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Is there even any reason to still use binance? They seem to be getting shittier every month. Now they froze my account over a 40 dollar withdrawl.

What is the next big exchange? What are you guys using?

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Do you really think they did that just over $40 in TUSD? They want to make money on fees not waste time with plebs like you. Give the full story

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the next big exchanges will be ethereum decentralized exchanges built on top of all the scaling features coming in 2019. centralized exchanges are only good for two things, extracting fiat, and trading cross-blockchain.

given how blockchains will eventually be consolidating, and fewer and fewer projects are launching outside of ethereum given all the regulatory red tape, giving investors instant liquidity and access to any exchange for ethereum tokens is only going to get more and more compelling and necessary.

binance is fine for now, but scaling is going to kill a lot of extra-ethereum blockchains

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Based binance keeping funds safu

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wait what the fuck, what did you do to cause your account to be frozen? you must have spammed withdrawals.

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best i figure its because im using a VPN. I literally did nothing wrong. No drug deals or anything.

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What did you do to get banned, Pajeet?

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had it coming

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for all the linkies, I suggest you withdraw before binance exit scam.

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I moved some money back to coinbase to cash out before the new year for capital loss declaration. I maxed out my 2btc cap that day. That all worked fine. 4 days later I try to pull out 40 bucks and they freeze me.

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lmao dumbass. logging from different IPs is the first sign of getting hacked they automatically freeze it

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you tried to withdraw a stablecoin on a non kyc account anon. bad boy. they are cracking down on this

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stablecoin issuers want to know who is withdrawing their shitcoin

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So it sounds like I need a different exchange then. There is literally no reason to use binance. If I wanted to do kyc I would be using coinbase.

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coinmetro doesnt even seem to have an exchange. How do I even trade here? You are just shilling random shitcoins at this point.

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there is a simple version that you can just buy coins like in coinbase and there is the advanced platform for trading. It just got released so there aren't many coins you can trade for now

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Whelp. At least they were upfront about it. Into the trash it goes.

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well yeah.. how else are you gonna cash out without kyc? lmao

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im going to use coinbase like everyone else in existence

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They seem to have different standards for what constitutes suspicious behavior when you're transferring stable coins.

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Lol fucking shady ass pajeet. Whose ruppies did you steal this time?? Can't have Rajesh know it was you that took his milk money???

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Lol at this weak FUD. Binance probably has the second strongest team in all of crypto (second only to ETH and are by far the most capable of developing state of the art exchange technology, centralized or decentralized.

BNB is going to skyrocket as the launch of their DEX approaches. It's likely the safest way in all of crypto right now to recover a large chunk of lost BTC/ETH value from your rekt shitcoin bags.

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Uh huh. Meanwhile it takes 3 hours to move a bitcoin even when things are working correctly. Binance is going downhill fast and its pretty obvious.