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I have 120k link. How rich can I expect to be in 18 months to 2 years?

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Damn... Sergey needs to lay off the burgers

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this fucking guy is fatter every pic I see
link is going to 0 cause this cunt will die of a heart attack

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could be about the same. for all we know this bear market will last years. But in 5 years MAX no doubt you'll be rich

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link will have a 7billion marketcap in 18 months
maybe double that in 3 years

somewhere in between in 2 years

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Nice fud stupid faggot g kys

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what an absolute unit

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Big Linkus

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1000 burgers

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Need more answers here

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I don't have link but holy shit those memes made me kek, i'm considering becoming a stinky

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Those bigmacs have gone straight to his ass

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BTC is not private or fungible.

What use does a large corporate entity or institution have with a coin that can be analysed through chain analysis so that their competitors, foreign governments, or other bad actors can analyse all of their transactions data?

Information leaked includes relationships, supply chains, profit and loss information, accumulated wealth, and more.

For people serious about Business Monero is the answer. Data mining will be a serious issue for commercial deployments.


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What do you think is happening here anons?

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she demands to cuddle with his shirt after they fuck. are her last gestures not obvious?

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>it is going to blow up
>what do you mean blow up?
>what about all the racist neets hodling the fat stacks

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Join the masterrace, anon. If I hadn't traded into LINK last july when it dipped in price my portfolio would have been absolutely JUSTED by now.
For reference, I was holding total shitcoins like Ark and Sky.

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fresh off the press

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What happened to how, how did he get so fat suddenly

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obviously talking about big cums

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