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>That feeling of knowing you already made it when you found link and the future is just time catching up to you.
Link marines have achieved comfy levels that shouldn't even be possible.

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You posted this as a reply and then made your own thread nice

Also dubs

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>link can still reach $1000 EOY 2018!

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>have ever growing link stack
>if link fails I’ve put too much in and I’m fucked
>if link succeeds not sure I’ll have enough to quit wage slaving
Haven’t felt comfy even once. How do you feel comfy with LINK?

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everyone deserved to see it

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I already is $1k, the universe is just coming to terms with it.

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Link 2028 4,300,000$

2,000,000 link marine.
The gods have spoken to me. My portfolio. No larp frena.

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imagine if this was real

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It is real fren. Mined in China then bought by me in a private sale. 1,000,000 BTC for 31,000,000 dollars. Then cashed out 8,000,000 through Kraken and coinbase.
I am king of Cryptos. Bought 100,000 Acer ranch in California put a 114,000 square foot house on it. Water slides
along the worlds largest collections of movie props,dvds,vinyl records,books, art, clothes , sneakers,comics, watches etc.
I have over 50 motorbikes and 412 cars . I order herion, cocaine, crystal meth, kettamine, cannabis buy the kilo off Dream market place.
No larp frens