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The American Technion Society supports visionary education and world-changing impact through the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. Based in New York City, we represent thousands of US donors, alumni and stakeholders who invest in the Technion’s growth and innovation to advance critical research and technologies that serve the State of Israel and the global good.

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Chainlink will help heal the world.
“Established in 1912 during the Ottoman Empire and more than 35 years before the State of Israel, the Technion is the oldest university in the country[4] and is ranked the best university in Israel and in the whole of the Middle East in the Shanghai Ranking.[5]”

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ok this is epic

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For real though, cross-post this to pol. “Hundreds of Israeli companies are based in the United States.”

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dare i say it?

Jews on /our/ side?

we are gonna make it.

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>Not getting a symbolic circumcision and raising your children Jewish

Never going to make it. Jews rule!

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jews ROCK!

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Blythe Masters is connected to some very powerful Israelis as well

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anyone involved in the banking scene is connected to powerful Israelis anon......

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Everyone remember to buy gold and silver bullion with some of your Link profits. Gold and silver is real money and real savings. You don't want to "make it" then lose it since we are on the precipice of a currency crisis.

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Jews and Israelis are coming for America flooding our country with shitskins and brainwashing the public into cultural Marxism.

White people are doomed in this country in the next 10-15 years. Younger generation wants to take away our guns because they've been brainwashed by the govt who wants to wipe us out.

I'm actually hoping that LINK will make us so fabulously rich that we will be able to buy our freedom and not be guillitoned. Since our link will be on the Blockchain we can tell our oppressors that we own link .... so don't kill us and then maybe they just demand like 10 link a month so the govt doesn't kill us. Since it would be impossible for them to access our link.

Pic related is how white the country was in 1940 on the top..... and how much less white is today.

We are in trouble guys. Hopefully link is out saving grace

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Well their logo is basically Star of David so

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Nice job faggot

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Can youb cross it over to pol? I spend most of my time there and I want to see how they react

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>I spend most of my time there
WOW that is a SURPRISE! >>12358917

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Where is the link to the tweet you lazy fucking nigger!?

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I'll unironically forgive Israel for 9/11 if they make me rich as fuck

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I miss these days on biz
Riddle anon mentoined the mars explorer like a year ago. Somehow the nodes were put together to imitate the way ants find food. Looks like it's happening

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I actually typed that all out on my iPhone. I'm currently tailgating at the bears eagles game. And I don't even care about the game anymore after this info

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>mars explorer

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i miss her

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Yes it is real and it is happening. How do you mean? It is all true, the memes, the breadcrumbs, the prophecies

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Someone cross this thread to POL and make a post about what's going on

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fuck pol. It will be met with
>Bitcoin? LMAO internet scam money fuck that

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nothing NASA puts out is real

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the tweet is fake.. not on their page.

fake and gay. prove us otherwise. Larpadarp

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its not tweet you retarded...

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What the fuck?

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Good catch Anon. I remember this dot.

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Why do you think pol exists and has so much traffic compared to biz? It's because once you made it with bitcoin the next evolutionary step of an incel is to talk politics. Once you've made it there's no reason to come here.

I realiE I've made it already with chainlink so I so I spend most of my time over there actually discussing real important shit like how shitskins like occasionally Cortez are going to take all my chainlink profits and figuring out how we stop her......instead of being here and posting in chainlink threads daily for no fuckinf reason.

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god you polfags really have no idea how insufferable you sound.

That board took away two good years of my life by making me a hateful, spiteful person.

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You are a braindead faggot if you can't tell that the post above was fucking sarcasm

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>I was only pretending to be retarded.
fuck outta here schizo

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They are coming for our guns faggot. You people who don't understand that are like the fucking Czechs and pols who were warned that the Nazis were gonna be rolling in and like most humans they hand wave it off as if nothing will happen and everything will be fine and next thing you know your on your fucking knees getting a bullet in your head.

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>It's because once you made it with bitcoin the next evolutionary step of an incel is to talk politics
pol are a bunch of ugly, retarded poorfag brainlets that are mad at the world because they didn't get to be the kings/queens their disney movies told them they would become.

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All that just to get linked to CryptoNinjas article from November?!

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Just win baby

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Me too.
I'm sure they had a good reason.

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Senior advisor to the Central Bank of Brazil and Fernando from Brazil's Oracle branch are embracing Chainlink. Brazil is the 4th largest economy in South America. If brazil, the rest of the south American countries are dominoes

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>tfw you uncovered her Father's Israeli connections and made that post in the screenshot

Feels weird being screenshotted. Feel /biz/ famous right now

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If push really comes to shove, do you think they would have any qualms about using $2 wrench to "break" your private keys?

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This American Technion Society looks to me like some sort of Rotary organization but Israeli based... what do y'all think?

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where is the link goddamnit, why post fake shit like this?

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If you have a way to prove it was you i'll suck your dick on the yacht party after the singularity

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Bro it says her father was literally a spook who helped found Israel and who served in an Air Force squadron with Israel’s future president

This has nothing to do with banking connections

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Maybe with respect to who they are but I don't care what you say pol is literally the most thought provoking place on planet earth.

NEETS are the most based people ever. Which makes sense because they have so much time to think about what's really going on.

Whereas someone with a good job and a family doesn't have the time to think about How badly we are really getting fucked

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You must be new here if you can't make the connection between jews and banks. They go hand in hand like nigs and fried chicken

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OP didn't include the source, which is a CryptoNinjas article from November about TC being acquired. That's it.

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More like nigs and auto theft

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Are you literally brain dead? Reread the post a couple times until you comprehend it

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Take it easy fren i was looking for an excuse to stick a nig joke. Dubs confirm

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poltards aren't NEETs, they are (low) wage cuck normies

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supporting israel is the final red pill

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Sorry, I’ve been up since 3am working
>[insert nigger working joke here]

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Did anyone figure out riddle anons hints "SUST PRO" or "HDK"?

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Riddleanon here, I told you to disregard those posts. I'm sorry.

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Well what were they related to if they are to be ignored?

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wtf i love israel now!

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Checked. They've been working with Chainlink for a LONG time most likely.


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Relevant too.

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Real Riddle anon here. SUST was simply sustainability. That has to do with Sergey being worried about Link sustainability in the network because of HDK. Do you want to believe. Btw Sergey is 32, I asked since someone wanted to know lol

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>get Nazarov on the phone
>already done
>tell that fat fuck I’m tired of his sheet coin and will be buying his bags no lower than 200K a linky
>but the neets on /biz/ will all make it, my lord
>it’s ok. keep the price suppressed and load the flippening threads while running FUD on reddeet and all SM platforms
>/biz/ is buying
>pamp eet to 10k
>they think they’re about to make it
>they are. now pamp eet to 80k
>but my lord, neets constitute 90% of LINK hodlers and they’re still not selling! if they liquidate at 200k they will end up wholesale purchasing all Bagdonoff think-tanks, financial institutions, universities, media conglomerates, museums and fine dining establishments!
>i said PAMP EEET!!!
....the dust settles as the singularity ushers in the dawn of the 4th industrial revolution and a 1000 year Golden Bull...
>now, outlaw all uncircumcised autists, send them to re-education camps and transfer their wealths to AIPAC’s cold storage
>yes my lord

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Bro, any breadcrumbs for us ? We are really really hungry

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>me and my ChainLink
Good Kitty.

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You ate last week, pajeet.

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>I realiE I've made it already with chainlink so I so I spend most of my time over there actually discussing real important shit like how shitskins like occasionally Cortez are going to take all my chainlink profits and figuring out how we stop her......instead of being here and posting in chainlink threads daily for no fuckinf reason.

Know that if we have a meet up as Link Marines, I will be bringing up the idea of Link Marines using a percentage of our node staking profits to support UBI. When Blockchain technology is realized, not only will it be replacing jobs, it will be replacing literal companies.

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you're just like them
>yo bill we want our homeland back
>y bro?
>to fulfill the prophecy in the (((bible)))
>oh okay lol how u gonna do that
>throw a plane into the trade center and blame it on the muslims

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see: >>12359370
/ourcoin/ is also /(((their)))coin/
So fucking comfy all in link right now.
I think there is a resurgence of anti-Linkism because at this point in time /biz/ has not yet learned how to smart contract. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. /biz/ is not going to be the monolithic coin shills they once were in the last few years. Stinky Linkies are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for /biz/ to make. They are now going into a smart contract mode and Linkers will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, /biz/ will not survive.

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Jews know that Chainlink is going to provide millions in comfy passive income for doing nothing. Of course Jews are salivating at the idea. We're gonna make it boys

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and we're going to call it, "prestige worldwide ".

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Literally. Who.

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she was in Barron's last week
such a cutie

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You're retarded.

Technion only made the post in OP a few days ago. They're the ones who added a link to Cryptoninjas as reference material.