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Ambrosus marketing making the first moves to be capture the wagecuck population. But seriously this is a good sign... a real crypto use case with a global brand , fitting for a global ceo Angel Versetti

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we are on too many layers
is it reverse fud or reverse reverse shill

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I hope it stays this way, I hate shills who come to this board just to hamfist their garbage (Rate3, FLO, all that shit). Metashilling is the future.

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You guys do realize that a sql server could accomplish this task just as easily right?

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do your fucking job jannies

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Big partnership with global brand is cringe? Millions of dollars in revenue is cringe?

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>tweeting at a company == partnership
The absolute state of shills. How is the weather in kashmir Ramesh?

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This tweet isn't even real.

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This is literally the next level of the golden bubble fake partnerships. SEC starts cucking misrepresentation so now shitcoins are resorting to this shilling method. And you fucking fell for it faggot. Sad.

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BTC is not private or fungible.

What use does a large corporate entity or institution have with a coin that can be analysed through chain analysis so that their competitors, foreign governments, or other bad actors can analyse all of their transactions data?

Information leaked includes relationships, supply chains, profit and loss information, accumulated wealth, and more.

For people serious about Business Monero is the answer. Data mining will be a serious issue for commercial deployments.


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>old as fuck tweet
I hold AMB too, but the streetshitter in you shows in every word. Fuck off to T-Series.

On another note however, AMB pitching to MDO shows some good confidence in what the team is buidling.

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its hot but your mother is hotter

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and yet bitcoin is still the only hard money in crypto. monero can never compete being an alt that will lose its value if it's privacy ever gets compromised.

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>monero can never compete being an alt that will lose its value if it's privacy ever gets compromised.

Given that it's basically the pedocoin that's is almost guaranteed to happen.

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>mfw AMBlets are still hoping for partnerships with large companies
I am summoning all BearWolf legionnaires to bring a STORM OF CHAOS on AMBlets after main net

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Which one do you like?

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>his hormonal imbalance is acting up again

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The curry smell in here is noxious

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I fuck the one on the left

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You have no idea

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op you indian subhuman, gas yourself ranjeet.

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This state of shills has been consistent for years. Stainchink spammers have been posting fake partnerships for the entirety of 2018