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what are your expectations for this?

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Hopefully more larps and wojaks

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I’ll let you know, what should I ask?

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How much wood can a woodchuck chuck?

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Trying to expect absolutely nothing just like every other event and conference was

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My expectations are 1k Eoy

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Sergey being an autistic sperg

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The forever bull in me says Docusign will announce using the chainlink network. Very probable based on the timing but unlikely

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A price pump followed by a price dump

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ok ill bite....

who the fuck is sergey

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Somebody ask Sergey how many people are there in line waiting for oracles, Srgey's oracles to be specific.

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Is anyone streaming it? Somebody needs to in 720p

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Big massive dump.

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Get out

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A good bedtime story.

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This. I expect the same old, tired talking points from Sergey. Once again he'll drop a nothing burger on linkies

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Sergey mentioned they were in talks with hundreds of teams about their requirements.
This is from one of the videos on youtube.

How many go live remains to be seen.

I believe early success could open the flood gates.

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He'd never drop a burger.

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you guys have done this for years now. An event gets announced and everyone thinks "holy shit this is the big one!" when you fucking know thats not how chainlink works. They dont announce shit anywhere at no time. everytime an event happens you guys love to forget link is NO HYPE marketing. fucking idiots my god

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They won’t mention chainlink at all during the event is my guess.

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probably this even tho its link event thats how much no-hype they are, wont even mention themselves lmao

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Funny memes and good larps.