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Pajeets told me Skycoin was exit scamming a year ago but now Skycoin keeps delivering new mobile wallets and hardware wallets and antennas and Skyminers and developing CX and Skywire and Fiber, and it has all these partnerships with the likes of John McAfee and Binance, and there's a constant stream of Skycoin marketing videos and reviews and interviews appearing on Youtube, and the community on Twitter and Telegram seems to be exploding with growth and new members, and there seems to be a new article published about Skycoin every week, and they've got regular promotions and airdrops and basically non-stop activity all over the place, with the 6th busiest GitHub in the whole crypto space, above EOS and XLM and lots of other much higher mcap platforms. So what the fuck sort of exit scam is this???

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They haven't delivered any kind of transparent distribution or consensus or anything.

It's a fucking scam, the most centralized project there is. Fuck off. Also the github is just them editing comments and PDF's. Over a week they made one real code change. I hate you paid faggots.

Also where is the proof that the kidnapping really happened? Where are the court documents? That's a large scale crime and would receive news in China.

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They exit with a whole lot of Skycoins
Good product boosts the price of SKY

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also buy SKY

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You should be able to prove these claims.

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ive been a deluded skytard for over a year now and there has honestly been nothing going on since they pulled their shitty exit scam. fuck you synth.
>still no consensus
>no skywire software updates
>antenna looks like shit
>no new dev hires
>sudo still not fired
>telegram is a ghost town. hundreds of members disappearing as fake accounts are removed due to inactivity
>CX book is the size of a coloring book and written by a pajeet
>every single altcoin on the skycoin fiber platform is dead or never existed to begin with
>chart looks worse than bitconnect, because at least you dont see red every single day on bitconnects chart anymore


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>They haven't delivered any kind of transparent distribution or consensus or anything.

Or anything? They've deployed 9500 Skyminer hardware nodes. Wallets for desktop/Android/iOS. Antennas. Several games/apps on CX. Several projects launched on Fiber. A working coin and ecosystem with fast, free transactions. A very active and engaged community. Official tech partner for John McAfee's presidential run. The consensus algorithm, Obelisk, will be released this quarter. Distribution is transparent. Coins are distributed to those who run Skyminers or contribute to the platform in other ways.

>the github is just them editing comments and PDF's

You just made that up. It's complete bullshit.

>Also where is the proof that the kidnapping really happened? Where are the court documents?

The fact that we haven't heard from any of the jailed parties since it happened is proof enough. There's a police report, and an ongoing trial.

>That's a large scale crime and would receive news in China.

>A few BTC stolen
>Large scale crime in China
>Being this retarded

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The way coins are timelocked and distributed is easy to understand and transparent. Consensus is in development.

The github repo contains far more than that and far more in private.

The marketing team hasn't been seen or heard from since the incident, a police report exists, and home invasions aren't exactly national headlines.

You should probably go back to reviewing iPhones on YouTube, you're not doing so well at this.

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There is a consensus algorithm, Obelisk. It's working right now but hasn't been decetralized yet. That will happen this quarter.

What type of 'Skywire software update' were you looking for?

Antenna looks cool.

Plenty of devs working on the project (over 100 employees globally).

Are you butthurt because Sudo banned you for fudding?

There are dozens of Skycoin-related Telegrams and they're all extremely active.

What the fuck does it matter what 'size' the book is? KEK.

SolarBankers and MDL are doing really well.

Chart looks like pretty much every altcoin right now.

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>There is a consensus algorithm, Obelisk. It's working right now

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>There is a consensus algorithm, Obelisk. It's working right now but hasn't been decetralized yet. That will happen this quarter.
lets see some code. or a whitepaper that hasnt been pulled due to errors
>What type of 'Skywire software update' were you looking for?
literally anything. skywire is still just a proxy, coins are sent out manually, UI is still garbage
>Antenna looks cool.
they look like they were made by a group of college students in a weekend
>Plenty of devs working on the project (over 100 employees globally).
prove it
>Are you butthurt because Sudo banned you for fudding?
not banned. sudo behaves like a child and makes the project look like a scam with his annoying shilling and pajeet-tier recruiting tactics
>There are dozens of Skycoin-related Telegrams and they're all extremely active.
im in at least a dozen skycoin telegram channels and half of them are dead
>What the fuck does it matter what 'size' the book is? KEK.
its a programming language not a childrens book
>SolarBankers and MDL are doing really well.
shell projects that only sell their coins OTC
>Chart looks like pretty much every altcoin right now.
only the scams

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Your entire rant boils down to "it's not finished yet".

So what? It's still in testnet, and it has already achieved a lot more than all your shitty vaporware ERC20 tokens.

Obelisk and Skywire mainnet and antennas and hardware wallets will all be available this quarter, then all your fud disappears and you'll need to think up some new material.

Plus we'll have McAfee shilling it on global television networks for two years.

But even then it still won't be finished. The Skycoin ecosystem is going to keep on growing and evolving for decades. It will never be 'finished'. There is always more work to be done when building the new global Internet.

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This guy gets it

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>Your entire rant boils down to "it's not finished yet".
It's not even started. Where is the consensus repo? Where is the paper? Where is the outline?

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Consensus repo is private for now, because if they made it public pajeets like you would steal it and try to be first to file.

Like I said, by the end of Q1 you'll need to find some new fud because everything will be live.

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>5+ years of development
>no consensus
>j-just keep waiting anon!
synth doesnt even work anymore. all he does it spend our skyminer money on bullshit vitamin infusions and talk about how he got into bitcoin early all day.
all of his interviews are 5 hours of amphetamine fueled ranting about some NWO shit and bitcoin drama, and 5 minutes of skycoin - BECAUSE SKYCOIN HAS NOTHING GOING ON

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>ITT projections and blame shifting

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I don’t get all this fud about Skycoin. It’s one of the few crypto projects that seems to be actively developing. Why do you expect it all to be ready yesterday? This stuff takes time to build.

Also, where is the evidence that Synth takes speed or coke or whatever? This just sounds like crap made up to disparage him. Just because he’s a bit zany and autistic doesn’t mean he’s a drug addict.

I too was worried last year about it maybe being a scam based on fud I read in a few blogs, but the more I look into it the more obvious it is that Skycoin is probably the most legit project out there.

Yes, it’s taking a while to get to main net, but same goes for anything with so many moving parts. Be patient.

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Skycoin supporters aren't blaming anyone for anything. They just support the project as community members. ITT blame is coming from fudders who are likely trying to escape their own responsibility for having lost money in the bear market through their own stupid actions. Buying the top, not taking profits, selling the bottom, not dollar cost averaging.

Blaming others for your own fuckups is slave tier.

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They try to do what NKN will deliver (get fuckt IOTA and HOLOKEKS) and a bit more since 2014 and they have still not delivered.

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As if there wasn't enough threads about NKN here comes currynator3000 shitting up even more of the board.

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Apparently they only kidnapped synth for a short period of time so it classified as “unlawful detainment” and not kidnapping

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NKN is just a token on NEO (which is a dead platform). NKN doesn't even have its own blockchain.

Skycoin has already delivered far more than any ERC20 or NEP5 token, and its not even in mainnet yet.

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Skycoin generates more anual revenue then it's total market capitalization. It's one of the few projects that is an actual business, developing both hard- and software and offering actual services to companies.

Everything that comes out of your mouth is utter shit, you absolute twat.

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>Consensus repo is private for now
How convenient.

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I hear ya bro... but remember, you are on /biz/. It's not like how it used to be here. Atleast half of all posters here are shills nowadays, they come here just to fud every single coin out there except for the ones they have in their own portfolio's. Not even joking. They spend hours doing this, thinking it somehow effects the market. You can't help but laugh at these losers. Just take it with a grain of salt.

Buying SKY at these price levels is one of the smartest moves one can make in this market currently.

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Does anyone seriously believe Skycoin won't soar in value as they roll out their products and McAfee shills them constantly on international TV over the next two years?

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I don’t know a single person in real life who knows this shitcoin or McAffee (also good luck running for anything with a face that looks like the scenario of World War III).

I know you all have heavy bags but holy shit, the echo chamber here is fascinating.

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>sells millions in hardware for network with no consensus
>sell tokens for the non-consensus non-product network

yeah checks out you got me man

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The point of making smart investments is to get into something before it's hot. The writing is all over the wall with this one. In other words, buy low.

How come there are so many legit retards on /biz/, goddamn.

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You think it will become hot after 7 years of development, with 13 years planned ahead?

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>don’t know a single person in real life who knows this
I know right, the untapped market is enormous. We should count ourselves lucky we know about Skycoin now, before the rest of the world catches on, which will happen quite rapidly once the antennas start to go up on rooftops, and McAfee starts promoting it on TV while normies are eating their breakfast and dinner.

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Yes, i do. 2019 is going to be a great year. You just watch.

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They are trying to bring skycoin back under $1.

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Why does this say the max supply is 100 million? Is it being raised from 25 million as listed on cmc?

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I just love the thought of a guy running for president simultaneously trying to get voters to buy something. In what world does this sound like a good marketing strategy? How deluded are you all?
No one cares about McAfee and no one cares about Skycoin. McAfee announcing he will run for president is not news outside of crypto media.

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25 million are currently unlocked. Of those, 12 million have already been distributed and 13 million are available for distribution to those who contribute to the ecosystem (Skyminers, developers, promoters, exchanges etc).

75 million of the max supply are currently timelocked.

It will take about 15 years before all 100 million are unlocked and distributed.

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Skycoin is unironically the future of everything.

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All sky threads
>Support a non-functional project going nowhere
>Have financial interest into creating eternal bagholders
>Employ every possible sophist trick in the book to make the turd of a project look good
>still get wrecked
>make another misleading thread because you just can't let go

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>skycoin is the most hated project in crypto
or is this an astroturf

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This isn't even fud, it's just meaningless waffle.
Noskycoiners are growing desperate.

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Blow it out your ass dude...

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I'm literally all in in. Havent felt this way since btc in 2013 and eth in 2014.

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WTF??? I love Skycoin now!

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>pajeet/bot shiling
No thinking entity would touch this shit with a 10 foot pole

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seriously, obnoxious little faggots like you are what makes /biz/ such fucking shit nowadays.

God i miss the good ol' /biz/ from 2016/17.

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> 4 posts by this ID
> each post trying to fud Skycoin, but really just waffling aimlessly
> the absolute state of ERC20 token holders

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>If I ignore the crushing criticism, it won't exist
Enjoy your blatantly inorganic shilling

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It's a 6d exit scam. You wouldn't understand.

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But repeatedly crying "It's shit" ... "I don't like it" is not actually criticism. It's just yapping like a little pomeranian puppy. You've said nothing of substance. Enjoy your ERC20 tokens.

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>ignore crushing criticism
Anon was noting the barrage of low hanging fud. You would do better if what you said actually corresponded with reality even one third of the time.

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I built a diy Skyminer for less than 100 bucks and for the past 7 months it has been earning me skycoin and I accumulated nearly 1 mil coin hours.

How badly did I get scammed by this shitcoin and how much money could I lose?

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They're just blowing it out their ass dude... again, SKY is a legitimate business that generates revenue by offering real-world services and applications through both hard- and software.

It's the only thing is this entire market that isn't some hot-air ponzi scheme. Most of the current /biz/ fagots literally feel threathened by it. That's the reason why so many people here are shitting on it.

Mark my words, a skycoin will be worth more then 250 dollars before 2020 as it generates the hourly fuel to run the entire ring of applications.

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