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Is the US seriously going to run a $1.2 trillion budget deficit during an economic BOOM? What the fuck happens if there is a recession?

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>What the fuck happens if there is a recession?
finally, all the NEET gibs will be taken away

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You do what you're supposed to do you good little American and work for free to keep Miguel and Jamal fed. Fucking bigot.

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And don't even THINK about using the 2nd Amendment to take up arms. Only real Men stand up to a corrupt, tyrannical Government. Your AR-15 is to be used for plinking metal bunnies at Grandma's ONLY.

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Have you paid any attention to how Trump runs his businesses? While all the leftards are laughing that he "owes money all over town", hes borrowing at 2% and making 10% on it. Think he won't run the states the same?

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Its called inflation. All your NEET bux wont be worth squat

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Were so fucked. The Jews never have and end game. It’s cheat whitey but there’s never an end game.

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Fed should issue new money to the government to cover the deficit and also issue money to buy back and forgive US debt. Issuing of hov bonds should stop. At the same time they should accelerate the interest rate increase to reduce the money creation banks do via loans from Central Bank (and then lending out a multiple) to compensate for shoving more USD into the world directly.

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the end game is to make the economic situation shit, cause a rise in socialism, pin the poor against the boomers, and then overthrow the country
all so they can take our guns and kill as many whites as possible
they'll do this while making as many shekels as possible

killing the white people lowers national IQ and ensures USA will never be a threat to greater israel (likewise with Europe, Russia, and any other predominately white 1st world country)

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>Is the US seriously going to run a $1.2 trillion budget deficit during an economic BOOM?

The US Dollar is the world reserve currency. It costs 6 cents to print a 100 $ bill but the rest of the world has to come up with 100 $ worth of goods to get it to buy and trade, even when not buying or trading with the USA itself.

Dis is brize of freedoms.

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This, trump is getting the deficit and national debt down to 0. By the time he leaves office the U.S. will have extra money each month and the debt will be entirely paid off. He doesn't fuck around, look at what he's done already.

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>The US Dollar is the world reserve currency
As are the Euro and the Yuan

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Sure but that is gonna hurt american businesses and people, thus the economy.
Exactly like higher taxes for repaying the debt would do. Or a drastically reduced national spending.

There is no such thing as a free lunch.

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If Euro wants to buy oil they need Dollars.
If China wants to buy computer chips they need Dollars.
If Russia wants to sell its oil their customer needs Dollars.

Everything in the globalized economy is indexed. In Dollars.

The USA could print every citizen a billion Dollar and the rest of the world has to accept it.

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Europe is going to get tired of our antics very soon and sidestep SWIFT to start buying oil from Iran in Euros. China does not need computer chips from us because they produce far more than enough for thier own consumption, AND ours. Russia is selling it's oil directly in rubles and are accepting yuan as payment, and you can bet your ass that China is waiting for an economic crisis in the US to let the yuan upend the greenback.
Face it, the world does not want to be attached to our dollar anymore. It is in decline and facing collapse in the near future. Life in our country is about to get very dark.

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American dominance is ending yes but in the meantime we still can print as much money as we want.

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Yes that is a great fucking idea. Let's just become Venezuela 2.0
God there are a lot of retards here.

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It's not sustainable.


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>Europe is going to get tired of our antics very soon and sidestep SWIFT

Hahaha. No.

Every single European politician is member of one or multiple transatlanticist organization. They're literally in office to ensure loyalty to the USA and will do anything to keep the old system running.

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just delete welfare

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They've already started the process. Europe does not want to be our friend anymore. It is simple. Whatabout my other points?

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Fools never learn and retards are always fagots! Watch this video
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqBiRqjo4Eo Central banks will end

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>Europe doesn’t want to be our friends
Well, I guess they get to pay full price for their own defence. Should be fun.

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They are! It will
Be called the UNION of Europe communists aka German controlled

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Europe sucks up to USA too much for that. Also, Iran isn't that stupid, they saw what happened to Iraq (2nd gulf war) when they tried to sell oil in anything else but Dollars.

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Iran is not IRAQ,

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>Europe does not want to be our friend anymore
No they just don't want to be our bitch anymore. Doesn't mean they don't want to cooperate with us.

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>greater israel
lmao now that we're leaving the middle east there won't be a greater israel in 15 years

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Trump isn't afraid to push United States thru bankruptcy just as he's done multiple times with his own businesses.

Inflation would be an acceptable alternative while time remains to fix this mess.

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>Inflation would be an acceptable alternative
t. poorfag

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Lol dude if the world goes into a global depression, the best place to be in would be the US I guarantee you that. Life is about to get dark everywhere.

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>No end game

You're not that moronic are you? The end game has always been to subvert the goy. It seems like there's no end game because in the past they were always evicted before they finished. This time around though they have more power and influence than ever before, and they're steaming ahead to their end goal.

>What's the end game?
No more whitey

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best place to be would be central Europe m8, that's an objective fact. Poland and Czechia are 99% white and have insulated economies b/c they didn't buy into the Eurozone shilling

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lol still sucking chads dick pathtic.

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Isolated countries that have been run through, throughout history.

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>muh Trump deals
>muh world reserve petro dollar
>muh Jews
>muh 2nd amendment

None of that matters if we go into a recession. That's really why we're in crypto. It's the only solution provided electricity is intact. If not we're far more fucked anyway.

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Decrease tax revenue and don't cut gibs.

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Why is it not sustainable? The whole fiat system is built on a debt based. They just need to issue out more debts.

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Why do you always come up with an apocalyptic scenario when in reality pretty much nothing happens as shown in 2008? A recession is pretty chill unless you are gambling bank faggot. But please go ahead and buy as many guns and water as possible. You will 'surely' need it.

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I am only seeing ruined companies. Apple alone lost 60B $ in 1 die to trade war shit.

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lmfao sure