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hi im new. lol

is neo a good coin to invest in 2019

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1 neo = 1 Beach house

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no development, no dapps, no use, no nothing.


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yes sir

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low effort fud


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Lmao :DD. Yes very good. Buy some Tron too :D lolz

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There is no certainty about NEOs future. Just buy some BTC.

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Just go LINK. If you're and can't trade jsut go buy up to 10k LINK, then you can tell all your normie friends how smart youw ere to discover the underlying tech which will ignite the flames of the 4th industrial revolution. IN reality you still don't quite understand "oracles" but you liked the memes and the brotherhood,

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I've been buying aggressively > 8$. However, H/TwAmC6 is right. The reason to buy is that it is a high volume, high profile coin which has therefore a better chance of survival than a lot of other stuff. The purpose of alts is to ride silly pumps in order sell out into a big stack of btc. no fundamental analysis beyond: a, will it survive? and b, can it pump? matters at all.

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It pays GAS coin dividends which is nice

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this is my fav meme :)

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Went all in NEO yesterday morning. Wew

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is 200 NEO, 1000 GAS enough to make it?

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i think yes. think about buying eth at 50$ back in 2017. also neo was triple digits last year so we will go up.

i have only 50 NEO but planning 2 buy at least 80-100 total.

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I think GAS will pump harder. Ratio was 0.5 during bull, now its 0.3

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You're a newfag if you don't know this.

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he said he was new

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