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>bro this new token will let you SEND money for services
>how crazy is that!

pic related. zoom out

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>make new account
>takes days to connect bank account and get verified before I can send money

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Not even this, no normies care as long as it's all set up and many people use it; even if the backbone is slow and shitty on the non-consumer end
But crypto will be like Linux, perhaps not widely adopted knowingly but behind everything having to do with money

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>be at store
>buy item with crypto
>have to wait 30 minutes for transaction confirmation

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Not with nano

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>But crypto will be like Linux
crypto will be this, crypto will be that, lmao you cryptards

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Will this board ever give up on crypto ffs

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can i pay with request token sirs?

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>buy item with bank draft
>have to wait a week for it to clear

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They won't let me send money to the Dailystormer or Sargoy of Akkad however.

Only for BTC, most coins take 1-2 minutes max for 1 confirmation and you don't need more than that to pay something worth 100 bucks.

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>that one kid who everyone makes fun of when he is at the cashier waiting for his payment to go through and then he gets all red an he pee pees hia pants

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Why would be. This shit is huge, can't help if you don't see it.

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blocks your path

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