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>GF makes me shave my legs
>use razors left behind at the gym I sneak into once a month
>stock up on deodorant, socks there too
How are my fellow linklets saving funds in these trying times?

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Your taking used deodorant and socks? Anon...I...

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>used razors
lel enjoy your hepatitis

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>used hepatitis
razor your enjoy lel

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>used enjoy
your razor lel hepatitis

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I’ve been having water with my cereal instead of wasting money on dairy.

When I feel like spoiling myself a little, I pour salt on a sock and chew on it to soften the pangs in my belly. Salt is pretty inexpensive these days, since Trump’s election and all. So that’s a plus.

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Scrapping metal, selling dick picks, honestly whatever it takes anon

I might try that trick to get some free toiletries, thanks

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How much for the dick pick?

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I charge $10. Get about 5 buyers a week off craigslist, mostly gay.

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Why the fuck would you let her emasculate you like that? Shaving your legs, jesus christ... what are you, a baby?

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what happened to money skelly?

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>there are people in the world who have to steal used deodorant and old razors, and chew on salted socks just to get by

Man, this thread's made me feel a lot better about my life.

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10 bars of soap is roughly 4$.
$4 right now gets you roughly 9 linkies.

How stinky are you willing to get for your linkies?

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Tobacco is great for killing hunger. Find some good ashtrays around town and rotate when you empty them and get the leftover tobacco out, roll your own cigarettes with Bible pages (again just grab one from a church, one should last a while) or use a homemade pipe (/diy/ can help there).

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Not having a GF, especially not one who makes me do such things.

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I work 40 fucking hours a week and use any extra cash for LINK
I try to never leave my apartment other than work or maybe the occasional random hookup at some roastie's

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Yeah, I already snipe cig butts. Sometimes it’s just not enough to tame the rumbles of hunger. That’s when I turn to sucking off strangers. It’s been a reliable source of supplementary protein to my diet so far. Still no income though, so I guess I’m technically not a sex worker. At least I still have my dignity, right?

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This is why Linkies will win

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To add to this, try to hang around museums and fancy restaurants, anywhere there are old people. They have the best butts by far, almost full cigarettes and sometimes nice cigars.

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Jesus Christ I refuse to believe any of you live in such abject conditions. Smoking used cigs? Sucking on salt? Using used razors? What the hell happened to you all, just get a fucking job.

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>shaving legs
Homosexual spotted.

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If you just workup a sweat, the saltiness should work just as well. No need to be wasteful and pour a whole spoonful of salt onto your sock. But maybe you’re just rich enough to not care?

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This is sad folks!

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Here’s a great Lifehack (please don’t spread it, I can’t afford to lose this source of nutrients): if you live near construction sites, go raid the port o johns in the morning after the Mexican workers have made their “morning move.” It is best when the John is unchanged so that the fecal matter is above water (the chemicals seem safe to ingest anyway). Mexicans seem to have a high corn diet and you will ALWAYS find at least a whole bowl of perfect corn kernels with this method. The smell can be rough, but shit, this has saved me in a pinch more times than I can count.

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>have to save money on groceries
>try canned tuna, pretty good
>I guess
>try canned meats
>tastes like literal dog food
>think I might as well try actual dog food
>this is what I've been reduced to
>when moon? when lambo?

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Im unironically pissing in a bottle and drink it afterwards. That way i dont have to pay for water.

I even make tea with it sometimes (it tastes not so bad)

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3rd world shitter here. wtf are you idiots doing. Just steal if things are that bad. Nobody's gonna suspect some white nerds gonna jump them. You have an advantage.

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That’s why we prefer not to import you untouchables...

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Whatever just keep drinking piss then...

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Nice to know your morals and dignity are worth about a cup of water. That’s why we don’t want you here. This is just a temporary difficulty for us, you’re eternally just a piece of shit that can’t handle hardship without fucking over your neighbor.

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Whatever fucker i have a family to worry about. I would never let them suffer cos muh morals. Go suck your cum sock.

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Honestly pathetic.

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use an electric hair trimmer.. not razers

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Thanks for the convo, i think i understand better now why you fags cant get your women to respect you anymore.

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when a thief has more dignity than posters ITT, that's how you know our civilization is truly fucked

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>>GF makes me shave my legs
muh dik

where do i find girls like this

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based and ubermenschpilled

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>GF makes me shave my legs
Are you sure she is the GF?
I think I have news for you buddy
I think your'e the woman in this relationship
also you don't deserve that pair of testicles

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