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How much Link have you actually got guys?
87k here and would like 100k
Pic very relevant to Link enjoy

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23k linklet unfortunately :(

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I only have 100k Link which is nowhere near enough to actually make it.

All these Linklets with 10k stacks singing about 1k eoy are starting to piss me off with their propaganda. It was a joke and they are actually believing it and causing FOMO in newfags preventing the dump. I need to make it to 300k before mainnet for fucks sake. Link is only going to $10 max. Right now I might make 1MM before tax on that, but tax will take a big chunk out of that then inflation will fucking ruin me over the next decade.

Even if I chuck the 1MM into a dividend stock that pays out well and I get 70k a year of it, it's not enough to beat inflation unless I basically live in poverty as a neet and keep my wagecuck job in the meantime so I don't have to sell any retirement Link. In 10 years that 70k a year will feel like 20k a year. You need a minimum of 2MM, but more likely 3MM to make it. The upper predictions for Link where about $60 but that was made during the bullrun of last year, and it assumed that the overall crypto market cap would still be expanding and BTC would go on to 1MM a Bitcoin and that we would be in a full blown crypto FOMO hype bubble when mainnet came out and we got our price singularity. All of that isn't going to happen anymore.

The singularity is cancelled. Now we will have a slow growth to $10. And the sad but ironic thing is most people on this board will hold from 20 cents, to $10 and then hold all the way back to sub $1 again because you all believe the 1k eoy memes, and just like the retards who held BTC and didn't sell at 19k, you will do the same with Link at $10. Looking at the current charts depresses the fuck out of me when I know I only have 100k Link, nowhere near enough to make it.

At best I will have 1-2 sweet years, and then return to wagecucking after that. But it will be worse because I will have tasted freedom and know what I am missing out on.

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3k LINKlet. Think about suicide daily

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Only 33072 after a whole year of bagholding and living like a fucking pajeet its all i managed to scrape together. I pray to the fucking vishnu every night that it will be enough

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ZERO. 0. NADA. ZIL. and I'm keeping it that way.

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10 links here and feeling comfy af

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18K. Still cheap in dollars, I will buy a big chunk tomorrow.

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Lol OP I have 8300 and all I want is 10k but I’m too scared to swing trade and be BTFO and I’m currently laid off work because of the winter. Enjoy Andromeda without me

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Don't swing trade bro
Haven't you got anymore fiat you can put in?

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little over 300k I want to keep buying but I should start using my savings for other things

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0.4 binance dust
sold the top earlier
adios baghodlers

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300 link's just because i dont trust 4chan autist-backed russian former scammer coin.

i am 90% XRP. which is in top3 with billion's of dollars of volume and not stupid fortnite kids million pocket money volume.

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so you kids went 90% all in to one shitcoin backed by russian former scammer and memes. nice. diversify your portfolio with working products so you wont get burned

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35k. I feel as if it is enough, took me a while to get and can't afford to get more right now.

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>has 300K linkies
>considers keeping the rest of his savings free for other priorities
wise decision anon. you’ll be just fine even if LINK tops out at 9 bucks.

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4K, will hopefully get a job soon so i can get to 10K..

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Been accumulating for one year anon and got 87k
It took a while to really understand it and to have the balls to go through with it

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30k, every day i want to die because i'm nowhere near enough to make it.

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>which is in top3 with billion's of dollars of volume
Sounds like you figured it all out, that "billion dollar volume" coin is gonna moon so hard you might get x10 or even x15.
What a genius we have here.. seriously, congrats with having won the genetic lottery and now reaping your destined reward.

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What kind of projects did you have in mind?

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If you are't already rich I honestly think there is no chance for anyone to buy enough unless link goes back to ico prices. 100k ico buyer here waiting to make it by 2022

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most of you 50K+ marines are gonna get weak knees and liquidate your entire stack by the time LINK hits 10 bucks, then feel triumphant when link drops to 5 bucks, then go bald when price runs up to 100 dollars, 1000, 10K and midget marines are seeing bigger gains off a fraction of what you invested.

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Bro you really think its gonna just continue to 10x forever...

its just as delusional

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Set sale targets and let's not sell everything at once
Also when the fud stops hopefully we can work together more to make it
The group always out-competes the individuals

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Not enough. Will live a life of regret not getting to 50k

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sell sell sell

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This. Got 10k on a trezor that’s going nowhere until $100. Another 5k on binance I’ll sell at $10.

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0 because im not a memer

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Rank 477
Rank 1536
Rank 1104

Almost everybody posting here is either top 2000 link wallet holders. Never mind the larpers. Probably 50% of the answers here are larp

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only 31k, I'd like to have 50k

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My thoughts exactly like if I cant make it with 300k then LINK wasnt meant to be.

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damn i cant believe how much of a dumbass genius you are, hey guys lets all switch to xrp the return on investment will def be higher than link!

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Lmao thats how the networks designed to do dumbass

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17,400 or so.
Aiming for 20k, of course!
Accumulated 7k this year. Not much, but best I could do.
I also own 0.24 Linkpool shares.

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Nope. I bought ETH at $9 and Antshares at $3. didn't cash out anything at the top but.have thrown everything into LINK and am waiting for a market rebound. There are anons with more than that. Some of us arent 2018fags.

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It is my goal to get to top 2000, which is approximately 18k. Almost there!

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Well, sure. LINK could top out at 9 bucks. But you never know. It could be the Google of crypto whilst BTC goes the path of a Netscape.

In either instance, if one is averse to lots of risk then tis better to hodle too long at a meager profit (or break even exit) than to hodle too long at a major loss to initial principal.
That’s why I only have a mini stack and won’t lose anything more than I would’ve already blown at the pub if I hodle too long and LINK only goes to 10 bucks and then crashes before I take profit or break even. But if it goes to 20K and I still have 1/2 to 1/4 my original stack, I’ll have “made it” many many times over.

Too each their own though.

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How do you check rank below 40k?

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I've reached a point where I feel my exposure to link is high enough. Buying more might be taking on too much risk in what is already a high risk gamble.

Still, if 2019 has good news and not just breadcrumbs, I might add more.

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I've said this a few times. Anons with 5k stacks will probably make more than anons with 35k stacks

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Yeah ok

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Stay salty nigger

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im not going to make it am I

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You sound desperated. Tldr btw. Link 200$ by 2021 also

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I said the same thing to ETH bulls when it hit $45. That pump at the time was insane for ETH compared to where it was consolidating just weeks before.
Then it hit over a $100 and people on this board were still holding.

You have to realize just how fucking far speculation will drive price. ETH hitting $300 blew my fucking mind. I absolutely could not believe it. Then it continued to do a x5 from there. You can imagine (probably can’t) how I felt then.

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Yup. And note that link supply is just 10x that of ethereum. So every 10k link you have is equivalent of 1k eth.

We are seriously going to make it

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Like 80. Just gonna put it in my wallet and forget about it until it unironically hits $100+

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50k. I will make it.

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Did you make it from ETH? Or were you just watching from the sidelines?

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10k i will sell at around 15$ and 10k i shall never touch untill 1000 eoy

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Literally me too. Put into Nexus, laugh but we have rockets

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That's a good plan, anon.
I'm holding ~20k myself, and I'm thinking of doing something like:
1k at $5
2k at $10
3k at $15
5k at $25
And then I haven't really figured it out from there. But the DCA will keep me very comfy without worrying about LINK somehow tanking for no reason.
I sold BTC at $600, btw. Shit hurts.

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>sold BTC at $600

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I had around 400btc, so I still made a lot of money. Though it all came from selling on the darknet, so I actually had to work for it.
Still hurts to think I could have been a millionaire.

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are you me? 41k here getting to that 50k i believe around early feb. after that i ll be content. i have a buddy with 30k and hopefully if this shit works out we can start a node thing together. ideally i'd want 100k but idk if asking anons for the last 20k is a good diea

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140k gonna sell 40-50% at $10 then hold the rest. 70k @ 10 = 700k that's enough to buy a couple of places and retire since I have passive income rn anyway

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Nope got 20k tucked away in MEW pre Sibos and another 22k I’ve been accumulating this year on binance. I refuse to swing trade and just buy when it gets around my dca of 25 cents. That time seems to be gone so 42k it is

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might as well round it to a nice 50k desu my acb is only 34c unfortuantely only found out about link in march and pussied the fuck out of dcaingn in july which was really, really dumb

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Only got 21k all on binance, if it dumps again I'll buy another chunk with tax returns if the government ever comes back up (hope it doesn't lol)

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nice dude let's prey xrp gets a marketcap greater than the whole crypto so you can make a x2
what a genious

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You’re basically me except I bought ETH and ANS at slightly higher prices. Currently sitting on 250k. Will be a year this March. It’s been a fun ride so far, can’t wait to see what happens in the next year or 2

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Thanks for the kek

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Fiat is tight due to being unemployed for the next 3-4 months. Realistically I’m only looking for $ to put down on a house, if link even goes to $10 I’ll be happy with my $80k payday. But fuck if $100k wouldn’t sound better...

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Only 5k, but comfy as fuck due to living in a beautiful, yet poor area. I could live like a king on $300,000.

Good luck and god speed, boys.

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I actually believe in the project. The team. Smartcontract.com etc. 100k link and not thinking of going anywhere. Might not ever sell.

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