development.

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shits still 30 cents. have fun waiting 5-10 years to make any gains

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Whyyyyyyy6yyy6y !!!???

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Why do I keep buying linkies

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>He doesn't know

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Bane is an independent DOD security consultant and Chainlink hodler.

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Link was a 2018 meme. It’s now 2019, time to put it to bed and move on. Or take it to a place that appreciates old memes like 9gog

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>go to google patents
>Search ‘Marley Gray’
>see patents were published in November 2018
>Read the patents
>go to sleep after buying more Link

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haha .... huehue ... kek... f..fo....for you... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH top fucking kek lolhhahahahhvhhhhhhhhhh

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>have fun waiting 5 years to make millions of dollars
you people are pathetic

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Holy shit this is fantastic

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Brainlet here...what does this mean? How does this relate to chainlink?

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I wish I weren’t retarded and knew what any of this meant. Helpful frens, plz, do I just buy moar lynx? I don’t want more hard life, I want comfy :(. Plz frens help a not smart fren.

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delete please sir. please to then buying mobius.

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There is no direct evidence that cryptlet is chainlink, and guess what, IT IS NOT !

Its just basic private Microsoft’s oracle for private purposes and works just like oraclize, Its just basic JSON code and you can even see that basic JSON call function on the patents schemes, there is nothing special just basic call-receive system so stop deluding yourself ffs...

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Does anyone have a link to the ChainLink patents by Sergey? I need to add then to my collection

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Try again.

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What if Sergey just contributed to this and Microsoft has their own oracle solution? Surely way more big companies would use Microsoft’s solution that Smartcontract.com’s...no?

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why would Sergey have a sudden realization that the rumors and partnerships are true like that lol

He would already know

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>buy some useless bitcoin in 2010
>make millions in 2016
>b-but it took you 6 years!!1

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This doesn’t prove that this has anything to do with ChainLink though :(...that was from way before ChainLink was even started :(

Why don’t we ever just for sure get confirmation that we’ll make it? It’s all speculative

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Fuck off candyass

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Attested data, I had been thinking of remote attestation and data as separate use cases but fuck me attested data! It pulls together all of the identity, security and data stuff. Fuck.

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It's called a white label partnership, there'll probably never be an announcement. That's the deal, ChainLink creates the Oracle network, Microsoft expands upon it creating an SDK for the network and they brand it however they want. It's a win win really

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Brainlet. There is literally no other project in crypto / non-crypto that comes close to being able to do this. By order of deduction, it’s link.

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what makes you think Chainlink isnt Microsofts solution? Why would they reinvent the wheel when they could just buy a few million Link and advise

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Good from you, unironically going all in. Selling the last of my XMR and BTC and probably liquidating some boomer stocks.

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The wheel isn’t invented yet...perhaps they have an independent solution from ChainLink in Cryptlets...

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based, i am there with you. sold my stocks and am dca buying the rest of it. i think i will break 100k links. god speed anon, hopefully the 23rd brings some good stuff

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Yea but now youre just circling back to the private vs public argument.

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The abstract for this illustrates how chainlink will interact with town crier I think

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When it comes to securing the input, there are 4 levels of security:

1. Information from a centralized source, delivered by a centralized oracle node

2. Information from decentralized sources, delivered by a centralized oracle node

3. Information from a centralized source, delivered by decentralized oracle nodes

4. Information from decentralized sources, delivered by decentralized oracle nodes

With levels 1 and 2, the centralized oracle (i.e. Oraclize) would be the point of attack. With level 3, the attack would have to corrupt the cloud server that is hosting Clari. Having a centralized point of failure handle such critical and consequential information is clearly an unacceptable risk.
To quote several industry voices:

1. “If the oracle is compromised, so is the entire contract; this is one reason why centralized oracle services are not considered a serious solution to “The Oracle Problem” in most cases”

2. “The thing with smart contracts is that they are unable to take initiative. They will not react to events unless explicitly told to do so with a transaction. This is what makes oracles so important……An oracle which can alter the state of a smart contract is a potential attack vector. If it has elevated privileges, the oracle can do real damage and cause loss of funds.”

The chosen oracle must be decentralized, which leaves us with Chain Link by process of elimination.

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>ctrl + F "chainlink"
>0 results

Nice LARP thread boys

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Even if the 23rd is a let down, we have already made it. Semper fi.

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Microsoft has a history of buying promising startups. They bought Hotmail that was once a popular email service. Buying Chainlink will not be a surprising move.

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This is for high IQ people where ctrl + f Chainlink is not needed.

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That patent illustrates how Microsoft Cryptlets will interact with Town Crier, so Chainlink as they own them.

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Yea, obviously, but what if Microsoft has a decentralized solution using SGX or something and they just haven’t advertised it? Wouldn’t be impossible. They run their own network of nodes that acts as a decentralized oracle network?

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Great find nomad wizard fren!

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If they run their own network of nodes then it's centralized as you only have to bride / take down one company to change the Oracle responses. It would never work

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Not with intel SGX

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What if Microsoft is developing their own decentralized system with decentralized oracles ? Companies will trust Google’s product more than literal whos Russian Chainlink...

+ They will issue their own stablecoin to power the network. There is no need for some volatile token, whats the point of that ? Every institution will rather use 1:1 token than some pump and dump coin thats possesed by whales whos invested 1000$ and are milionaires and can manipulate whole networks marketcap by unloading their huge holdings (see btc bartings by whales)

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Kek. Funny when you look at it like that.

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You still have one single location you need to DDoS or bomb to stop the contract

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Not if you put up a big network...I’m thinking like hyperledger, but oracle network...

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They wont run their own network of nodes you dumbass, they will do token sale and decentralize it properly. Just like chainlink is right now but they will announce and offer/distribute tokens right on mainnet launch (and it will be stable token not some moonboys pump and dump “free market” token) There is just no reason to hold chainlink for almost year and half. They could wait like microsoft but they needed money i guess.

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This is my concern...and I have a large amount of money in Link :(

Do any frens have any info that gets rid of any doubt that Microsoft is working independent of ChainLink on oracles?

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just stay in discord... pathetic

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This is my biggest anxiety and one I can’t shake :(

If we could get actual evidence of Docusign using ChainLink, it would give me super levels of comfy, but I’m afraid Tom Gonser is expressing personal interest in the project...

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That would be such a badass move from Microsoft. What if Cryptlets is the real Chainlink ? We all keep telling ourselfs that we werent suppose to know about chainlink but what if its Microsoft who managed to keep it quiet without any leaks so they could issue their own non-security token ?

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I’m not a member of a discord, but I share this same concern, I don’t want to fud, so if anyone can show that this isn’t possible, it would be awesome. Nomad friend showing that Marley Gray patent mentioned Town Crier was very comfy.

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Nice argument :)

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Its using Town crier as an SGX inplementation and not as Chainlinks node implementation. Its all open-sourced

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But ChainLink owns town crier now...seems very unlikely that ChainLink would allow a competing project to use towncrier to make the ChainLink mainnet obsolete...

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I work for a provider of valuable data and have had communications with the team (via Dan Kochis). The value isn't just in the ChainLink tech itself, there are some very influential partnerships the team have that have been formed over many years. Remember they have been at this since 2014, don't underestimate those years of work that have gone into this, and how long Sergey and team have been selling this solutions as the industry standard. It's not just an oracle network, its set to be a service catalogue of of API data ready to sell into smart contracts.

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Like Rhombus 5 trillion data points <=> OpenLaw + CL <=> On/Off chain?

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>This is my concern...and I have a large amount of money in Link :(
>Do any frens have any info that gets rid of any doubt that Microsoft is working independent of ChainLink on oracles?

I think it would be very difficult for microsoft to launch a network that would compete with chainlink. The whole point of the chainlink network is trust, and microsoft comes to the enterprise space with a TON of baggage. Stop and think: what is YOUR perception of microsoft? Do you think Oracle, and IBM, and Citibank and Goldman Sachs are all going to be comfortable going to a solution controlled and run by microsoft? No, they won't. Maersk, the big shipping company, is running into this issue right now. They are trying to set up a decentralized network to track shipping. but nobody else wants to sign up because they are all thinking, hey I don't want to use a network that is set up by my biggest competitor.

So, ok, but why would they trust a pipsqueak no name startup like smartcontract.com -- the issuer of chainlink. The answer is that at first they won't. They'll only use it for small test projects at first. And -- who knows -- maybe those test projects will fail and it will suck and a bunch of biz anons will an hero. I sure as fuck hope that won't happen but it could. But the point is, with a brand new entity, there is a CHANCE (and fwiw I think a good chance) that trust will build up over time and big players will embrace the network. If the network is started by a huge player -- with a TON of enemies, and even more "frenemies" that tolerate microsoft but know how ruthless Micrisoft can be -- then I just see no way that big players will be willing to even try it.

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ahhh yiss

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opinion discarded, nigger
just kidding but even if Microsoft is trying to make their own oracle solution, there's no guarantee that their product would be superior to chainlink. The only innate advantage would be their reputation, which wouldn't necessarily mean much, particularly in a decentralized, trustless, open source market. Another consideration is why would Serg let them use TC after acquiring it in a clearly strategic move? He would be giving one of his best cards his opponent- the only way I see this happening is if LINK is dead in the water and Sergey is essentially selling off assets to line his wallet, which I don't think is the case.

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>hates money
>has no patience
>doesn’t know eoy is right around the corner

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This is how my dog shakes after he eats a handful of rubber bands.

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ah yes, this
reminds me of another point: Why would Microsoft try to build a decentralized oracle system when they presumably intent to use permissioned chains? They could run their own CL node for free.

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Rhombus 5 trillion data points is the equivalent to ChainLink core adapter. It's just API data.

I'm talking about data provider partners that will be available to help you build a smart contracts from essentially a catalogue. What Sergey refers to as Chainlinks in his talks. This catalogue of data is bigger than you might think. The few they wheeled out for DevCon are just the tip of the iceberg

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Everything from Microsoft is pure shit

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I think the team is aware of the need to secure the network through decentralization, cheers mate

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Attested* data in to smart contracts

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someone please hodl me

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How does this relate to chainlink?

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read the thread again brainlet

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So it's nothing more then speculation.

>> No.12403665

chainlink is helping to monitize data, and not just for bullshit advertising purposes. it's gonna be..

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You’ve had a year

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I'm so fucking bored of breadcrumbs. We all know we're going to make it, at this point we're just passing time. My ducks are in a row.

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>Types of cryptlets may include utility cryptlets and contract cryptlets. Utility cryptlets usually perform external data integration via events internal or external, provide data access or reusable logic to blockchain smart contracts, but can also provide service level APIs for other systems to work with blockchains. Utility cryptlets whose primary purpose is to inject attested data into blockchains may be called “oracle” cryptlets. In some examples, contract cryptlets contain smart contract specific logic that counter-parties signing the contract agree to. Both types of cryptlets may provide a blockchain facing API and a Surface level API.

wew lad

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2019 will be another bear.

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Even if all this is true, it doesn't mean the chainlink token will increase in value.

>> No.12403889

sure it is speculation, but do you not get a sense AT ALL for how the wind is blowing, anon?

>> No.12403960

Do you know how many retards have had this sentiment in human history for certain investments and died broke as fuck. We don’t “know” shit yet.

>> No.12404051

You don't have an argument you dirty XRP nigger :)

>> No.12404066

your attempt at fudding was pitiful you passive aggressive cuck

>> No.12404093

Not for link. Just like 2018 wasn’t.

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Attested data is getting me rock hard

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My ID: Gamer Fap
This is literally my life

>> No.12404128

If you can read and understand this then you have a high IQ. Frens forevor.

>> No.12404237

yeah that made me kek
gamers rise up (and fap)

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This is the problem with /biz/ right here. There isn't an understanding of Chainlink tokenomics.

1. Nodes will only be paid in LINK. Sure there will be conversion tools for people paying in fiat or other crypto but it will 100% need to be converted to LINK to pay node operators. This by itself could power the LINK value just by transactional value via repetition, supply and demand.

2. Smartcontract creators will use nodes that carry a % value of LINK to that smartcontract. Yes they will only use nodes with COLLATERAL VALUE. let me put that in simple terms for brainlets. If there is a 1 million dollar smartcontract, escrow bonds whatever, the smartcontract will us LINK nodes that equal to or a portion of of that 1 million dollars. This is part of the Chainlink protocol to deter bad actors in giving false data.

3. Because of #2, the higher the LINK value the higher the smartcontract value and vice versa. The higher the LINK value the larger number os smartcontracts can be used within the LINK network and vice versa. The higher the LINK value the more stable the network.

Now think about how big the smartcontract economy will be in the future. There is a reason why 1000 EOY can become a reality and why you hear it so much.

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if you genuinely believe this at this point you're not being skeptical, you're being incredulous.

>> No.12404383

You really think some fortune 500 suit is going to make a binance account to purchase an ERC token? The technology behind chainlink has great potential, but this doesn't equate to an increase in token value.

>> No.12404439

how poor you are that you need to still fud at these prices?

>> No.12404452

+ token incentivizes early adoption, not much traffic = cheaper token, a lot of traffic = expensive token. Usually it's the other way around, no incentive to be early on a protocol that's not widely used. Also it aligns everyones incentives, swift has millions of tokens, swift want's them to appreciate in value just like a neet wants it's measly 1k tokens to appreciate in value.

>> No.12404457

Holy fuck boys. HOW MUCH LINK TO FUCKING MAKE IT IN FIVE YEARS? Currently at 21k, could afford more if I really really tried.

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[0022] In some examples, a cryptlet is a code component that can execute in a secure environment and be communicated with using secure channels. One application for cryptlets is smart contracts. In some examples, a smart contract is computer code that partially or fully executes and partially or fully enforces an agreement or transaction, such as an exchange of money and/or property, and which may make use of blockchain technology. Rather than running the logic of a smart contract in the blockchain itself, in some examples, the logic may instead be done by cryptlets executing off of the blockchain. In some examples, the blockchain may still be involved in some manner, such as in tracking the state, and receiving the output of the cryptlet.

Sounds like town crier.

>> No.12404844

This is probably the best way I can explain it.
Bitcoin is kind of like a tree, right? It has rings and stuff which can't be changed and you can open it up and look at the history and agree where all the rings are. And ethereum is kind of like the leaves. They're scattered around the branches off of the tree and have veins and shit on them for writing things on. But when you write on one, it copies over to all the other leaves. Which is good because if you look at 1 leaf you'll know that it is legit if it says the same things as the rest of the leaves.
So this is where Chainlink comes in. Chainlink is like a nigger jerking off on to the soil at the base of the tree. His cum is kind of like the external data which your bitcoin tree feeds to the ethereum leaves. So basically feeds the tree with stuff that it needs to give to the leaves which are asking for nutrients and stuff.
Hope this helps.

>> No.12404899

ummm...checked i guess?

>> No.12405022

Brother, you are a sick puppy.

>> No.12405035

we are going to make it

>> No.12405225

Haven't been on biz in over a year. Is ass blaster still around or was that debunked?

>> No.12405228

What happened here?

>> No.12405249

He's with us now

>> No.12405259

bitch ate too many rubber bands.

>> No.12405271

10k, the number has always been 10k.

>> No.12405381

Lol guess that shit was debunked and everyone pretends like it never happened since no one is responding

>> No.12405491

Seems legit. We are going to make it.

>> No.12405536

#2 is the key. LINK being collateral for these contracts is the absolute difference between it being a high velocity shitcoin and something different.

And no. No Fortune 500 suit will be on Binance buying LINK (unless he's smart now), because there will be fiat to LINK gateways. Most people using Chainlink's oracle network won't even need to know the token exists, but because that's what the node operators get paid in, they most definitely will be using it on the back end.

>> No.12405697

Hmm...I get what you are saying, but do you think there is any risk in the future once the network matures that link tokens will eventually be phased out?

>> No.12405780

Lol keep up newfag. Assblaster was obviously a larp, we all knew it and he was permanantly btfo for ever when "$3 by May" didnt pan out.
Now you know the news from 8 months ago. You're welcome.

>> No.12405820

Think logically, nobody can make price predictions since the market is too volatile. Ignore price predictions and read about everything else he said, even if he was a larp he made really good points.

>> No.12406084

$1000 eoy was never based on any rational thought

>> No.12406798

$20 eofeb

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>if only you could see the registration list for our little fireside chat
might as well call it
>The Winners’ Circle

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Are you me? I’ve been making this point here for a long time. Lots of good stuff in the AB threads.

>> No.12406842

0% chance. There is a reason the tokens aren’t mintable or mineable. Acquiring relatively bigger stacks in a zero-sum environment is crucial to the model.

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"With Chainlink acquiring town crier, at this point the dots from last year are all but basically confirmed. I firmly believe that sergey has worked with Microsoft/Marley gray to implement chainlink directly into the cryptlet fabric aka enterprise smart contracts. What Microsoft is doing is creating an SDK directly tied to chainlink. Marley was deeply involved in SGX implementation and now sergey owns town crier. This has all been planned and everyone is merged at this point. When mainnet is released do not be surprised that the first major announcement shortly after is that Microsoft enterprise smart contracts are indeed running on/are chainlink. The link network will be what TCP IP is to the internet. At this point I am 100% confirmed that Microsoft and Docusign will be the first 2 major users of the network. It is eerie to think about but maybe Sergey knew all along that he had this all at his fingertips and the only thing he really needed to make it work was us to run the nodes or it would all be for nothing. Maybe our autism is what sergey really wanted deep down. This is the calm before the storm. 2019 will be big. Don’t be surpirised to see Microsoft and chainlink in the same sentence on the title of an article on major news sites by this April/May."

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The fire rises

>> No.12408119

Thanks for the link

>> No.12408149

I-I...love you

>> No.12408518

Thats indeed a funny id

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What’s an SDK?

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This garbage never pumps.

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how many more years are you late adopters going to keep each other from killing yourselves with these effeminate threads?