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Britfag here, in your honest no-bullshit opinion, what career path has the highest potential to earn silly stacks of £££?

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actuary. Thank me later

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Also with consideration for the near future. Which industries do you think will evolve/explode and be the most rewarding not just financially but mentally?

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Chainlink node operator

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Are you working towards being an actuary?

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football player

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Serious discussion please, I love the link memes but if you had to give an honest reply what would you say?

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I wish I had the talent and youth on my side for that.

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nimiq investor

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Are you willing to move?

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I'm talking careers here, not crypto memes.

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Phd in math

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Yes I'm willing to move, obviously depending on location and salary. Although I'd flat out refuse to work in some oil rich Muslim city no matter the salary.

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What would you do if you had a Phd in Math?

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OmiseGO staker.

It's basically putting all of the world's transactions on blockchain, and stakers receive a cut. Imagine the volume and passive income.

$700 EOY easy.

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>700 eoy easy

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Whatever you want really. Starting salary is usually around 300k/year

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I should have said in the title but can all replies be non-crypto please. I believe and invest in crypto, but it would be silly to put all eggs into one basket. I'm looking for a high-paying career I can build alongside investing in crypto so if one, the other or both makes it I will be financially secure.

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Well I'm Irish and I'm looking for a job in Switzerland as a data scientist. For an entry level job it seems to be around 85000-90000 CHF. Similar for software engineers. Yes, it's expensive, but it's still much better than Ireland. Some anon here told I didn't stand a chance of getting a job there because it's too competitive and I don't speak the language(s), but I have two interviews coming up, so we'll see.

Check numbeo.com, it's good for comparing cost of living between countries. According to that I'd spend less money in Zurich than I would in London, and a little bit more than I would in Dublin.

For these jobs, salaries would be a bit higher in the US, but it's really for me to move to Switzerland as an EU citizen.

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Mathematics is probably my strongest subject, so say a Phd was within my abilities to achieve, what jobs truly offer that much £££?

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Insurance mathematics

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Musician, i'd like to be an athlete but too much drug tests and not enough freedom like a successful musician. I can see why Maradona chose the coke life after football

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Don't listen to naysayers mate, you sound like you have a strong idea and have put a lot of thought into it. What skills and qualifications do you need to be a data scientist? What kind of work would you be doing?

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Isn't that what an actuary is? I've read something somewhere about actuaries having the highest job satisfaction in the UK. This sounds like a promising path for me to consider, thanks for the info guys.

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Also with the saying 'data is the new oil' do you think this career path will be even more lucrative for you in the near future?

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I get drug tested at my current job and it sucks, living in fear of having a good time on the odd occasion is shite, especially when some drugs helped form who I am today and changed my life drastically for the better.

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In Denmark, there is a specific University degree called "Insurance Mathematics" (kind of like there is Applied mathematics and mathematics).
People with the degree have the highest salary compared to any other education, and the lowest unemployment rate.
they also have the highest starting salary (first year after you have finished your degree).

don't know if it is the same as an "actuary"

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Interesting, I have been to Denmark and I loved it. Is this what you are pursuing?

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nah, i am studying biochemistry. It kind of suck, lots of mindless lab work.

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/sci/ pls leave
jk keks were had

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300k starting

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Yes but doing what? You don't just get a Phd in Math and earn 300k a year by walking around holding the bit of paper in the air.

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healthcare. the grey tsunami will be hitting soon, and we're already in a shortage of doctors, nurses, practical nurses, psw, OT, PT, and whatever else that fits in that realm.

a 2 year associate degree practical nurse can get you anywhere from 20~40$ per hour, overtime is crazy income. downside is that you'll have to insert a ton of catheters so you'll be grabbing a ton of ancient penises.

my friend is almost done paying her second house (she bought the first one and fully paid it in 7 years, renting a room to her bff who's also a nurse)... she's not even 30 yet.

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Anything you want

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phd math, you'll end up getting massive money from hightech or wallstreet.

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Yurop is horrible for making silly stacks of £.

Socialist hellhole

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This isn't a political opinion thread.

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Actuary here. Can confirm easiest stressless 100k salary you can make

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Looks like a strong option for money and future gains, but personally not for me. Respect to anyone who can do this they deserve to make good £££.

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Programming skills (especially Python) and analytical/problem-solving skills. I actually have a PhD in math, but it's completely unrelated to data science, so it's not directly relevant. Still though, many companies appreciate it as it shows that I'm smart, can work independently, etc. It's not necessary though, and I would have been better off just doing a BSc in maths with plenty of stats and programming classes and then getting a job (but I didn't know what I wanted to do back then). I've taken a few online courses on data science/machine learning and been learning programming by myself. Data science involves collecting data, manipulating it, analyzing it, modelling it and using it to make predictions or generate insights.

I considered the actuary route as well, but you have to do loads of exams, and it seems kind of boring. But I didn't look into it that much. Data science/machine learning seems more interesting to me, and there are lots of different areas where it can be applied.

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How long did it take you and what education path did you take? How did you feel about the exams? Also, what are your future £££ gains looking like?

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>Programming skills (especially Python) and analytical/problem-solving skills.
man, i've been trying for 4 years to get a job as a DA... no luck at all! I have associate's degree programming, worked on one end with cobol, lua, HL7 and on the other with SSIS/SSRS warehousing... and I still can't get a fucking job as an analyst.... it's driving me nuts!

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You have piqued my interest, definitely seems promising for the future too. Thank you for your insight and good luck, you have a good career on your hands it seems, well done.

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Don't give up, you have the skills it's just a matter of time so don't sweat it and put too much mental pressure on yourself. Just once you get it grab it by the horns.

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You dont make money by getting a 'good career path'

You make money by either saving your money and investing it wisely, or starting a enterprise on your own.

Career pathways do not pay as well as you think.

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I am aware of this, but it is entirely possible to earn good £££ with a career. I save and invest with what income I make but I don't have the required experience in any industry to start my own successful business, nor do I have an idea. Fuck starting a cleaning company or something. Do you have your own enterprise idea? Is this what you want to achieve?

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thanks kind anon, I've given up for a year, started and failed 2 small businesses, but I'm starting to pickup interest again in coding and started looking into job openings... maybe a certification or two of some sort might help? Maybe thru temp agency or something? who knows, I'm clearly doing something wrong.

Anyone with any advice or direction, I would really appreciate it.

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Most businesses fail and even the successful ones don’t make all that much on average. There are many business owners who make less than 100k a year in profit. The only real perk is you don’t have to answer to a boss but you still don’t have a choice whether to work, and you still have to answer to clients. You also have to buy healthcare which in the US is extremely expensive (I know this is a yurop thread but still).

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100k? Seriously? Is that the Pinnacle if success to you guys? Aim higher, holy shit.

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Unfortunately i was a fucking dumbass and followed by parents advice so now im a lawyer. My entire career prospects are entirely fucked and ill be wage slaving forever with zero translatable skills to any other types of jobs. Thankfully im already rich due to entirely unrelated reasons so whatever.

If you want to make a lot of money in your career then you should follow where money goes, and more money goes through finance than anywhere else. Banks, funds, financial institution. If you have a solid grasp of math then you're pretty much set, your actual job will be fucking around with excel doing fundamental analysis on companies or sectors and the hours are shit, but the pay is good and the progression is good as well. If you're sociable and able to hold a conversation then front office in one of these are both lucrative, and also offer a shitton of exit options for your future.

It also has the double whammy of you working around people who are financially smarter than average, and you will naturally learn some skills from them about what the best saving options are which average joe wont know, or wont get as much knowledge about as you.

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A temp agency would be a good idea. It'd give you potential for more opportunities, experience and connections. Do you get to the interview stage of the application process or to just the application? If to the application stage, consider reaching out to a industry professional and asking for advice. You'd be surprised how helpful and willing some people are, especially when appealing to their knowledge, passion or opinions.

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Canada here. I did a 3 yr undergrad and only 2 exams(i stopped cuz i hate it). I make 80kCAD after a few years and looking for 100k in a few more. The trick when you have no exam is to change jobs for $$ gainz

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OPs idea of making a lot of money is going to be the huge luxury house, multiple cars, expensive trips around the world, ect

That shit will never happen unless you do one of the two things I said. Working your 7 to midnight career (and blasting your cash around when you should be saving like a squirrel with nuts) wont do this. And you would be stupid as fuck to think it will get easier when all the professional jobs and high level financial jobs are downsizing their upper echelons.

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But in insurance right now TI jobs are the hottest. Consultants working for themselves are making loads.

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application. minimal interviews.. I should also qualify, I live in canada and I've been applying to both the US and canadian companies, US pays significantly more, considering currency exchange rates.

I personally recognize that I've had big problems in how I was applying for positions, and once I shifted my strategy, I received a lot more responses. But, I still wasn't able to secure a position anywhere. I literally had a company call me 2 hours prior to my interview to let me know that they'd found another candidate to fill the position and interview was cancelled. That sent me spiraling.

okay, legit thank you for responding, Don't want to further hijack your thread.

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Good advice anon, thank you. I always felt drawn towards that type of career, but I let bad press in my country (the fallout of the crisis and the morality of the banks, interns dying at their desks, suicides etc) ruin the idea of what it would be like working in that type of industry. Now I do kind of regret not pursuing it.

I'm lucky that my parents worked so hard in teaching me intellectually as a child but I fell off the rails during my teenage years and I'm now back determined to succeed in my life. I'm a good all rounder and I'd consider myself strong socially.

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Anything automation should be good, as a mechanical engineer maybe I should Branch out for the opportunity.

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No worries lad. Keep up the fight, you'll get the KO eventually!

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Actually that is not my idea. I just feel living paycheck to paycheck or not far from that is depressing and not having the money prevents me from enjoying my life like I want to. I have a decent job atm but saving for a house combined with other outgoings leaves me worrying about filling my car with petrol.

I just want a to be financially secure for myself, my partner and my potential children, not scraping by living as frugally as possible and being miserable.

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I'm currently earning £27k, up to £32kish with overtime and with potential if I succeed and climb the ladder I could be on £45-60k, but that would take many years of experience. Average age up that high in the chain must be about 50.

The reason I'm reconsidering my career and looking for a change is because I don't feel challenged enough and down here in the South West that is one of the best jobs available.

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I'm in the south west too and earning £28k a year. Pay scales are similar to yours from the sounds of things.

What's your current job? Mine is programming for some defence contractor and it isn't as challenging as I'd like either. Thankfully age is on my side though.

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I think we work for the same company mate.

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That'd be interesting. Are you 22/23?

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and how do you get hired for a new job if you're not certified?

>tfw good at math
>regret not becoming an actuary
>did audit instead

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Ontario fag here. I was looking at becomming an actuary but my math isnt the greatest. What did you hate about it exactly that made you stop?

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Like it's not a bad company to work for, just loads of mid-level management filled by the 40-60 age and a lot of bureaucracy for a small amount of work. I feel like my skills and potential far outweigh the position I'm in, without having the potential for promotion.

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Anything to do with complex finance instruments and quatitative analysis, developing algorithms, making money from managing portfolios , hedge funds, private equity, etc..

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Yes. Do you have to have security clearance and get drug tested?

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Depends what you want out of life, typical answer I know.

I'm a GP locum, qualified as a full GP at age 28 (youngest age you can if you run straight through education and training).

I make about 130k / year as a locum. I'm independent, work when I want, set my rate and what I'm willing to do. The demand for docs is high and likely won't change for the next couple of decades.

Freedom, good money, rewarding career, oppurtunity to diversify and explore other ventures.

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I have seen lots of actuaries branch out into the finance/strategy/data science side of insurance. They even become CEOs and CFOs.

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Run your own business. I started three years ago, now on £100k after tax. Prob 140k pre tax. It's hard work though. But there is no glass ceiling.

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We have a few project managers, but thankfully they're all pretty hands off as long as work gets done.

I should be able to earn £35k ish here within a few years, but after that things slow down. I'm just doing things in my own time to try and stay ahead of the curve.

Just SC. Most in my place have DV though. What is it exactly that you do?

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I must say medicine route does sound incredibly rewarding, just feel like I'm not the right type of person for it. Kudos to you though.

I got my eyes lasered and the doctor who did mine also saw to about 5 other people that day and his personal take from the £3k total cost was like £1.3k. He did a day of that every week whilst being one of the top eye doctors at my large local hospital. The guy must be rolling in it.

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You don't have to give away too much, but can you give a little more info and the timescale it took please?

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Wake up from the Matrix

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create your own matrix!

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don't do medicine unless you fucking hate yourself and your family

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Any salesman ITT?

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Leaving UK

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Consultancy. Governments spend billions on them.

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Good luck anon

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>be 2nd year EE student
>have scholarship with electricity board
>38k starting
>50k+ after finishing grad scheme
>company operates in a low cost of living area
>easy as fuck job

I mean I could push myself to get in to finance/tech/law etc. but I don't want to be a wagecuck working in London

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go to flight school and be a commercial pilot. some of those fuckers get $1MM salary a year to travel the world right now.

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Skype killed TeamSpeak and Discord

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>skype killed discord
wot m8?