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If i run a LINK Node, what do i have to do?

What kind of stuff flows trough my Node?

Anon buys a concert ticket and my node says "yes this is a concert ticket" or "no its not"; how does it decide that / do i have to?

A summary / explanation brainlet style would be appreciated.

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Just be yourself bro.
If that doesn't work, ask here:


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I buy a concert ticket with eth. I press 'buy' on the front end. 1 minute later i got the ticket price discounted from my eth wallet balance and an email with the concert ticket.

Meanwhile on the backend:

- The ticket seller company as smart contract requester, requests data to trigger his smart contract. They need price data to calculate the actual price rate Eth / USD.
-You, as a node operator, have previously subscribed to the Coinmarketcap API, in order to provide their data and automatically send to the coordinator contract something like '1 ETH = 150 USD'. The coordinator contract aggregates answers from nodes like yours and sends back to the company's smartcontract an aggregated answer along with a list of the nodes that in average provided the same or very similar data. The company's smart contract requests penalty stacks from those nodes who provided fake data and releases a payment in Chainlink to every node that sent the correct data.

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>drops mic

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at first you have to figure out where you will place this. then you have to operate the node atleast 23 hours a day so that your reputation doesn't drop because of downtime.

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I'll bump just for this comment. Help some linklets out.
t. LTG

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Oh shit. That type of incentive is a reasonable way to decentralize oracles. More gatekeepers means no gatekeepers, just uncensored data.

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why didn't you niggers tell me link was a legit project?

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Well, now you know what must be done. No more excuses anon, the clock is ticking

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guys im currently at conflict and also a brainlet so wnt be running a node on my own. What do people think a better investment currently be, all in link or get atleast 1 lp?

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bro if youre able to run your own node you'll be a millionaire by 2021

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you already missed LP
buy LINK
the market will give you an opportunity to stake eventually, if LINk is succesful pools will pop up everywhere

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How much for a node

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that what i thought, considering that alot of competition will prop up soon. But at the current price of LP now it is unknown whether it is cheap.

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It isnt. Welcome to the club.

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LP will always be better now that the founder is an official member of Chainlink